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Opinion Battles Round 11 Worst Sequel

It’s that time again – Opinion Wars! And this time we’re talking about sequels – really, really bad sequels. Movie Reviews 101 Worst Sequel We have always looked at the best, but now lets look at one subject people always … Continue reading

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Mary and Max (2009)

Mary and Max – animated stop motion film review Mary and Max is a 2009 stop motion film. Or as my boyfriend put it – “the same way they do Wallace and Gromit”. It’s rated 12 in the UK which seems … Continue reading

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Opinion Battles Round 10 Best Anime

Opinion Battles Round 10 – Best Anime Movie Reviews 101 Best Animé When it comes to animé we have had some of the most beautiful animated movies of all time, usually coming Japan we have decided to pick the our … Continue reading

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10 Great Musical Moments in Film

Some of my Favourite Musical Moments in Film Now when I say ‘musical moments’ I must clarify I don’t mean actual musicals because generally and with some (small) exception I absolutely hate musicals. So this is a celebration of my favourite musical moments … Continue reading

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Question of the Month – Best Star Wars Character?

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:
Can you feel it? Star Wars is almost upon us. It seems so long ago since we last were treated to that titanic battle between Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on a volcanic…

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