Opinion Battles Round 22 – Favourite Franchise Serial Killer

Opinion Battles Round 22 – Favourite Serial Killer from a Franchise

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Round 22

Favourite Franchise Serial Killer

It is Halloween today and what better choice for a subject that looking at our favourite franchise serial killer. We have had many franchises in horror come in with a bang only to fizzle out with mindless sequels but then we have a few that stand the test of time.

If you want to take part in the next round of opinion battles we will be picking our favourite Guilty Pleasure and you will need to send your entries to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.ukby 13th November 2016.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Freddy Krueger – Nightmare on Elm Streetfredy

One, Two Freddy’s coming for you, three, four better lock your door, five, six grab your crucifix, seven, eight better stay up late, nine, ten never sleep again. How many serial killers can haunt your dreams? How many serial killers have their own rhyme?…

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18 Responses to Opinion Battles Round 22 – Favourite Franchise Serial Killer

  1. JunkChuck says:

    How come nobody ever picks Rambo? Dude made the others look like underachievers.


  2. cinephile says:

    Kruger is my childhood nightmare 😦 !!Great post though!! Keep it up.

    Btw I write a blog too.It’s about film reviews.Do check it if you have some time.All feedback is appreciated.

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  3. Kevin says:

    Has to be Krueger!!

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  4. vinnieh says:

    Hannibal Lecter would be mine, though the others mentioned are as equally as iconic.

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  5. drhumpp says:

    Hard to go wrong with any of the big ones. I’m also partial to Sleepaway Camp’s Angela.

    I feel like my loyalty has to lie with Jason. Every one of the others had higher highs (the original Halloween, Elm St., and Chainsaw were all better than any F13 movie), but The Friday franchise was more consistently entertaining. At least through the first 6 movies. No other series does that for me.


    • emmakwall says:

      The Friday the 13th franchise is entertaining, have you read That Other Critics reviews, they’re great and focus on the entertainment value 🙂 actually having said that, sure I’ve seen you over there!

      Sleepaway Camp’s Angela is an inspired choice 🙂 I found it hard to choose really, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my favourite horror films and ultimately I wanted to go with someone really scary, not funny as such, though those killers are great too and I do love Freddy of course 🙂

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      • drhumpp says:

        I hear you. TCM is one of the few movies that is still genuinely upsetting to me – even after I’ve seen it enough times to know every beat.

        While funny Freddy has a certain charm, he was quite terrifying the first time around. He was filthy and vile and an overall nasty customer.

        I’m only partial to Jason because his series took longer to go downhill than most of the other guys (even though he didn’t start on as high a hill).


  6. boppinsblog says:

    I may go with a few from television to mix it up.
    Dexter. Hannibal(tv series).

    Possibly my favourite serial killer in movies is Chigurh from No Country For Old Men, followed closely by Hannibal Lector, and Jules from Pulp Fiction


  7. beetleypete says:

    I had to go with Lecter. Hopkins made him so suave, he was almost a ‘cool’ cannibal!
    As ever, Pete. XXX


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