28 Days Later – OST

“That was longer than a heartbeat…”

28 Days Later (2002) – soundtrack review

28 Days Later is mainly a scored soundtrack, with all scores written by John Murphy – an incredibly talented composer of film music who has worked with Danny Boyle a few times, before and since. My very favourite score in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is Adagio in D Minor, which Murphy wrote for the film Sunshine. Honest to god I wasn’t even enjoying the film that much when I went to see it in the cinema all those years ago, then that music started and I was literally transfixed, completely mesmerised. Sometimes I listen to it and (honestly) wonder how something sooo beautiful and sooo amazing could have been written. Sigh.

Anyway, back to 28 Days Later. As well as the scores there are a couple of pop songs too, for me quite unremarkable but the overall effect is rather eclectic. It’s not my favourite soundtrack by any stretch, but it is a cool one to own. And I was so pleased when I purchased it in 2011, second-hand but still pretty much mint condition. It cost about £20 but at the time there weren’t many copies of it around so I was just glad to get hold of it, now there seems to be zillions and I definitely overpaid. Oh well.

I may have been tipsy when I ordered it. That does happen. Before and since.


Though, as mentioned above, it’s not my ‘favourite soundtrack’ – for one track only it is STILL an incredible, atmospheric and unforgettable treat for ears. And I refer of course, to “In the House / In a Heartbeat” which I’m sure most clued up zombie fans will already be aware of (yes I know they’re not technically zombies they’re “infected” but what the hell man, zombies has a better ring to it).

Even people not so bothered about music in films or soundtracks will have noticed this.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, check out the artwork inside.


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45 Responses to 28 Days Later – OST


    • emmakwall says:

      YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such an amazing song ❤

      So glad you like it 🙂

      You are very brave! If I did that I'd probably just end up running down the road in panic and looking like a right mug! Haha!

  2. Victor De Leon says:

    I have this score but haven’t heard it in a while. Thanks for the reminder to give it a re-listen. Nice job 🙂

  3. vinnieh says:

    Love In the House In a Heartbeat, such an atmospheric piece of music.

  4. theipc says:


    I usually don’t even notice the music in a movie but the score in this is fantastic. I HATE that so many other movies have blatantly copied it….

    Love Pen

  5. Justine B. says:

    Love it! Such a great score.

  6. I have a few tracks dl too but now I want the soundtrack you have–it looks amazing with the packaging. That you even bought that makes you the coolest.

    • emmakwall says:

      Haha, aww thanks Susan!! You say I’m the coolest, so that means I must be!! 😀 only kidding, but thank you. YOU’RE the coolest!

      I know! I was so pleased when I saw the inside of the CD, the comic strip stuff is great but I love “the end is extremely fucking nigh” even more!!!

      AND I’ve just realised………………this is a CILLIAN MURPHY movie!!!! ❤ ❤ 😀

      • It IS a Cillian Murphy movie, hearts infinity!
        The first movie I saw him in.
        I’m browsing amazon & ebay for a copy of the soundtrack like your copy. Have you ever read the graphic novel? I saw the first few books discounted about a year ago and regret not getting them, I wonder if they’re good.
        And yes I’m the last say on who is cool and who is not cool and you are cool!

        • emmakwall says:

          YOU are the coolest of the cool!! (I also get joint last say haha)

          I hope you find the soundtrack!! That is brilliant you want to buy it now, I’m so pleased! I think there’s quite a few copies floating about now, more so than when I bought it. I’d probably try a seller on Amazon 🙂

          I’ve never read the graphic novel no, it would be cool to have them now though!!

          • I’ve found a used “very good” condition CD soundtrack on amazon, ships from the UK, only about $8 including shipping. I’ve emailed the seller to ensure it has that artwork that your copy has, I hope its the same! I see an enhanced version(wait, is that what you have?) for $33 and the sequel’s soundtrack for stinking $99!!

            • emmakwall says:

              Yay!! Great news 🙂 I hope it does have the same artwork. I’m pretty sure mine is just a standard version, not enhanced (can’t believe the sequel is $99!!!) so I really keep my fingers crossed that it will have the same artwork!!!! Let me know 🙂 🙂

            • Why on Earth the sequel’s soundtrack is almost a hundred bucks I can’t fathom other than maybe it’s out of print now/rare but the original is where it’s at!
              I looked at the used comics and it’s the continuation of Selena’s story which could be cool so hopefully I’ll get started on that too. I’m gonna get the soundtrack off amazon when I get my tax return as my Treat Yo’ Self gift. Yay! Thanks for the idea.

            • emmakwall says:

              It must be pretty rare, only explanation?! Though I’m pretty sure John Murphy made this soundtrack too, so would still be a good one.

              Great! Have you got the used comic then? Or might get one soon? I actually like having second-hand stuff sometimes, make it seems more special!

              Treat Yo’Self sounds brilliant!! I might join in? After pay day of course!

              So glad you’re getting this awesome CD!!!

            • I didn’t get the comic yet but I will, I’m going to wait until I accumulate some more amazon.com credit & get my tax return too! Than I will Treat Yo’ Self!

