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Films I Watched in: April

I went mad in April. Absolutely a root-toot-tooting mad and watched thirteen movies. Thirteen movies in thirty days – something I had not done for a very long time, certainly not since I’ve been keeping track of my viewing (January … Continue reading

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David Brent: Life on the Road OST

  David Brent: Life on the Road (2016) – soundtrack review I apologise, that photo must have been taken in terrible light – it’s a bit fuzzy isn’t it. Anyway, yes it’s signed. Which is cool and all but also … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks! (1996) – Here’s Jack Blogathon

It’s the Here’s Jack Blogathon 2017! Thanks to Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews for hosting this blogathon. You can read all about it (plus loads more Jack reviews) here and whilst I’m doing shout outs I’d also like to say happy birthday to Jack … Continue reading

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An Age Defining Moment

I was once again reminded of my age (31) whilst on holiday, celebrating my brother’s eighteenth birthday. His eighteenth birthday. Now 31 might sound old to some of you or actually quite young to others – it depends what side of … Continue reading

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If I Can’t Sell It, I’ll Keep Sitting On It – Ruth Brown

Thought I’d treat you to a great video I found on YouTube last night. Some of you may have seen it already, Ruth Brown (AKA The Queen of R&B) being very funny and sassy as she sings If I Can’t Sell … Continue reading

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Walkers ‘Sandwich’ Crisps: I test the new flavours!

Review of the new Walkers sandwich crisps Walkers crisps have brought out some wacky new sandwich flavours and I was delighted to be nominated (by myself) to taste all six of them – in the name of science of course, or … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Trying to Sleep

Fed up with unsubstantial advice on the internet? Look no further for enlightenment. Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Trying to Sleep Don’t drink a whole pot of coffee. Just drink two (large) cups and use plenty of granulated sugar to … Continue reading

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