The Corridor (2010)

The Corridor (2010) low budget indie horror review with some spoilers

Well it wasn’t that great (testimonies at the top of the DVD cover) but I have seen worse. Which isn’t the worst thing you can say about a film. And I probably enjoyed this more than Forrest Gump so…?

Anyway, intentionally antagonising comments about Forrest Gump being worse than a straight-to-DVD horror that no-one’s heard of aside…I have seen worse. I’ve seen shitty horror movies where literally nothing happens – no blood spills, no freaky eyes, no exorcisms, no cats hiding behind refrigerators pretending to be a bad guy – literally NOTHING and that is far worse.

At least The Corridor is rated 18 and at least stuff happened.

See? See? Stuff happens.

Not that I’m recommending it as a must watch as that would be ludicrous. The plot is strange and gets more nonsensical as the film goes on. The film also contains a cut price Bradley Cooper (can you imagine worse?) and, rather amusingly – the worst false bald head in movie history. I can’t actually find a picture of it but maybe that’s a good thing. If you ever watch The Corridor just remember I said that – THE WORST FALSE BALD HEAD IN MOVIE HISTORY – and I challenge you not to laugh.

So anyway, Bradley Cooper, the bald head guy and two others – basically a childhood group of friends, decide to go and stay… horror film favourite coming up… in an isolated cabin in the woods. Oh and I forgot to mention the last time they saw each other, one of them went schizo over his mum’s alleged suicide and attacked the others with a knife. So……bit of an odd reunion.

But alcohol and Rock, Paper, Scissors always helps and soon the lads are having a blast. Well, kinda anyway. Not the BEST party ever but hey, and they still manage to make this awkward, boring gathering a bit worse when they find a supernatural ‘corridor’ in the forest.

Even though I think of a corridor as something in a building – such as a hospital, school or that hotel in The Shining – this corridor is just a load of wavy, wafty lights in the forest that look either extra-terrestrial or science stuff. Or maybe they all went mad. Still unsure what one.

When the guys walk through the wavy, wafty lights they feel a sense of euphoria, kind of like they’re unbeatable. They enjoy it for a bit and then they start acting strange and that’s the best bit of the film right there – some rather grotesque things happen. Then all that finishes and a very weird and sorry but I’m going to say ‘bad film made-for-TV’ ending happens and nothing much was explained except that it was either aliens, science stuff or maybe they all just went mad?

And here’s cut price Bradley Cooper –


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9 Responses to The Corridor (2010)

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  2. ManInBlack says:

    It makes me laugh when you see review quotes on a DVD cover or poster then see the film and wonder if they saw the same film a you did! Maybe the quotes are genuine but were for another film or taken out of context – as in “I expected a fantastic thrill ride of horror but got this crap instead” ! 😉 😛

  3. johnrieber says:

    A review more entertaining than the film! Wonder this this ends up on Bradley’s CV!

  4. beetleypete says:

    Well, your excellent review has saved me ever bothering to watch this film. So you have potentially added two hours to my life! Thanks for that,, Em.
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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