10 (More) Films I’ve Never Seen

I did a similar post before (here) and I enjoyed doing it a lot. Kinda for the lack of work that has to go into it (just saying) but also to show readers a no hold bars look at the real me. Namely by showing the absolute philistine / uninformed faker that I actually am.

Also if anyone is interested the original list still stands. I’ve still not seen any of them.

10. Citizen Kane


There. I said it.

9. Scream


An odd one because I like horror, loved the genre even more as a kid and watched every other 90s slasher. What happened?

8. The Bourne Identity


Never seen this or its sequels but gosh it does look terribly exciting!

7. Iron Man

Iron Man 2 movie image

A very popular and (I’m led to believe) an ‘above average’ ‘comic book movie’. Felt the need for a lot of sarcastic quotation marks there didn’t I. But yeah, for some reason this film just got past me and it’s way too much hassle going back now.

6. Labyrinth


Not really my kind of film despite the obvious good things.

5. Gone with the Wind


Not sure why I’d watch this anyway, apart from because everyone says you HAVE TO. This, bloody Citizen Kane, bloody Lawrence of bloody Arabia. Will Top Ten or Hundred ‘must see’ film lists ever be updated? I’m being serious, they need updating.

4. City of God


Probably one of the most famous / popular non-English speaking films of modern times. And I’ve not seen it.

3. A couple of Harry Potters


And I’m not even sure which ones. I know I saw Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets years ago on DVD. And I watched Goblet of Fire in the cinema. Recently on television I watched The Half Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. I’m just not sure about all of them and I know there’s a couple I’ve definitely not seen.

2. Blue Velvet


Not seen many David Lynch movies to be honest. Or much of a fan (except The Elephant Man – which is probably the most un-David Lynch film he made).

1. Either of the Matrix sequels


And I didn’t like the first that much either.

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88 Responses to 10 (More) Films I’ve Never Seen

  1. Daniel says:

    LOL @ your “Gone With the Wind” comments. See it just because Olivia de Havilland is still alive (she recently turned 100). This movie (too me) offers up the first truly grand flm score. The prototype for today’s lush soundtracks!

  2. Tom Schultz says:

    I’m with you on Citizen Kane. Since it’s “the greatest movie ever,” I keep telling myself I should watch it. But, after about 10 minutes…my resolution falters. As for Gone with the Wind, if you haven’t seen it yet, remember….tomorrow is another day.

  3. Prime Six says:

    Gosh i want to scream and tell u to watch x, y, and z on your list but then i imagine what my list would be like! Haha 🙂

  4. Zoë says:

    Scream and Bourne?! Ouch!

  5. alexraphael says:

    Wouldn’t bother watching either sequel. Citizen Kane is incredible though.

  6. MIB says:

    Citizen Kane may not be to your taste and only works if you can appreciate Orson Welles’ vision and visual innovation for a 1941 film (some of which is grounded in German Expressionism). Even i need to be in the mood for it but it is quite the experience.

    City Of God is the other film I would recommend and perhaps urge you to prioritise. It is a real emotional journey story as well as an unflinching depiction of Brazil’s violent underbelly.

    And don’t worry, I didn’t like The Matrix either! 😛

    • emmakwall says:

      Haha, thanks! (The Matrix)

      I love how you’ve urged me to watch City of God, I can tell how sincere that is and I am determined to watch it soon.

      I’ll get round to Citizen Kane one day, I’m surprised my grandad and I haven’t watched it yet, maybe a day soon 🙂

  7. Lloyd Marken says:

    What a neat idea for a series of posts. Haha.

  8. Jay says:

    I can live with this list. I adore Labyrinth but I’m not sure it translates if you didn’t already love it as a kid.

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks Jay 🙂

      I know it’s pretty bad I’ve not seen Labyrinth. I know just what you mean about films we loved as kids too, I’m sure most of my “you have to watch it, it’s so good!” claims are based on nostalgia 🙂

  9. Blog Andrew says:

    I absolutely agree when are they going to update those best ever movie lists, btw I loved ‘Blue Velvet’, possibly one of David’s easier films to follow, and the first half hour of ‘Mulholland Drive’ is fabulous, I never saw that twist coming.

    • emmakwall says:

      I really should see them both! Out of the whole list, Blue Velvet is probably the one I’m most likely to watch 🙂 well, that or Scream!

      They should update it! Perhaps we’re inventing a (joint) post idea as we talk…..a top 20 classic film for modern time?

  10. After seeing the first Matrix movie Ems, I didn’t see what the hype was all about, so I never bothered with the rest of movies. I know you’d LOVE Labyrinth and the Scream franchise though. I personally love the Iron Man movies, but I can’t remember if you’re fan of this genre or not. And finally, I almost dropped my iPad when I saw you hadn’t seen all the HP movies! Hah! Just kidding. The books are better anyway.

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