Top 10s

15 Underrated Movies from the 1990s

Top 10 Actors Who Look Like Other Actors

Top 10 Favourite Things About Christmas!

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Eyes

(My) Top 10 Worse Habits

10 Funniest Things in Con Air

10 Favourite Love Songs (Valentine’s Special!)

10 Favourite Quentin Tarantino Characters

10 Favourite Things about Winter

10 Favourite Christmas Songs

10 Worst Things About Having a Cold

10 Favourite Cover Songs

10 Things You Should Never Do Whilst Trying to Sleep (enlightening advice)

10 Surprising Films I’ve Never Seen

10 More Surprising Films I’ve Never Seen

10 Great Musical Moments in Film

10 Disturbing but Decent Horror Films

10 Fantastic Horror Movie Scores 

10 British Horror Films that Pack a Punch

10 Iconic Female Movie Characters (blogathon)

10 In Honour of Scotland

10 of my Favourite Books

5 Ways to Ruin an English Breakfast

5 Flaming Hotties 

5 Reasons I dislike The Oscars

5 Favourite Flight of the Conchords songs

5 Childhood Crushes

5 Greatest TV Theme Songs

5 Heroic Film Characters

5 Lazy Characters in Film

5 Great Spanish Movies

5 Brilliant Quotes


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