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10 Fantastic Horror Movie Scores

In honour of Halloween and my love of movie soundtracks, here is a list of some of my favourite horror movie scores. And………here’s a picture of me. Rah! 1.  Saw (2004) The Saw movies have an extremely solid main score which is actually … Continue reading

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Jabob’s Ladder – A Review

There are a million ways to find yourself at the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder but only one way to reach the top. Jacob’s Ladder is a YA (Young Adult) book that I was lucky enough to find in a junk shop for 50p. … Continue reading

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BBC – God Only Knows

So the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have released another classic song sung by famous people. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a kind of advertising gimmick but also pretty cool because they make a video and get lots of … Continue reading

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Fish Tank (2009)

Fish Tank – gritty British film review To give you a brief idea about Fish Tank it is a low budget, gritty Brit drama and main actress Katie Jarvis was discovered by director Andrea Arnold whilst arguing with her boyfriend at Tilbury train station. … Continue reading

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The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters – Blogathon

I was so excited to be passed the baton for this really cool idea for a Blogathon. Thank you so much to the lovely Justine and her excellent movie blog for passing it over to me! (she has so many great reviews!) … Continue reading

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Annabelle (2014)

Annabelle – Review So I went to the cinema and watched Annabelle last night. Being a fan of any spooky movie and having enjoyed The Conjuring (Annabelle is the prequel to The Conjuring) I was looking forward to a good … Continue reading

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Lazy Characters in Film

Lazy Movie Characters – We Gotta Love Them! I’m pretty lazy. I mean I go to work and get my housework done and do the normal things in life we’re generally expected to do, but in my spare time what do I … Continue reading

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