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Death Proof OST

Death Proof (Grindhouse) – soundtrack review Death Proof is one half of the double feature Grindhouse (I’m really, really anal about that) and was released in 2007. It’s grown on me a fair bit me over the years and though it’s … Continue reading

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X-Men: First Class OST

“Let’s Just Say I’m Frankenstein’s Monster” So on my last couple of soundtrack reviews, I read the same kind of comments from people – “I didn’t notice the music when I was watching this film”. And that’s absolutely fine, I don’t … Continue reading

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Let the Right One In – OST

Let the Right One In – soundtrack review I finally found a second-hand copy of this soundtrack just before Christmas – I had been looking for one for YEARS (not kidding) as it’s not an easy one to buy unless you’re willing to pay … Continue reading

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Home Alone – OST

Home Alone – soundtrack review We all know the movie Home Alone. Whether it evokes feelings of nostalgia and love or pure dread at the thought of sitting through that bloody film for the hundredth time – we all know … Continue reading

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Insidious OST

Insidious – soundtrack review I promised a few horror soundtrack reviews this Halloween and what better way to begin than with the delightfully scary and screeeeeewed up Insidious soundtrack. This is not a soundtrack I listen to very often. It’s okay sitting … Continue reading

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10 Great Musical Moments in Film

Some of my Favourite Musical Moments in Film Now when I say ‘musical moments’ I must clarify I don’t mean actual musicals because generally and with some (small) exception I absolutely hate musicals. So this is a celebration of my favourite musical moments … Continue reading

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The Guest (OST)

The Guest (2014) – soundtrack review 2014 film The Guest has one of the best soundtracks I’ve literally heard in years. Literally. It’s the kind of soundtrack that makes me feel EXCITED and I want YOU to feel excited about it too. I … Continue reading

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