September means Spider Season

September means Spider Season

emmakwall (explains it all)


It’s spider season in the UK!

So today is the 1st September. Symbolising the end of summer, kids going back to school and sadly, a home invasion of eight legged enemies.

Like every sane person in the world I have an irrational fear of spiders and though we don’t have any dangerous species in the UK (no matter what the Daily Mail says) we do have some fairly unpleasant ones. And the Giant House Spider is the one we’re most likely to find in our homes this time of year. The GIANT House Spider. Yay.

giant-house-spiderAnd they live up to their name, the largest as big as 12cm and whilst they can’t hurt us, they’re still creepy and horrid and freaky little bastards. They run reeeeally fast and seeing them scuttle across the floor in the evening is common in September. So is screaming, standing on the sofa and shouting “get him…………GET HIM!”. Weird that.

I don’t…

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8 Responses to September means Spider Season

  1. MIB says:

    Sorry, as an arachnophobe I can’t “like” this post – or even stand to read it… 😦 😮

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  2. 😮 120mm!!! 😀 Where do you live in the UK? (Don’t answer btw 🙂 )

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  3. johnrieber says:

    Not fun to be living there if you don’t like your neighbors!

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  4. beetleypete says:

    That two years just flew by! 🙂
    Still ‘spider mansions’ here in Beetley. They risk all though, as if Julie spots them, they’re dead. 🙂
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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