Films I Watched In: June, July and August. And September.

Wow I’m a lazy lowlife. Never since I started my ‘Films I Watched In’ series have I been so slovenly that I’ve not written a post on one for FOUR MONTHS.

I apologise.

To make this ludicrous situation even worse, a few weeks ago I was coming out of work in torrential rain and – typical me – rushing and carrying my phone in my hand (alongside other items) rather than stowing it safely in my bag. Consequently I dropped it and it smashed into a gazillion pieces. Sadly that’s where I write down each film I’ve watched and because I’m a lazy idiot I can now never be entirely sure what I watched during June and July. Though I KNOW these eight did happen –

The Babadook (2014) (re-watch and review here)
The Thing (1982) (re-watch)
War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)
Back to the Future (1985) (obviously a re-watch)
Obsession / The Hidden Room (1949) (re-watch)
The Football Factory (2004) (ridiculous how much I watch this film and review here)
Super 8 (2011) (re-watch)
T2 Trainspotting (2017)

So starting from the bottom, I bloody loved T2 Trainspotting. Thought it was as sturdy and enjoyable as a sequel can possibly get and I very much enjoyed seeing ‘what had happened’. First ever rental purchase on Amazon and jolly pleased I was. Genuinely, my favourite bit was Spud explaining how he’d been an hour late for every important thing EVER in his life, only for him to reveal how the fuck could he have known about daylight saving time, he’d been a fucking junkie for the last twenty fucking years. Amazing. And of course Begbie showed us yet again, just how incredibly scary a small, angry Scottish guy can be.


Whilst speaking of sequels, why not start on threeqels with the delightfully corny and ridiculous War for the Planet of the Apes. Great effects but not a lot more. Though I did watch this in a cinema where you sit on sofas and drink alcoholic drinks! Way more exciting than the film. Even though I can do that at home anyway.

Obsession / The Hidden Room is a great little classic thriller, recently recommended (by me) to my friend MovieRob for one his Movie’s from the Hats series.


Containing Hidden Love, Hidden Hate and Hidden Fear the story centers around a rather evil yet impossibly charming doctor who kidnaps his wife’s jovial, American lover only to keep him prisoner whilst he makes and collects enough acid to dissolve his body. It’s a good plot obviously but the characters and dialogue really drive the film too.

Because we’ve got a lot to get through I’m going to end June and July with a quick ‘I love this film’ rant about Super 8. And let’s face it I’ve ranted and shouted from the rooftops about all the other movies anyway. I love Super 8.  I never even wanted to watch it THAT MUCH but thought it was a great film. I love the story, the kids, the soundtrack, the sweet sentimentality (THE DADS). I’m actually planning to review its beautiful score soon, so you can look forward to more raving then, but definitely watch it if you haven’t yet.

And so on with the long forgotten, summer days that are the month of August 

Party Party (1983) (re-watch)
The Football Factory (2004) (nope, not embarrassed by that)
The Fly (1986) (re-watch and review here)
Kill Bill: Vol 1 (2003) (re-watch)
Donkey Punch (2008)
IT (1990) 
Last Orders (2001)
Superbad (2007) 

Another eight films and another load of re-watches. I’m aware I’ve re-watched certain films more than is definitely necessary.

Last Orders was my only First Time Watch and thoroughly good it was too. Based on the book by Graham Smith, it’s an enjoyable British drama with a great cast including Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winstone. One of those films with humour and sadness about ‘life’ it’s definitely worth watching. And though I had definitely seen Party Party before, it was only once and a very long time ago. I’d forgotten everything really, from the outlandish, cheap, corny (and GREAT) scenes, to the stereotyped and fantastic characters (including one played by a young Billy Mitchell from Eastenders who was actually kind of cool). It’s a silly film that won’t be enjoyed – or even understood – by a universal audience, but I’m pretty certain that those who love it, must really really love it.

IT I re-watched in prep for the remake / 2017 vision (which I recently reviewed here). Bloody hell it was a slog. I mean the first half is awesome and Tim Curry is seriously awesome and the Curtis Mayfield heavy soundtrack is pretty awesome too, but it must be said that half an hour into Part 2 I really start to lose interest. Except for this scene. Obviously.

Donkey Punch I watched ‘for a bit of fun on Amazon Prime’. And how many times have I said that? I should have learned my lesson by now and I think we all know how this is going to end. Though for a shit horror film based around a gross, sexual practice (only a Wiki page, go on be a devil) it wasn’t TOO bad. Okay I’m being kind but I did kind of feel the whole time it did have some potential. That it never reached.

