A great movie line to get us through the week

I love this line and admittedly – I say it a lot. Annoying (perhaps) but believe me, it can easily be thrown into almost any conversation or situation – which makes me feel as though I should do that. A lot.

Personal examples include:

A great dinner I’ve just made – or a great dinner I’ve just ordered. A new TV quiz show I’m excited to watch. The firework in your belly feeling when Friday AND THE FREAKIN’ WEEKEND rolls around. A holiday. A trip to the cinema. A trip to Sainsbury’s. A huge cornish pasty or a grab bag of Beef Hula Hoops. A HOMEMADE SCOTCH EGG.

Homer Drool GIFs | Tenor

Though to be fair, you could apply it to pretty much anything.

Riding a rollercoaster. Kissing someone you really like for the first time (maybe slightly odd but would still work). For the cruder readers how about saying it before a particularly harrowing toilet stop? Yuck (I’d never do that one but I might do the kissing one).

Driving to work, trying a new cereal, watering some plants, your covid vaccination. Jumping into a mound of pillows or opening a fizzy can you’ve shaken up too much. With a little creativity and a lot of enthusiasm I swear you can apply it to anything. The actual phrase means nothing especially to me, but it just sounds impressive, exciting and very, very over dramatic.

So, anyway, here we go. And it’s 0.30 seconds in case you want to get straight to the big cheese.


Latest Biblical GIFs | Gfycat

Enjoy the week dear readers. Because for better or worse…



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13 Responses to A great movie line to get us through the week

  1. Annnnnnd now using this in casual conversation has become my goal of the day. Thank you! I love dropping movie quotes into conversation. Years ago a friend of mine and I embarked on a “Star Wars Quote Challenge” where we’d send each other a random quote and the context they had to use it in each week. And we could never offer any clarification. If we did, we lost the point for the week as if we didn’t say it. His best challenge to me came in the form of this girl I’d just met. We were going out to lunch and, as we walked into the restaurant, I had to say, “Mos Eisley Spaceport – you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” I’ll save you a recounting of my deliberation process but I did it! I decided not losing the point (as I’d yet to lose a single point!) was worth more than the risk of losing a potential relationship XD.

    Bringing us back around to where this all began, saying, “This is gonna be biblical” at the start of that date would have been another interesting way to go, too.


  2. filmmiasma says:


    One of these days I need to go over there just for a scotch egg. Some places make them here and I really like them but I want a real one. Do you think it would justify the travel expenses?

    Love Pen

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  3. Blogferatu says:

    also, some frat bros i knew back in uni used to say “it’s gonna be zeus”

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  4. Blogferatu says:

    holy crap that’s a great line (heh, see what i did there? crackin myself up)

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  5. johnrieber says:

    Great movie line – immediately takes you back to the film…and Gerard Butler has made himself a nice little career hasn’t he? My wife and I just watched “Midnight Run” again with Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin, and there are a number of memorable lines from it…some profane, some easily repeatable when questioning someone about something completely different…I just will say “why are you so unpopular with the Chicago Police Department?” Or, when losing an argument, I can simply add: “I’m just saying, if I WERE your Accountant…” Then my wife will say to me what DeNiro said to Grodin after a frustrating conversation: “I have two words for you. Shut the fuck up.”

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  6. beetleypete says:

    I cannot resist that film. Must have watched it five times on telly, and though it has as many plot holes as a Swiss cheese, it just HAS to be watched.
    By the way, I would definitely use that line before a much-needed toilet stop!
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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    • emmakwall says:

      Me neither! It’s a blast and completely agree about all the plot twists. I think the most nuts scene HAS to be to the machine guns in the cemetery?!!!!! I mean by that point it’s just lost the plot ha ha. You made me chuckle about using the line regarding a toilet stop!!!! xxx

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