Lazy Characters in Film

Lazy Movie Characters – We Gotta Love Them!

I’m pretty lazy. I mean I go to work and get my housework done and do the normal things in life we’re generally expected to do, but in my spare time what do I enjoy? As little as possible really. Which then got me thinking about lazy characters in movies, who’s the laziest? And who’s the best at it?

Here are some of my favourites –

1. The Dude, The Big Lebowski (1998) – an obvious choice but too good not to mention. The Dude is so lazy he goes to the supermarket in his dressing gown and usually I would instantly hate anyone who does that, but with The Due, it’s just… normal and great. His finest moment has got to be this AMAZING comeback (having been verbally attacked about his life by the other Lebowski, Mr Lebowski) – “yeah well…that’s just like…your opinion man”. Classic.


2. Floyd, True Romance (1993) – Brad Pitt wasn’t in True Romance for very long but he certainly made an impression as the vacant and lazy stoner Floyd. We don’t see him in any scene where he isn’t on the sofa. Honestly. And given the interviews Brad has given in about his ‘younger years’, Floyd isn’t that far from the real man – which obviously makes us love him even more. Though I can only presume he has those wonderful arms from particularly heavy bags of crisps?


3. Mort, Secret Window (2004) – another character who spends the vast majority of his time in a dressing gown. And napping. In fact when Mort isn’t starring in a horror movie – he’s on the sofa napping. When the shit hits the fan and things are getting really bad – he’s on the sofa napping. Or eating crisps. Or smoking. Sleep. Eat. Smoke. Repeat. Not a bad life really? Oh yeah, except for all the horror stuff. Better take a nap.


4. Ed, Shaun of the Dead (2004) – Ed’s so lazy that the only reason he was able to fight against real life zombies was because of his practice shooting them in video games ALL DAY LONG. He’s unemployed, he smokes weed, he stays at home all day and he can’t even take a phone message properly. That doesn’t mean however that Ed isn’t brilliant with some of the best quotes in the film. Cornetto?


5. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons Movie (2007) – I’m so glad The Simpsons released a movie and I was able to put the brilliantly idle Homer in this list. Plus the whole concept of the movie is pretty much summarized by Homer’s sheer and awful laziness. I mean if he hadn’t dumped Spiderpig’s waste into the lake rather than dispose of it properly, well, none of the movie would have happened. But of course, he was in a hurry in eat free donuts. Of course. Obviously.



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40 Responses to Lazy Characters in Film

  1. jwforeva says:

    HAHA the dude! May be lazy but he’s pretty chill and comfortable being himself. What a guy

  2. vinnieh says:

    You can’t beat a lazy character in a film.

  3. Cici says:

    I was reading this post on my phone and it wouldn’t let me comment, so I just spent the past 10 minutes looking for it on your blog when I opened my computer 😛
    Not that I have a great mind blowing comment. 😀
    Anyway, I LOVED this post. Mostly because I can relate and I am in love with Homer Simpson. If I could spend my life in Pjs and a robe my life would be complete.

  4. Zoë says:

    Great list here, really!

    Love seeing the Chop here 😉

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  6. alexraphael says:

    The dude was my first thought too. Good list 🙂

  7. theipc says:

    LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My moment in the sun!!!!

  8. romeorites says:

    Ed and Mort are awesome. Also the house in Secret Window could be described as a lazy character in itself. Not to mention its my favourite movie house 🙂

  9. theipc says:

    Sorry I missed this the other day – I’ve had SHIT internet all week 😦

    Great list!!

    I’m surprised I didn’t get an honorable mention : )

  10. I’m still reading the list but before I scrolled past The Dude I thought “I’m going to have to comment with Floyd.” But there he is!! I’m so happy for Floyd.

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