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Opinion Battles Round Two Favourite Oscar Winning Best Picture

Opinion Battles Best Oscar Winning Film! Movie Reviews 101 We are about to hit Oscar season and what better than to pick our favourite Oscar Winning Best Picture because let’s face it we do love some more than others. If … Continue reading

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The 17th January 2014

Two years ago today The Guest was released. And what a super good day that was.  To celebrate, just scroll down this page really, really slowly. Just, no words. Except maybe… “This is the Military Police, tell me how I get through this … Continue reading

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10 Favourite Tarantino Characters

Who are the best Quentin Tarantino characters? So after being set the hardest Opinion Battle EVER and asked us to choose our favourite Quentin Tarantino character, I thought it might be necessary and fun to do a top 10. I am watching The … Continue reading

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Opinion Battles Year 2 Round One Favourite Quentin Tarantino Character

Opinion Battles 2016 – here we go again! Movie Reviews 101 Year 2 Round One – Favourite Quentin Tarantino Character Quentin Tarantino is one of the biggest name in directing in the modern era of cinema and with his latest … Continue reading

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Amy (2015)

I was eager to watch Amy, the 2015 documentary film portraying the rise and fall of Amy Winehouse, but I had no idea just how much it would get in my head. I watched it on Sunday and it’s still … Continue reading

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Last Year I was 30

This is a slightly narcissistic post all about me and my birthday (in December). In fairness it was my 30th and I’m celebrating mainly by not having a mental breakdown at BEING A GROWN UP. And as everything around me has pretty much … Continue reading

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