On the first few days of Xmas

On the first day of Christmas

My boyfriend’s mum proved you can never be too old for an advent calendar by buying these for us.


Interestingly both films featured in my 10 Films I Haven’t Seen post (here) last week, but that doesn’t detract at all from them being pretty much the coolest advent calendars I’ve ever seen. Or maybe this is fate’s way of intervening? A gentle shove towards watching them perhaps. In any case, marvellous.

On the second day of Christmas

I bought this bloody AMAZING T-shirt. You know how sometimes you don’t even bother looking at the price tag? You see something and just think – I NEED THAT. Well this was one of those moments. And it was only £8 anyway (I was in Asda – which explains my cavalier attitude to the price in the first place). Come on though, how cool?!!!!


On the third day of Christmas

I had the day off work and decided to put up my Christmas tree and decorations.


Most of my decorations are from cheap shops like Pound Stretcher or Wilko (tight Brits will be nodding their heads in recognition) but I do have a few that are slightly more special.

Like I love these cute birds!

And the “Emma” ball was a present I received last year. I’ve had the gorgeous Ariel ornament for over a decade. Speaking of which did I tell you how I cried watching The Little Mermaid for the zillionth time last weekend?

Aside from the tree that’s probably too big for my living room, I was pretty pleased with my mini bookshelf display. The carousel is actually a biscuit tin (I’m thrifty okay?) but it does play a tune if you spin it round so hopefully it’s more decoration territory than kitchen utensil. And the cute Robin is a broken tree decoration (okay, I’m really thrifty).


And the penguins flash different colours! I’m a big kid really.


On the fourth day of Christmas (today)

Nothing really happened but it’s Friday so I’m grateful for that. Oh and I did listen to this in the car this morning…


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56 Responses to On the first few days of Xmas

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  2. Jordan Dodd says:

    That is a cool shirt EmmmKay! I love that you really get into Christmas. Personally I don’t but your enthusiasm is infectious!

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