Curve (2016) – short horror film

Curve (2016) – short horror film

HAD to share this. Really above-average short horror that completely got under my skin and into my head. I kid you not this has popped into my thoughts every single night at least once still watching it. I think I watched it on Tuesday and today is Friday (kind of said that last sentence to myself in a Homer Simpson clever voice).

So it started with a tweet from Zobo with a Shotgun and continued with a YouTube link from Beetleypete. Thank you very much guys, I loved it!

Though ‘love’ might be the wrong word. Curve is bleak….disturbing even, but OH SO effective. So very effective. Mesmerising for all the wrong (but right) reasons. What an idea – simplistic but also a complete smack in the face. With a brick. Covered in rusty nails.

Imagine waking up over a black abyss, your body clinging for dear life onto a curved wall….

That’s it. That’s the concept.

It’s the sheer bloody loneliness of the whole thing that got to me the most. Even though the situation is pretty darn dire whatever way you look at it, if you had one person – just one stranger even, to share it with, it wouldn’t be AS bad.

That type of lonely, desolate setting has always got to me in movies or story-telling in general and I just thought it was such a genius idea for a short film. It packs a complete punch in less than ten minutes.

Anyway, I’ll stop jabbering. What it for yourself, here –


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25 Responses to Curve (2016) – short horror film

  1. Laura Jane Turner says:

    Thank you so much for watching Curve and sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! x

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    • emmakwall says:

      You’re very welcome! I LOVED it, thought it was so very effective and really, really made an impression. You were excellent in it! Thanks so much for your comment 😘😘


  2. nscovell says:

    That’s pretty cool. The ominous echo of the location is haunting.

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  3. dunelight says:

    Video removed but the concept/premise and the photos have me intrigued. Maybe it’s a fevered waking dream…now I need to find out.

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  5. Very well done film short. It’s the combination of so many unknowns – where she is, how she got there, how her hand got all bloodied and what lies deep within the abyss, as well as the eerie music and far-off screams and sounds of battle – that make it so unnerving.

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  6. table9mutant says:

    Oh wow – this sounds great! And awful!! Not sure I want yet another bizarre fear in my life. Lol. I’m extremely scared of heights and just looking at the image in your post is freaking me out. 😳 Thanks for posting about it – I’m definitely going to check this out! (And then probably regret it) 😉

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  7. filmmiasma says:

    I’m going to check this out – thanks for the tip! I’ll be back –

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  8. beetleypete says:

    As you kno, I though it was very good too. The actress working alone was excellent.
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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  9. johnrieber says:

    Short films are a great “calling card” for making an impact in the business, and sometimes much more effective than a drawn out feature where the premise can’t sustain the running length…thanks for sharing this!

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    • emmakwall says:

      It’s very clever to make an impact in 10 minutes. In a way it’s almost more impressive than a feature film! And yes you’re right, a few recent(ish) films (horrors in particular) have been made off the back of a short film haven’t they. Thanks John!


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