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The Corridor (2010)

The Corridor (2010) low budget indie horror review with some spoilers Well it wasn’t that great (testimonies at the top of the DVD cover) but I have seen worse. Which isn’t the worst thing you can say about a film. … Continue reading

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Communion (1989)

Communion (1989) – Film Review (Maybe some mild spoilers but nothing much) My boyfriend suggested watching Communion. He confessed he’d caught it on TV one night as a kid (for kid see ‘quite old teenager’ but who am I to … Continue reading

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10 Best Horror Films on Netflix UK – from Flixboss!

IT’S FRIDAY!!! Best day of the week. And whatever your plans for the evening (usually mine involve alcohol and an 80s playlist) the forthcoming weekend is definitely the perfect time to watch a movie or five. My go-to genre has … Continue reading

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Ghost Stories (2017) & The Ritual (2017) – Double British Horror Review

Who doesn’t love a Brit of horror… Ghost Stories (2017) Ghost Stories was written and directed by Andy Nyman – who I first saw in Severance (2006) (cooking a pie) and seems an exceptionally clever fella (though maybe a bit smug) and … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: August

Films I Watched In: August I watched nine films this month – all re-watches apart from my one cinema outing, which OF COURSE was to see The Meg (2018). I’ve droned on long and hard (hee hee – long and … Continue reading

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Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary (2018) – spoiler free review So a few weeks ago on a Tuesday afternoon, I went to see Hereditary. Tuesday afternoon being relevant because 1. Meerkats give us half price cinema tickets on a Tuesday (bless them) and 2. … Continue reading

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Films I Watched In: June, July and August. And September.

Wow I’m a lazy lowlife. Never since I started my ‘Films I Watched In’ series have I been so slovenly that I’ve not written a post on one for FOUR MONTHS. I apologise. To make this ludicrous situation even worse, … Continue reading

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IT (2017)

IT (2017) – spoiler-free review Okay, I’m going to say it. I loved it (IT). I didn’t know what to expect and I really like the original mini series (I only watched it a couple of weeks ago in fact … Continue reading

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Films I Watched in: April

I went mad in April. Absolutely a root-toot-tooting mad and watched thirteen movies. Thirteen movies in thirty days – something I had not done for a very long time, certainly not since I’ve been keeping track of my viewing (January … Continue reading

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Southbound (2015)

Southbound (2015) – horror anthology review I came across Southbound by chance, just a few days ago whilst browsing Amazon Prime horror movies (and cursing the new layout that was meant to make things more ‘user friendly’ for me). I thought … Continue reading

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