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Films I Watched In: April & May

Films I watched In: April & May I watched fourteen movies over April and May (unless I’ve forgotten any which is quite possible as I was rather slack at making my intricate notes – i.e. a list of film names – and tried to … Continue reading

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My best DVD finds in UK charity shops

I’m assuming everyone knows what a charideee (yes, that is a Harry Enfield reference) shop is. Well I say that, but I’m still going to explain what one is. They are shops run by…. charities (in the UK, Oxfam and The Salvation … Continue reading

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The best scene ever in movie history?

  If anyone has any rational, sensible and coherent reason why this scene is not the very best scene ever (EVER) in movie history, then I would like to hear it. Best ending? Sure (we all know that). Best high … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: March

Films I Watched In: March Unlucky for some but lucky for me (because I say so) – I watched thirteen films over the month of March. Crazy amount to be honest. That’s like, seriously, did all I do (is that grammatically correct or … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: January & February 2018

 Films I Watched In: January & February Now I don’t mean this negatively (ooh, sounds interesting) but these ‘run down’ posts are beginning to feel a LITTLE BIT DULL. Which is probably why I put off writing them (and because … Continue reading

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Jaws: The Revenge (1987) – The Marvellous Michael Caine Blogathon

Jaws: The Revenge (1987) – Review (alternative tagline – “Satan himself could not get me to do a Jaws part 4” – Roy Schneider (alternative ALTERNATIVE tagline – “I have never seen it [Jaws: The Revenge], but by all accounts … Continue reading

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Mrs Doubtfire as a Horror Film

MONDAY. DOOOOOOOOOOM. And if you’re lucky enough to be in England, I guarantee it’s raining as well. Woo. (UPDATE ON TUESDAY EVENING: It was raining on Monday morning). So I thought this might cheer you up. A fabulous and hilarious … Continue reading

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