BBC – God Only Knows

So the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have released another classic song sung by famous people. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a kind of advertising gimmick but also pretty cool because they make a video and get lots of bands / singers to all sing a line of the song or play an instrument (whatever their niche) and then they play it before TV programmes and such. Supposed to be uplifting or whatever.

This year they chose God Only Knows by the Beach Boys.

Here’s the video –

Now I love The Beach Boys but even I find God Only Knows a bit twee and SO over played. It starts off pretty cool with Pharrell Williams but I must say it left me feeling rather underwhelmed.

Especially when compared to their original 1997 video (almost twenty years ago!) cover of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. Better song – ignoring the irony that it was about heroin addiction of course – and better singers. David Bowie and Huey Morgan? Sold!

Here’s the video –

The very best thing about both of these videos is picking out the people you recognise.

I think Elton John is the only person in both videos but perhaps you may spot someone I didn’t!

Enjoy 🙂

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10 Responses to BBC – God Only Knows

  1. Paul S says:

    As much as I like The Beach Boys I prefer the 1997 version.
    “Something Good…Yeah !”

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  2. It’s kind of tough to pick just one. They’re like musical candy 🙂

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  3. Being a Beach Boys fan I have to admit I did enjoy this, in particular picking out the individual artists, and the special effects. But I’m really glad you posted the 1997 version because you’re right. That was loads better 🙂

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  4. Evan Dando’s bizarre moment in the “Perfect Day” video is one of my all-time favorite oddities. Love it! About to watch the new one you posted.

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