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The Jeff Goldblum Blogathon 2019

The Jeff Goldblum Blogathon 2019 An Introduction Me and Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews are overjoyed to announce The Jeff Goldlbum Blogathon 2019, taking place on the 15th and 16th August. We would love you to be involved. So the first rule … Continue reading

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Avengers: Age of Attractiveness

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce this brilliant guest post just in time for Avengers: Endgame. We owe the pleasure of this original and rather fun article to a guest writer who at this time, would prefer to remain anonymous. I’m not dropping … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: December (plus a whole look at 2018!)

2018? I know. So last year right. Who gives a flying……. fudge cake. But time for a quick look at my movie watching for the Year of Past, because the exciting news (kind of anyway, I mean in the grand scheme of … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: September

Films I Watched In: September I watched seven films in September, which at first I found rather frustrating because it brought my Grand 2018 Tally to seventy-nine and not a nice round number like eighty (the OCD freak that secretly … Continue reading

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The best lunchtime menu I have ever seen

A truly brilliant food menu! So a little while ago I posted this picture on twitter citing it as “possibly the most amazing menu I’ve ever seen”. I think one person responded in the end – hi Geoff! I literally love … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: August

Films I Watched In: August I watched nine films this month – all re-watches apart from my one cinema outing, which OF COURSE was to see The Meg (2018). I’ve droned on long and hard (hee hee – long and … Continue reading

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Trainspotting OST

Trainspotting (1996) – soundtrack review Frinton-On-Sea is full of charity shops. It’s also full of old people so that might explain all the charity shops. I’m not being rude by the way, it really IS full of old people and … Continue reading

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