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Green Street (2005)

This was originally an entry for Shitfest, run by Eric of The IPC. You can see the original post here. It was SO  much fun and actually somewhat legendary (Shitfest I mean, not my review). Green Street – A Shit … Continue reading

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For The Love of Mashed Potato

I’ve been absent for a little while (work, sleep, The Chase – the usual) so what better way to celebrate my return with mashed potato. The World’s Best Ever Invention. Food. Invention. Whatever. I LOVE mashed potatoes. I’m aware that … Continue reading

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Opinion Battles Round 17 – Favourite Alfred Hitchcock Film

Originally posted on Movie Reviews 101:
Opinion Battles Round 17 Favourite Alfred Hitchcock Film 5 Oscar nomination but not a single win, Alfred Hitchcock is easily considered one of the great directors of all time, he tackled nearly all the genre…

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Opinion Battles Round 16 Favourite Musical Film

Originally posted on Movie Reviews 101:
Opinion Battles Round 16 Favourite Musical Film Musicals have always left the audience split, we have seen plenty of different types of musical that enter into other genres, we’ve had high school, gangsters, love stories…

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Christian Bale: The Rant v Terminator Salvation

Originally posted on emmakwall (explains it all):
Big thanks to the brilliant Jake of That Other Critic for joining me in a fun conversation about the merits of Christian Bale’s outlandish rant on the set of ‘Terminator: Salvation’ (2009). Jake…

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Opinion Battles Round 15 – Fave Christopher Nolan film

Opinion Battles Round 15 Favourite Christopher Nolan Movie Christopher Nolan has become one of the most popular and iconic directors of this century, he has given us the stunning trilogy with Dark Knight trilogy, he has tested our minds on … Continue reading

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