The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)


The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) – Review

Okay, this movie has a very poor rating, I’ve never really heard any good comments about it and it’s been royally slated by pretty much every critic out there. But hang on a moment. It is a horror film right? The horror film definition:

Horror is a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience’s primal fears

I’m not entirely sure that having your mouth sewn to a bum is a primal fear exactly, but of course it is an undeniably horrid notion. So if you’re looking for a horror movie – with horror being the operative word, why not eh? I’m not going to pretend I didn’t want to watch this, I did want to watch it! But I’m a weird, twisted freak (as my mum likes to say).

As we all know, the original Human Centipede movie (First Sequence – 2009) was highly anticipated as a ‘what the fuck’ film, only to kind of disappoint hardcore horror fans with only meagre amounts of violence / blood /shit / gore shown on screen. After all the anticipation it felt like a bit of a let-down. The main thing I want is to feel grossed out if I watch a movie like this. I want to be shocked. I don’t even want to care for the characters to be honest – I JUST WANT TO SEE SOMEONE’S MOUTH SEWN TO A BUM.

So on with the review – it will contain spoilers but isn’t that why you’re here? The film is entirely shot in black and white, has pretty much no dialogue and is a very sick movie. Director Tom Six promised all the blood and shit that the original movie lacked and he wasn’t joking.

The extremely loose story line (or – an excuse to show loads of gratuitous violence) centres around a weird guy called Martin who is obsessed with the original movie (yeah in this movie the original movie exists as a movie). We don’t know much about him apart from he’s weird and keeps hearing a disembodied voice (voiced by Tom Six) that reminisces about raping him. Nice.

Things like this are actually so ludicrous you kind of have to laugh at the nuttiness. You know, roll your eyes and glance at the person with you – if you’re watching it on your own you may need a mirror…or just laugh, there’s no-one to judge you.

Anyway, obsessed with the Human Centipede movie, Martin decides to kidnap twelve people and make his own pet centipede. Now, I know the German doctor from the original movie was a fucking nutcase, but at least he was a doctor! He had skills and shit. Medical equipment and sterilized instruments – Martin just has a warehouse floor, rusty tools and a staple gun. Yay…

So let the fun begin! The victims are moaning and writhing about on the floor. Lots of scary grinning for Martin. He starts off the festivities by knocking everyone’s teeth out. This actually was horrible to watch, extremely graphic and dare I say, realistic? Maybe not, but I’ve never knocked anyone’s teeth out with a hammer so it’s hard to say, but it made me wince.


Then as you’d imagine it’s all shits and giggles. Stabbings, kickings, force-feeding of laxatives. Loads of blood. A rape whilst Martin has barbed wire wrapped round his penis. Death, screaming, mutilation……lots of poo. It really is a horrible movie.

But as the viewer, I knew it wasn’t real. Which always helps. The only one scene that really shocked me involved a newborn baby that gets squished under the gas pedal of a car which was pretty nasty. But the rest is so depraved, so delightfully ridiculous and gross that really it’s hard to take it seriously. It’s a pretty shit film (no pun intended) and unashamedly just a shocking, gratuitous movie about a horrible man hurting people in a graphic and sadistic way. But what did anyone except? Really?

But hey, if you are too squeamish – or, more likely, too intelligent – then I can highly recommend the South Park parody instead. Funny, cute and a great reminder about reading the small print!

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43 Responses to The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)

  1. Laura says:

    Almost spat out my drink at this: “I JUST WANT TO SEE SOMEONE’S MOUTH SEWN TO A BUM.”

    Emma you are brilliant! I think I should come round here more often : )

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  2. Another fantastic review! Did you like the first film? I enjoyed the first and just thought this was bland. It was only made to purely shock and disgust.
    My Dad bought the uncut version (totally uncut) and I watched it, and the laxatives and anal rape made me physically chunder. I’m not feeling the whole shit spurting thing haha! I wonder what they have in store in the third….

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    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks so much, you’re so kind!! 🙂

      Yes I enjoyed the first film, I remember not being that shocked by it but by then the idea had been talked about so much that it was hard to live up to expectations. The second one was just an unashamed, gratuitous shock fest – agreed!!! But I did KIND of like it more….I thought it was a better horror film in a way but aside from the ‘horror’ it didn’t have anything else remotely good about it. The first one made more effort with story and characters (goes without saying I suppose!)

      I can’t wait for the third! Lol! Apparently both ‘baddies’ will be in it and it will set in the middle of a desert in a maximum security prison…with 500 bodies in the centipede?!


      P.S is that the barb wire rape? EEEWWWW!

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      • Just the truth!
        Yeah, I agree! It was over hyped and kind of made it a let down in that aspect. I know what you mean. In terms of horror, the second one was definitely more horror! I think they’re just mental films – such a oddball idea.
        I heard about that… 500 bodies in the centipede 😐 That’s going to be one hell of a shit fest. I’m really looking forward to the third one, I think it’ll be something really gross!
        Yes, it was the barbed wire rape 😦


  3. I loved the first film – me and a couple of friends sat laughing in the cinema while the rest of the audience either walked out or sat squirming.

