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The Boy (2016)

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The Boy – horror film review Follow his rules… I recently bought The Boy on Blu ray as a bit of a treat and you know, mainly because I don’t have many Blu rays.…

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A slap in the face at The Oscars!

Haven’t been interested in the Oscars for years (or ever actually) but I woke up today to the amusing news that Will Smith had SLAPPED Chris Rock on stage last night, then partied on down with his Best Actor Academy … Continue reading

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A Star is Born (2020) – more of a rant than a review

A Star is Born (2020) WARNING……THIS IS MASSIVELY SPOILER HEAVER As if that embarrassing picture wasn’t enough to put me off ever watching this movie, throw in an intense (and maybe irrational but probably not) dislike of Bradley Cooper AND … Continue reading

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Curve (2016) – short horror film

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Curve (2016) – short horror film HAD to share this. Really above-average short horror that completely got under my skin and into my head. I kid you not this has popped into my…

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Vampires (1998)

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John Carpenter’s ‘Vampires’ (1998) – Film Review Is it Vampires or is it John Carpenter’s Vampires? I think actually it’s just Vampires but I can’t help but but introduce this film as ‘John…

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The Insane Genius of Furious 7 (2015)

This is just a quickie. Most definitely not a review. I’m seven years late to the party but this post will be spoiler heavy so if you haven’t seen it yet….maybe stop reading. OH MY GOD how brilliant is Furious … Continue reading

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Books I read in 2021

I decided to keep a log of every book I read last year – in the end this wasn’t at all necessary because I only read eight and could have remembered them anyway. And if I were an octopus I … Continue reading

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A short film from the masterful MiB – Cold Call

As my friend Lee Relph knows, I am a secret – or not so secret – arthropod. And specifically this means that I am a snail. A slow, slimy snail (with long googly eyes). Look it’s the slow thing I’m … Continue reading

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Top 10 Christmas Movie Villains

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Happy new year! Okay I did anticipate this post would be out in December but I got waylaid eating copious amounts of cheese whilst watching On the Buses. Honestly the truth and why…

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Top 10 Horror Film Animals

I hope everyone had a spooky and fun Halloween weekend. I celebrated by watching a scary film, eating cheese and drinking wine – pretty standard weekend to be fair but I enjoyed it. To add to the festivities I thought … Continue reading

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