And to wrap up August as quickly as the bank holiday always goes, The Fly is fucking great, read my Superbad soundtrack review here and Kill Bill: Vol 1 isn’t QT’s finest but it does have a superb soundtrack and more scenes of Uma Thurman’s feet.


On that note, it’s now time for a look at September. And thank god for that, I’m exhausted. Haven’t done this much writing since my last shopping list. See, I’m even telling crap jokes now. Definitely tired. So anyway, I watched –

IT (2017)
Carry on Sergeant (1958) (re-watch)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) (re-watch)
The Exorcist (1973) (re-watch)
Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) (re-watch and review here)
Kill List (2011) (re-watch)

Just six. And still heavily favouring re-watches, with this month including two of my most favourite (and over-watched) British films – Dead Man’s Shoes and Kill List. Both, in my humble opinion, quite fantastic and Kill List is seriously twisted. Yum.

Kill List Cult

I watched The Exorcist as somewhat of a fun test, watching it home alone (decided against Angels With Dirty Faces) to see if I really was hard. I’ve watched a few super, scary films on my own at home recently (meaning, in the last year) you see and only freaked out (running around turning every light on) a little. I REALLY enjoyed re-watching The Exorcist actually. And I still think it’s hard beaten as one of the best horrors ever made.


That gif is SCARY. Wish I’d added it at the end. Excuse me whilst I go and turn all my lights on.

And so to end this post with laughter in our hearts (not the first time I’ve said that but as we know I’m a creature of habit), let’s take a quick look at Planes, Trains and Automobiles – the 80s comedy classic with memorable scenes and the ultimate John Hughes Sentimental Ending. One of my favourite ever comedy films which is best summarised by this video, 0.47. Yes I Do.

And I know I’ve not talked about Carry On Sergeant (the first Carry On film of the franchise ever made) but I know I’ve mentioned it before in a past Films I Watched In post. I can’t remember which one though so YOU should go read them all to find it. On your marks, get set, go.

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13 Responses to Films I Watched In: June, July and August. And September.

  1. Hilarious story and some good movies in there. Only you Ems. lol


  2. Blog Andrew says:

    Trainspotting T2 was fabulous and one of those very rare films where the sequel was as good as the first!


  3. vinnieh says:

    Sorry to hear about your phone Emma. Must say you really watched some good stuff there sister. I’m always thrilled to see a post from you.


  4. guyportman says:

    T2 Trainspotting was pretty good Emma. I want to watch War for the Planet of the Apes. Were the previous instalments better? The book IT is incredibly long, so I suppose it was inevitable the film would be. I liked the original.


  5. Awww ,,sorry you didn’t like War For the Planet of the Apes – but hey it could have been the alcohol ..hahahaha I can’t watch a film while drinking..I’ve tried..but I end up leaving to just drink because you can’t talk & laugh it up in a movie. Dead Man’s Shoes.. like Toby Kebbell’s first movie. adore him.. As for scary movies, I used to stay home by myself and watch like 3 in a row and scare the bejesus out of myself, but I loved it!! so I totally get that one. 🙂 Planes, Trains, Automobiles is the absolute best Thanksgiving movie for us here in the States.. I watch it every year. Look forward to your next group of films…


  6. Jay says:

    Ooof, sorry about your phone. I can never remember either. In fact, sometimes rereading old reviews, I don’t even remembering having written them, much less seen the film.


  7. mumswhowingit says:

    I did my film dissertation on religion in film using the Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. Seen them so many times. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is such a great film, love them two. You’ve probably seen them but Uncle Buck and The Jerk are funny 😂


  8. johnrieber says:

    You mentioned a number of classics: “The Exorcist” is indeed the most shocking film to watch in a dark room, and “Planes Trains & Automobiles” the best Thanksgiving movie ever! I also loved “T2” but it was just a bit melancholy for me…twenty years and all of their lives seemed a bit sadder…but that is who they are isn’t it? Great post!


  9. beetleypete says:

    You mentioned two of my all-time faves here, Kill List, and Dead Man’s Shoes. Last Orders is a nice British-only film, and Donkey Punch was a bit ‘nasty’, but ten times better than I expected it to be.
    As ever, Pete. XXX


  10. Mr. Bobinsky says:

    That PT&A scene is so, so sweet!


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