3 Movie Scenes that Got Me Quite Excited

1. Mickey in Snatch – the final fight

Now, Brad Pitt is attractive anyway and covering him in tattoos whilst he’s playing a dirty, bare knuckled fighter does him no harm at all. I rather liked it. Anyway, twinned with the tension in that point of the film (mainly between Mickey and mum-murderer Brick Top) and the awesome song ‘Fuckin’ in the Bushes’ by Oasis I just find this to be a very, very exciting scene!

2. Magneto in X-Men First Class – Frankenstein’s Monster

Another scene that is thrilling, exciting and also contains a handsome man. Coincidence? Maybe. Actually it is coincidence. I LOVE this scene and I love this movie and I love this soundtrack. Magneto’s theme is the new eighth wonder of the world. This scene in particular is so good because the music grows so subtly and fits with the actions of the characters perfectly. Michael Fassbender is so brilliant too – such a bilingual treat.

3. Giant Gingerbread Man in Shrek 2

This is my all time favourite chase scene in a kids movie and this could be where they need that cute disclaimer “contains mild peril”. This scene is so exciting and adrenaline filled! I don’t care what anyone says. And, twinned with the actual mission Shrek and his friends are on to kiss Princess Fiona, well, I can’t help but get swept away.

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  1. Jay says:

    I’m so desperate for some Emma that I’m reading back catalog! Worth it though 😉

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