The Business OST

80s tastic – The Business – soundtrack review

Loaded with the smooth, the great and the ugly of 80s pop, The Business is a really fun soundtrack to listen to in the car or when you’re doing your ironing and feeling a bit boppy. Or if you just like 80s music?

I’ve always liked the film but since most of the songs are on Spotify or CD I never really thought about buying the soundtrack. It’s not scored, it’s just a bunch of pop songs.

track list

But in 2013 I attended a music festival and something happened that I will never forget. By the way I’m building this way up when it’s not even that good a story, so I apologise in advance.

Like most festivals I’ve been to, a lot of the fun happens back at the campsite. Nothing beats sitting in a airtight tent with ten unwashed people, smoking and sitting on beer cans. If you’re really lucky you’ll also hear the dulcet tones of someone vomiting not too far from your head.

Well in 2013 there was a big group of us and we were teasing my sister’s friend Milan, saying he was a Serbian Gangster. He is originally from Serbia and he was also wearing a big watch and a gold ring. So, gangster, right? Yep. Anyway, so we were listening to music and teasing Milan and at that pinnacle point A Flock of Seagulls came on, with a song straight out of The Business – I Ran.

We were drunk, we were stoned, we were severely sleep deprived and it was like Milan WAS……The Business. He posed with his watch on display, knuckles on his chin, and looked to the side pointedly whilst we all called him Tamer Hassan and shouted “Do it again! Do it again!” which he did.

When I was home I still giggled about the memory (and the one where we all sat in a line and rowed our arms to The Sugarhill Gang) and I just really, really wanted the soundtrack, as a kind of homage to Milan and my friends and all the fun we’d had. Look I told you it wasn’t a great story. But it’s all true!

Anyway, it turned out the soundtrack was a great addition to my collection. It was pretty hard to get hold of and not the cheapest CD but obviously they made me want it even more. I got one off Ebay for around £20 in the end.

My favourite tracks are: Planet Earth, I Ran, Don’t You (Forget About Me) and Call Me. The only one I’m not sure about is The Knack’s My Sharone. I like the song, but didn’t it come out in the 70s?

Oh and I met Danny Dyer once. This was in 2006 – almost ten years ago. Depressing and cool at the same time! In any case, this picture will belong on my fridge forever. And is absolutely irrelevant (really) to my soundtrack review – but I couldn’t resist but mention it.


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  2. vinnieh says:

    In case you haven’t seen the video I sent you with Danny Dyer, I’ll describe it for you in erotic detail. Each team is playing hangman, but there are two muscular guys on the podiums. For every wrong answer, the man must remove an article of clothing. Danny Dyer gets a lot of them wrong and is suitably pissed. The man yanks down his undies and he must be well-endowed because Dyer runs away saying”He’s got his cock out in my face”.

  3. vinnieh says:

    I recently found a really funny clip of Dyer on Celebrity
    Juice from ages ago, it had me in stitches.

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