10 (More) Films I’ve Never Seen

I did a similar post before (here) and I enjoyed doing it a lot. Kinda for the lack of work that has to go into it (just saying) but also to show readers a no hold bars look at the real me. Namely by showing the absolute philistine / uninformed faker that I actually am.

Also if anyone is interested the original list still stands. I’ve still not seen any of them.

10. Citizen Kane


There. I said it.

9. Scream


An odd one because I like horror, loved the genre even more as a kid and watched every other 90s slasher. What happened?

8. The Bourne Identity


Never seen this or its sequels but gosh it does look terribly exciting!

7. Iron Man

Iron Man 2 movie image

A very popular and (I’m led to believe) an ‘above average’ ‘comic book movie’. Felt the need for a lot of sarcastic quotation marks there didn’t I. But yeah, for some reason this film just got past me and it’s way too much hassle going back now.

6. Labyrinth


Not really my kind of film despite the obvious good things.

5. Gone with the Wind


Not sure why I’d watch this anyway, apart from because everyone says you HAVE TO. This, bloody Citizen Kane, bloody Lawrence of bloody Arabia. Will Top Ten or Hundred ‘must see’ film lists ever be updated? I’m being serious, they need updating.

4. City of God


Probably one of the most famous / popular non-English speaking films of modern times. And I’ve not seen it.

3. A couple of Harry Potters


And I’m not even sure which ones. I know I saw Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets years ago on DVD. And I watched Goblet of Fire in the cinema. Recently on television I watched The Half Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. I’m just not sure about all of them and I know there’s a couple I’ve definitely not seen.

2. Blue Velvet


Not seen many David Lynch movies to be honest. Or much of a fan (except The Elephant Man – which is probably the most un-David Lynch film he made).

1. Either of the Matrix sequels


And I didn’t like the first that much either.

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88 Responses to 10 (More) Films I’ve Never Seen

  1. johnrieber says:

    The only one I want to plead for you to see is “City Of God”….it really is a brilliant film

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  2. Renate says:

    Emma, you haven’t seen Iron Man?!?! One of my favorite movie that is, so so good! I hadn’t seen Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles etc. so that’s what I spend my weekend doing, felt like movies I had to watch! Great post, loved it!

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  3. Liam says:

    Great list. You need to watch Scream, it’s an essential! I thought the first Matrix was genius but that’s just me, but yeah don’t bother with the sequels, they’re pretty awful.

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  4. The only one I would recommend seeing immediately is Blue Velvet. It holds up well and at least for me, I have had a different understanding of it each time I see it. I have been a fan of the movie for 27 years and I always notice new things. Scream on the other hand does not hold up well at all; it was refreshing for a moment but has become overshadowed by all the parodies which for me is the problem with older successful movies I have missed most times: they get ripped off so much that when you finally see them, they seem unoriginal.

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    • emmakwall says:

      I do think it’s the one I’m most likely to watch of all of them, on the list (Blue Velvet). It does sound very interesting.

      I have seen parts of Scream, at times, and it genuinely seemed like parody film Scary Movie, so I know what you mean! Nothing beats the classics 🙂

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  5. I haven’t seen a lot of these, and have no desire to either! I’m with you on wanting an updated ‘must see’ movie list, I get that they’re considered ‘classics’ but a lot just don’t stand so well after so many years.
    That said…how could you not have watched all the Harry Potter movies?! 😛

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  6. Kevin says:

    City of Gods is unmissable. Kane can be a little dated, and probably require a lot of study and knowledge behind the history of it and the history of film techniques to really get it. Gone with the Wind and Labyrinth I have not seen. David Lynch – you either get him or don’t get him. The rest, you might feel left out but no big deal.

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  7. beetleypete says:

    In 2015, you told me you would watch Raging Bull one day. Well, now is that day!

    I am a Lynch fan, but can understand why you haven’t bothered, as he is a love or hate film-maker. I love Blue Velvet for Isabella, Mulholland Drive, for obvious reasons, and Dune because I read all the books. One worth a look is The Straight Story. It’s not like his usual stuff.
    Citizen Kane was of its day, and still has something to offer; but it is not as great as everyone keeps saying it is. From your list, i would say that City of God is the best film you haven’t seen.

    Anyway, good to see you on the blog again. You are missed! (I know, I keep saying that…)
    As ever, Pete. XXX


  8. Tom says:

    Didn’t like the original Matrix??! Blasphemer!!!! (I kid, I kid……….slightly.. 😛 )

    There’s some stuff here I haven’t seen either and feel guilty/weird/dirty for not having seen yet myself. Gone with the Wind, Labyrinth (at least not fully), most of David Lynch’s filmography. (so so sad about John Hurt).

    I think you saw my Blindspot list for this year so you know some of the other stuff I’ve been procrastinating from!

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  9. geelw says:

    Aw, no pressure, E. I will say if you do see Kane at some point, do so for the comic value (it’s a really funny film in spots), music and visual effects work. Kicking it off that list just means you get the chance to add something else. 😀

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  10. movierob says:

    Great idea for a list Ems (wouldnt work for me tho) 🙂

    only one film on ur list has eluded me over the years (guess which one)
    also only one film on ur original list that I never saw (and surprisingly, they both sit in the same spot on ur top ten… coincidence??? I think NOT!!! 🙂

    All movies are overrated. no need to see most of them 🙂

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