Miscellaneous Film

My RIDICULOUS Anticipation for The Meg (2018)

Mrs Doubtfire as a Horror Film: Spoof Trailer

Me Moaning About Why I Dislike The Oscars

Trailer Talk: & Some More Spoofs

Scary Trailer Alert: The Babadook

17th January 2014: A Great Day Indeed

A 1996 Jeff Goldblum

Back to the Future: Did Anyone Ever Think of this Plothole?

Best Ever Ending: Movie History

Best Ever Entrance: Movie History

Netflix Halloween Movie Recommendations – 2015

V for Vendetta – Who is Behind The Mask?

Film 2018 wrap-up

Film 2017 wrap-up

Film 2016 wrap-up

Film 2014 wrap-up

What’s Happening with Rupert Grint?

In Memory of Sir Richard Attenborough

Carry On films are Carrying On

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  1. I liked this using my foot.

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