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Opinion Battles Round 15 Favourite Pixar Movie

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Opinion Battles Round 15 Favourite Pixar Movie With Finding Dory finally making it to England it is time to go into Pixar’s back category and pick our favourite of the company’s short history. They have broken…

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Superbad OST

Superbad – soundtrack review Though set in the present day Superbad has a deliciously 70s vibe. I’m (incorrectly) assuming this is because Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (the co-writers and basis for the two main characters) grew up in this … Continue reading

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Mean Creek (2004)

Originally posted on MovieRob and Film Grimoire as part of A Timely Blogathon Mean Creek film review Firstly, thanks very much to Anna and Rob for coming up with and hosting such a great blogathon idea – which is to review … Continue reading

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Top 10 Favourite Cover Songs

Because some cover songs are actually really good! 10. Feeling Good – Muse When Muse were due to sing this live on the BBC in 2001 they were asked not to swear. Lead singer Matt Bellamy took offence (mainly because Muse … Continue reading

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Opinion Battles Round 14 – Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio Role

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Opinion Battles Round 14 Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio Role In the year we finally got to see Leonardo DiCaprio take home the Oscar on his 5th attempt it could easily be argued just how iconic he…

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