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The Big Lebowski OST

The Big Lebowski – soundtrack review I’m pretty sure most film fans go through their ‘Big Lebowski’ phase. I know it was certainly a film I loved and quoted (and quoted…..and quoted) when I was a teenager. And you know, … Continue reading

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The Business OST

80s tastic – The Business – soundtrack review Loaded with the smooth, the great and the ugly of 80s pop, The Business is a really fun soundtrack to listen to in the car or when you’re doing your ironing and feeling … Continue reading

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Battle Royale OST

Battle Royale (2000) – Soundtrack review So the time has come to talk about another of my beloved CD soundtracks: BATTLE ROYALE! I’m saying it like Kitano says it at the beginning of the film when he’s standing next to … Continue reading

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Attack the Block OST

Attack the Block – soundtrack review As soon as I heard the fantastic (and such clever) music in the fantastic (and pretty clever) film Attack the Block – I knew I had to buy the soundtrack. And there it is. I DID … Continue reading

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28 Days Later – OST

“That was longer than a heartbeat…” 28 Days Later (2002) – soundtrack review 28 Days Later is mainly a scored soundtrack, with all scores written by John Murphy – an incredibly talented composer of film music who has worked with Danny Boyle a few times, before and … Continue reading

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Quentin Tarantino – Soundtrack Genius

I love Quentin Tarantino. I love his stories, his scripts, his characters, his enthusiasm for films and of course…his soundtracks. Which I will be concentrating on today as I try to put each of his eight original soundtracks into the order of their brilliance. Now, as … Continue reading

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