My ‘Friday the 13th’ Easter Egg

A while ago at work, one of my workmate’s suggested we all have an Easter ‘egg decorating competition’ to raise money for charity and have a little fun. Because it was months in the future and no-one had to think about it or make any effort for a while, most of us readily agreed. And who doesn’t like being creative now and again.

Though currently most of the office (myself included) are now working from home due to the Coronavirus situation, we decided to keep calm and carry on and just email in our pictures.

This is my entry –

Egg Entry 001

What can I say? I wanted to make something that reflected my interests (horror films not killing people I hasten to add). I was lucky enough to get the green felt before the virus outbreak and you could buy things from shops worry free, but everything else I found at home.

Proudly made from an Amazon envelope, a couple of biro pens and a paper plate.

Happy Easter!

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13 Responses to My ‘Friday the 13th’ Easter Egg

  1. What a clever girl! I hope you win the contest.

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  2. ManInBlack says:

    Hehe! Nice one! 🙂

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  3. You are hilarious Emma! I love it!

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  4. johnrieber says:

    Love the creativity! Bravo, you win the internet today!

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  5. beetleypete says:

    Well done honey. It looks great!
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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  6. alexraphael says:

    That’s awesome Emma. I hope you’re keeping well in these difficult times. I think you’ll love my latest post. I think you’ll get most of them for sure.

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