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28 Weeks Later OST

28 Weeks Later (2004)soundtrack review I recently re-watched 28 Weeks Later and was struck again by the whole bloody drama of it all. Not drama like Mean Girls, TOWIE or RuPaul’s Drag Race – no, drama as in super intense … Continue reading

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 I wanna play a game… It’s almost Halloween you frightful lot and you know what that means. Time for the Annual Scary Picture of Emma (contrary to popular belief – NOT a photo taken first thing in the morning). You … Continue reading

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The Fly OST

The Fly (1986) – soundtrack review It’s Halloween! Time to talk some horror (finally). The Fly (1986) is one of my favourite movies and I’ve already reviewed the film (here) so now it’s time to review the soundtrack, which is … Continue reading

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10 Fantastic Horror Movie Scores

Halloween Horror Movie Scores! In honour of Halloween and my love of movie soundtracks, here’s a list of some of my favourite horror movie scores. And a picture of me looking all toothy and scary. Rahh. 1.  Saw (2004) The Saw movies … Continue reading

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