    This one is horrendous though. Not just for the graphic content; I found it unbearably bleak. Though, I feel the whole point of the film is Tom Six sticking two fingers up at basically everyone to make a film impossible to enjoy & I’d say he succeeded!

    I’m desperately waiting for the third one. Pretty sure it’s finished, he’s just awaiting a decent release.

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    • emmakwall says:

      I’ll definitely watch the third one too 🙂 I’ve read the centipede will be made up of 500 people, it will be set in a prison in a desert somewhere and both villains from both films will be in the cast?! WOW! Haha! (in all seriousness, I WILL be watching it!!!)

      Yeah that’s a really good point, it is a film impossible to enjoy. You can watch in horror – be aghast or disgusted, but not really ‘enjoy’ it as such!

      The first one was a bit dull after all the hype. I remember thinking it could have been more gross to be honest!! And those stiffs who walked out the cinema you were in……what did they expect! Honestly!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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      • It was a small independent, semi-arty cinema. The Human Centipede certainly isn’t their normal fare! Incidentally it was only one of two cinemas in Scotland that showed it and it’s right where I live in the Highlands!

        Yeah, that’s apparently the set-up – I’ve been following sporadic updates on Tom Six’s twitter & I simply can’t wait!

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  4. I really couldn’t get into this film, it just seemed to try and shock at times for the sake of it. I mean, the baby scene? Really? Was that even possible?

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    • emmakwall says:

      Tried to shock at times for the sake of it? How can you say that Damian?! (hee hee!!!) yes it was definitely just a gratuitous film – 100%! The baby scene was the only one that really made me wince. I’ll….erm….I’ll still watch the third one though 🙂

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      • I know I know, it’s just the fact that the first film had a shocking premise, but it was done kind of clever, like, there was even a touch of suspense! This film was just boring until it got to the “good” stuff, and then I feel it went a little too far, the baby scene being a prime example. I laughed at that scene by the way because it was so ridiculous, and I like new people! (babies)

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        • emmakwall says:

          It did go too far haha – definitely!!! And what’s with the weird film noir black and white?!

          I found it hard watching their teeth being knocked out and the baby scene was just unnecessary.

          I think I preferred the first movie a little but this was generally more entertaining (nothing like a bit of gross terror to entertain me!!)

          I will definitely watch the third! As if you won’t 🙂

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          • Yeah, I kind of watched this either laughing, or shaking my head. It was soo over the top that I didn’t even find it a bit disturbing.

            I had to rewind the baby scene just to make sure I didn’t imagine it. It was ridiculous, but then we’re meant to be disturbed and find it shocking at the same time. Ha! Nooo!

            Did you see the total uncut version where he rapes the girl with barbwire? Again, ridiculous..

            You know me well enough now to know I’ll be watching the third.


  5. The first one was okay and a little predictable, skipped the second and doubt I will watch the third. Probably skipped it at the time due to having just watched Martyrs and then A Serbian Film. I love horror, but those two movies took a little piece of my soul.

    Good review nonetheless, maybe I’ll check it out when the third one comes around.

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    • emmakwall says:

      Oh god, I don’t blame you for skipping the 2nd!! After those two horrible movies I expect you needed counselling, not another human centipede 🙂

      I think I’ll watch the third one. I understsand they gross a lot of people out but I just think they’re stupid horror movies and am keen to see the ‘sickness’ !!!!

      Martyrs I thought was a brilliant horror movie, but one of the most disgusting I have ever watched. I’ve never dared watch A Serbian Film….. I know the general premise and I just don’t think I can handle it. One day maybe!

      Thanks for popping by 🙂 🙂


    • Tom says:

      Man I have heard some things about A Serbian Film. I’m curious to see it though I think it will take a piece of my soul as well……

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      • emmakwall says:

        It’s weird you say that, I only watched it very recently myself. I never wanted to watch it, knowing the content, but a little while ago I just thought sod it, find out what the fuss is all about (and you can watch it on youtube with English subs no nothing lost really!)

        Strangely I enjoyed it! It’s a horrible story and it did dwell on my mind for a little while but it’s a well made film, well acted, good production. And it certainly pushes your emotions!

        I would recommend watching it out of curiosity. I knew most of the infamous scenes beforehand, so it lost a lot of the shock value (that probably helped!)


  6. OMG! Really not for me! I enjoy horror flicks, but the light ones with ghosts, like Conjuring and all… Blood and gore are things I just can’t stand and for me the teeth part is awfully sick… ewwwweeeeewww!
    Thanks for this review Emma, I may not like the movie but I surely enjoyed reading your review 🙂


  7. I think they’d just be your cup of tea! It’s about this poor shmo who’s trapped on this broken down space ship with only 2robots for company. They’re forced by the evil villain to watch truly awful movies. The fun part is during each movie/episode, they make hysterically funny comments 🙂


  8. newguy87 says:

    This made the first Human Centipede look like a Disney Film, just wait for the third one

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  9. Tom Schultz says:

    “royally slated”…thanks for another Britishism! IDK if I’ll watch this flick. However, I do have some sound advice from Tuco in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Plus, always be prepared even in the bath.

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  10. This sounds like it’s not even a B movie. More like an F!

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