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Death Proof OST

Death Proof is one half of the double feature Grindhouse, released in 2007. It’s grown on me a fair bit me over the years and though it’s not one of Tarantino’s most popular films – even by his own admission … Continue reading

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Christian Bale: The Rant v Terminator Salvation

Big thanks to the brilliant Jake of That Other Critic for joining me in a fun conversation about the merits of Christian Bale’s outlandish rant on the set of ‘Terminator: Salvation’ (2009). Jake and I both unashamedly love The Rant … Continue reading

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Films I Watched in: March

Well it’s been a fairly pitiful month for film watching – just five in total. Seriously how does an entire month go by and I’ve only managed to watch (on average) one movie a week? Considering when I’m not at work or … Continue reading

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Opinion Battles Round 8 Favourite Animated Disney Film (Non Pixar)

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Opinion Battles Round 8 Favourite Disney Animated Film (Non Pixar) Disney has been making animated movies from almost the start of film, they always seem to reach the right levels the audience love. Today we…

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Opinion Battles Round 7 – Worst Remake

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Opinion Battles Round 7 Worst Remake Every year we seem to get remakes, we do get a couple of good ones but we also get some of the worst films in modern times, this upcoming…

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X-Men: First Class OST

“Let’s Just Say I’m Frankenstein’s Monster” So on my last couple of soundtrack reviews, I read the same kind of comments from people – “I didn’t notice the music when I was watching this film”. And that’s absolutely fine, I don’t … Continue reading

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