              I like second hand stuff a lot, I usually clean them off with a disinfectant wipe because…you know but I like them! It saves me money, it puts money in a person’s pocket and it has some character sometimes.
              I love a fresh new book too but I have a harder and harder time justifying buying on from certain stores or spending the extra $10, I’m torn!! =)

            • emmakwall says:

              Lol TREAT YOU SELF!! Thanks for the clip ha ha ha I thought it was something you just made up 🙂

              What’s this amazon.com credit then? And where can I sign up?!!!!!

              I know what you mean, I wouldn’t really wana to buy second hand shoes or tins to keep your sugar in. If you know what I mean?! But books, CDs etc are all good 🙂

              Sometimes it feels pretty ritzy to go into an actual BOOK SHOP (not online, but an actual shop that sells books!) and choose something new 🙂 I buy so many from charity shops etc., it is nice just to think ‘f*** it I’m going into Waterstones!”


            • Treat Yo’ Self is practically a National holiday here now as a result of that television episode.
              Oooo amazon credits, you know what I use some websites that earn me points and I redeem them for amazon credit and then purchase books & music with them!

              It is RITZY, good word. I love walking out with a stack of new books. What bums me out is that so many stores have closed over the past decade here leaving the big box stores as the only options for music, books and movies and many of them have high prices and poor selection. It sucks! A lot of the old stores I favored went under when the economy tanked. There are a few book stores around still though with new and used books. One of them is located in the city and it’s called Talking Leaves, it’s lovely! What book stores should I check out when I get to England?

            • emmakwall says:

              Haha, love that!! Treat YO Self!

              That is so cool!!!! I need to get involved with that, how awesome! I’m going to get me some of that action!!!

              Ritzy! Yeah I know what you mean, it’s a real shame. I suppose online shops don’t help either. Something like Amazon for instance, even if you see the book in a shop you may well think “I’ll order it on Amaozn later” as you know it will be cheaper. Well sometimes anyway….that’s not the RITZY way!

              I like secondhand book shops a lot, but I just go into them as and when I see them. There’s probably at least one in every town / city!

              The Works is a pretty good chain bookshop. They are so cheap! They do a lot of reference and non-fiction books (and artwork supplies as well), but it’s always worth a look in one as they constantly change their stock, you never know what you’ll fine. And there’s still always novels and stuff too 🙂

              Waterstones is where you’ll feel Ritzy 🙂 but that’s a PROPER bookshop, feels like one and smells like one! I believe they’ve got a huge Waterstones in London, Kensington maybe?

              Talking Leaves is a lovely name!! 🙂

  7. table9mutant says:

    You have excellent taste, Emma! This soundtrack is awesome. I looooove In the House / In a Heartbeat – it’s a great one to listen to on earphones while walking to work. 🙂

  8. garethrhodes says:

    I think the soundtrack is the best thing about the film. I like the film. I love the soundtrack.

  9. Never thought to give the soundtrack a listen even though I have seen the films many times. Pretty sure I read somewhere recently that the third movie might be back on track. I hope so at least.

    • emmakwall says:

      Ooh very exciting!! I hope so, I’d like to see the third installment 🙂

      I must admit if it wasn’t for that one track I probably wouldn’t have picked up on the whole soundtrack as much but it’s all pretty decent 🙂

  10. sweetarchive says:

    I haven’t seen 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later… How come, Silly me? This track sounds so dramatically cool! Bet the rest of it is amazing as well 🙂

    • emmakwall says:

      I’m glad you like the track Ruth!! It’s brilliant isn’t it. I don’t think any other track on the CD quite meets that brilliance but it is a great soundtrack and fits the film perfectly.

      They’re both pretty good films, worth a watch! But probably not a lot you haven’t seen before. I’m wondering if they’ll bring out a 28 Months / Years later?!!

      I’m so glad you liked the track!! 😀

      Hope you’re having a lovely day.

      • sweetarchive says:

        I did! I think I told you before, but… I’ll tell you again… you have great taste 🙂

        • emmakwall says:

          Aww thank you so much! Again!! ❤

          You make my day 🙂 🙂

          And you have great taste too!!!! VERY good taste! When I saw the Bowie stuff, and the cool, weird films you've reviewed….I knew! 🙂

          • sweetarchive says:

            HAHA! Happy you like my weird taste! Oh, I love David Bowie, but I guess you know that already… Thank you, Dear :-))

            • emmakwall says:

              You’re welcome Sweetness!!! 🙂

              Not long until your Shitfest entry is posted…. 🙂

              You have awesome taste!!!!

            • sweetarchive says:

              Yeah, I’m pretty excited and I hope I’m not pissing off anybody… HAHA. Thanks, Darling. It means a LOT 🙂

            • emmakwall says:

              Oh no you ocudn’t piss off anyone!! And even if you do…..who cares! Ha ha 🙂

              I know what you mean, my worst nightmare is no-one commenting it at all! haha, just a *tumbleweed* moment !!!

              It’s very exciting, has brightened up my mornings looking forward to Shitfest each day 🙂

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