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Films I Watched In: March

I didn’t think it was necessary to put the year in the title this time. Even I’m remembering on a regular basis it’s now 2017. And isn’t the year going quickly? Anyway, here’s what I watched over March, seven films … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks! (1996) – Here’s Jack Blogathon

It’s the Here’s Jack Blogathon 2017! Thanks to Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews for hosting this blogathon. You can read all about it (plus loads more Jack reviews) here and whilst I’m doing shout outs I’d also like to say happy birthday to Jack … Continue reading

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Double prison movie review: Scum (1979) and Mean Machine (2001)

Original posted here and here as part of Rob and Jay’s Genre Grandeur. Two British classics! Kind of. One British classic and another British….film. Thanks to MovieRob for his usual tireless efforts in hosting another (great) Genre Grandeur and thanks … Continue reading

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Meet Dexter (2016) – A Short Film

“A young woman introduces her boyfriend to her parents….” Meet Dexter! I just wanted to share with you a fantastic short film, written and directed by my friend and fellow blogger, the Man in Black. It’s charming, original and best … Continue reading

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Double Horror Film Review: Rings (2017) and Goodnight Mommy (2014)

Rings (2017) – spoiler free review It might be hard to imagine but The Ring (2002) was a really scary film when it first came out fifteen years ago (so long ago I know – I feel old). Well it was … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: December (and a look at the whole of 2016)

I watched ten films in December. More than usual but time off work equals more time to watch movies. So let’s look at them (and silently curse being back at work – oh wait I do that every Monday morning anyway). … Continue reading

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10 (More) Films I’ve Never Seen

I did a similar post before (here) and I’ve enjoyed doing them a lot. Kinda for the lack of work that has to go into it (just being honest) but also to show readers a no hold bars look at the … Continue reading

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