Opinion Battles Round 14 – Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio Role

Round 14 Opinion Battles – Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

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Opinion Battles Round 14

Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio Role

In the year we finally got to see Leonardo DiCaprio take home the Oscar on his 5th attempt it could easily be argued just how iconic he has become to the modern era of cinema. Having only 37 credits to his name we have seen DiCaprio work with some of the best directors in the business today. We will be picking our favourites of his career to so.

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35 Responses to Opinion Battles Round 14 – Favourite Leonardo DiCaprio Role

  1. Jay says:

    Lots of great roles to choose from but I’m still surprised that no one went with his Oscar-winning one.


  2. I haven’t seen Leo’s two most recent films “Wolf of Wall Street” or “The Revenant” so can’t judge those performances. I’ve seen most of his other films, and my favorite role is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” (also among my favorite of Johnny Depp’s roles as well). I also liked Leo in “Blood Diamond.”

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    • emmakwall says:

      Both of those answers have been chosen by people (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Blood Diamond) so you can vote for one.

      I enjoyed Blood Diamond but thought his accent was a bit naff lol. If I hadn’t had chosen Billy Costigan from The Departed, I would have chosen Frank Abegnale (Catch Me If You Can) or Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street)


  3. Yay!! If I had time to do a write-up of this, I would have picked The Departed too! Love that movie. It takes place right near me. I love it when Marky Mark is on screen in this movie. The Wahlburgs grew up less than an hour from my house, so I may be a little partial. I thought everybody was good in this movie.

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    • emmakwall says:

      That is so cool!! So…do you speak like them? 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words, glad we agree! It’s such a great movie, it blew me away the first time I saw it and I LOVE Mark Wahlberg’s character!!!! 🙂

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      • Haha! I guess it’s kind of close. The Wahlbergs’ accent is pretty close to mine. His is a little stronger. Everybody else is an exaggerated version. It drives me crazy when people from Hollywood try to do a New England accent. I believe it’s kind of like Dick Van Dyke doing a British accent in Mary Poppins. 🙂


  4. Kevin says:

    Not a big Leo fan to be honest, but if I had to pick one it would have to be Shutter Island, the first film where I didn’t want to strangle him. His acting in his early films is uneven, but slowly he improved.

    Inception is truly overrated, and for me lacks the beautiful and haunting imagery and metaphors found in Shutter Island. I liked how he showed his full range in that film, going from rational, even happy at times to deranged and desperate over the course of this story

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  5. beetleypete says:

    OK, not popular, I know, but I don’t really like Leo at all. Other than Gilbert Grape (which I voted for) and ‘This Boy’s Life’, I don’t reckon him much as an actor. I am at a loss to see what Scorsese sees in him, and why he keeps putting him in his films. In ‘Gangs of New York’, Daniel Day Lewis acted him off the set. (And so did Brendan Gleeson. Oh, and Eddie Marsan too.)

    His very presence in a film is enough to put me off, and make me feel like I am going to yawn. And don’t get me started on ‘The Departed’. What was Nicholson on? Massively disappointing, in my (admittedly old and well-thumbed) book. I would sooner watch the original ‘Infernal Affairs’ (2002) any day.

    Phew, that’s over. Now I feel a lot better…
    I always look forward to Mondays, when you reappear after your weekend break.
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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    • emmakwall says:

      Oh no Pete! We disagree for once, but at least it’s not often.

      I do genuinely think he’s a great actor who is believable in any role. Having said that I think his accents can be a bit dodgy at times, but that’s about all the negative I could say for him.

      Haha, I should have known you’d bring up Infernal Affairs!! 🙂 love it!! I genuinely prefer The Departed I’m afraid. It’s the whole thing for me, the music, the actors (except Ray Winstone who I thought was uncharacteristically awful in it), the ‘Boston tough guys’ haha – I just love that film! Though I saw it before Infernal Affairs so that probably contributes too.

      And thank you for such a LOVELY compliment which did not go unnoticed. It’s nice to know that someone looks forward to seeing me again! XXX – X (one extra!)


      • beetleypete says:

        I could shower you with compliments, but then I am just an old man who knows when to stop…
        Sorry we have to disagree about Leo. I have seen ‘moments’ in his acting. He was good as the older Howard Hughes in ‘The Aviator’, but Blanchett stole the film from under his nose before those scenes. He caught the mood of Arnie in ‘Gilbert Grape’ so well, and the frustrations in ‘This Boy’s Life’ were evident in his acting. For me, the problem starts when he is in scenes with better actors. I just stop watching him, and concentrate on them instead. I easily forget that he is even there. Might be a generation thing, who knows?
        At least I thought EVERYONE was bad in ‘The Departed.’ I was so looking forward to that film. I even went to a cinema showing on my own, to see it properly, on the ‘big screen’ at Odeon Kensington. Great cast, great sets and story, and Scorsese at the helm. I just thought it was a complete mess, and nobody emerged from it with credit. It’s probably just me though. Everyone else seems to love it.
        As you say, we rarely disagree.. Which makes me happy.
        As ever, Pete. XXX + X


  6. Liam says:

    My favourite actor of all time! I think I would have to say Wolf of Wall Street, Catch Me If You Can and Inception are my favourites. I also love The Revenant too, but there are just too many great DiCaprio films.

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    • emmakwall says:

      He’s a fantastic actor isn’t he! All of his characters from those three films are listed in Opinion Battles so you can vote for one 🙂

      If I hadn’t chosen Billy Costigan for mine, I would have chosen Frank Abagnale!

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  7. Ryan says:

    There are so many to choose from, the dude is just great in everything. My favorite has to be The Departed, though, for obvious reasons!

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  8. drhumpp says:

    I get to be the first jerk that votes for Critters 3! I’m not trying to be the voice of dissent, but the concept of Critters in an apartment is gold.

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  9. It’s so hard to choose! My picks are: This Boys Life, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Catch Me If You Can, Shutter Island, and of course Revenant.🙋🏻

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  10. vinnieh says:

    He’s had so many great roles, I’d have to say Catch Me if You Can.

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