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Argumentative August #12 – In Cold Blood (1967) – EmmaKWall

Originally posted on MovieRob:
Ryan and I would like to once again welcome you to another review for our Argumentative August Blogathon. ? This next film, In Cold Blood (1967) is being reviewed by Emma of EmmaKWall ? Let’s see…

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Opinion Battles Round 9 Best Adapted Novel/Book

Opinion Wars Round 9 – Best Adapted Book. My choice may surprise you…! Movie Reviews 101 Best Adapted Novel/Book When it comes to adaptation from classic books or novels we get a huge number coming out each year, some a … Continue reading

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Love Your Bum

Originally posted on vinnieh:
Another gif post has arrived and this one is about bodies. Or more precisely bums. I’ve always heard a lot of people say that they’re least favourite part of their body is their bum. So I…

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Films with Friends: The Return of the Living Dead

So after the brilliant fun that was Dog Soldiers we have decided to do another Films with Friends. In a few hours time Eric, Laura and I will be watching The Return of the Living Dead which I’ve never seen, Laura really likes and … Continue reading

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Opinion Battles Round 8 Best Remake

My favourite Opinion Wars so far – Remakes! Vote for me and Jeff Goldblum here. Movie Reviews 101 Best Remakes We have seen Hollywood run out of ideas over the years which has lead to many remakes, some are good … Continue reading

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The Guest (OST)

The Guest (2014) – soundtrack review 2014 film The Guest has one of the best soundtracks I’ve literally heard in years. Literally. It’s the kind of soundtrack that makes me feel EXCITED and I want YOU to feel excited about it too. I … Continue reading

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Capote (2005)

That big ball of fluffy awesomeness Jordan is running a Philip Seymour Hoffman blogathon over at his site Epileptic Moondancer. As such – here is a review of my favourite Hoffman film Capote – film review I’m sure I won’t be … Continue reading

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