Top 10 Eateries I Can’t wait To Visit After Lockdown

I say eateries because ‘restaurants’ is pushing it with some of them. I can’t even remember the last time I went out for dinner. I THINK it was sometime in November before second lockdown started. Can’t remember where I went. Though I’m certainly luckier than some and if my biggest problem is not going out for a meal then I’m doing okay. But I looooooove going out for dinner (sad face). Cinema is overpriced and full of annoying people. Going out for food is definitely my No.1 Social Activity of Choice. So for a bit of fun and entertainment and something to salivate over, here’s my – 

Top 10 Eateries I Can’t Wait to Visit After Lockdown

Amusingly (and this only just came to me) I’m on my lunchbreak at work whilst writing this and I’m eating a curry flavoured Mug Shot. You know those things that you add boiling water to and cost 49p? Yep. That.

1. Prezzo

An oldie but a goodie. I’ve lost count of the precious life hours I must have lost in various Prezzo restaurants. It’s a favourite meet up with friends and acquaintances and I swear there is one on every street corner. It’s easy, decent and there is ALWAYS a voucher code available. Christ you could use Tesco Clubcard at one point. Plus I love pasta. If, no when I get to go back it’ll be Carbonara Al Forno all the way. Basically an extra large spaghetti carbonara that’s been covered in more cheese and then baked in the oven.

2. Miller & Carter

A restaurant usually saved for ‘special occasions’ though me and my boyfriend have been known to go on the odd ‘non-special occasion’ too which is pretty ritzy. Ritzy mainly because I always have the fillet steak. When it comes to sauces I’m between peppercorn and beef dripping. The real dilemma with this one is that peppercorn is great with the steak but beef dripping is OUT OF THIS WORLD with the chips. And on this occasion, because I’m pushing the boat out, I’m also getting the Crayfish Mac & Cheese. And IF YOU WANT ONE YOU BETTER ORDER ONE BECAUSE I’M NOT SHARING MINE. 

3. A nice country pub with a fireplace and pie on the menu

Pretty standard procedure really. I mean what sane person would turn down dinner in a nice country pub with a fireplace and pie on the menu? Only thing that could make this wonderful situation even more wonderful would be getting the comfiest table in the joint (nice chairs, close to the fireplace) and having a wide choice of potato to go with the pie that also included chips. Because I’d choose the chips. And can I also have an extra gravy jug please? 

4. Astare Turkish Meze Grill

The nicest Turkish I’ve ever been to and I’ve probably been to about…….three in total over my whole 35 years on the planet, so take my word for it. Anyway, doesn’t matter what Turkish restaurant I’m in, I will always have the same – Moussaka. OMG Moussaka. The indulgent, gooey, calorific treat that is MOUSAAKA. I adore it. This pic is from my last trip there and talk about living it up like a G! Sides included king prawns and hummus. 

5. Perrywoods Nursery

This is a posh plant nursery in Tiptree, Essex. As all decent plant nurserys, there is a tearooms-cum-café inside and truly the food is wonderful. Unless there is something absolutely sumptuous to the point of ‘I cannot turn that down’ on the Specials Menu I always, ALWAYS get the quiche. It’s the best quiche I’ve ever had in my entire life and you can get it with jacket potato and salad or just salad. What do you think I go for? Oh and homemade coleslaw. It’s so nice I can even forgive all the annoying middle class people with huge pushchairs and Barbour coats.

6. A nice bit of Tapas (ideally in Spain)

I just wrote the ‘ideally in Spain’ bit as wishful thinking. Looking at the way things are right now not terribly sure I’ll be going to Spain any time soon. But where is a good Tapas restaurant?! There’s never been many around me so this entry is a little bit rogue, a little bit ‘out there’. I’m basically wishing to go to a restaurant I’ve never even been to BUT based on the fact I absolutely love and adore tapas. These pictures were actually taken in Spain – Barcelona in September 2019. YUMMMMMMM.

7. Thai Bualuang

The only restaurant I’ve included situated in the town where I live – not a place famous for its amazing restaurants I must say. Thai Bualuang is one of those places that looks a bit run down, feels a bit poky inside and plays the most awful music like a panpipe version of the Titanic soundtrack but the food is incredible. And the staff are really nice too. And the food is incredible. Did I say that? I usually – because of the grand creature of habit that I am – have Prawn Thai Green Curry and a side of Sticky Rice.

8. Wetherspoons

You can scoff but so long as you’re in a NICE Wetherspoons (i.e. not too many sticky menus or builders bums at the bar) then I enjoy the whole Wetherspoons experience very much. Big menu, cheap prices, usually get a free drink thrown in. If I’m being ‘good’ I usually have vegetarian lasagne with chips and salad. Veggie over meat in this instance because the veggie option has two different types of cheeses AND pesto added. If I’m being ‘naughty’ perhaps something like the ultimate burger. Another shout out for Spoons is they have a bloody good condiment selection. And not annoying little sachets where you need about a hundred, actual bottles and all the good brands too. 

9. The Lock & Barrel in Frinton

A favourite of my grandad and I – plus the only pub in Frinton, a town frequented by many, many old people, charity shops and the sea. I love it there and so does grandad though sadly we haven’t visited now for a long time. We certainly haven’t been since the first glimpses of Coronavirus started in March 2020 and given the weather before then I’d wager it’s been almost two years since we paid a visit. Though me being me, I still remember what we had – fishcakes, chips and peas!

10. Burger King at motorway services

I don’t tend to eat stuff like this THAT often it has to be said, but given the choice of any fast food – and if I couldn’t already choose Subway or Taco Bell – then I’d probably choose Burger King. The reason I have chosen Burger King to crown this page (no pun intended) rather than the aforementioned Subway or Taco Bell is because Burger King is always our ROAD TRIP TREAT. My boyfriend and I have probably had a Burger King at motorway services on every UK mini break we’ve ever been on. So my thinking is…. if I’m eating a Burger King at motorway services….then I’m probably going somewhere! And just in case you’re wondering – Chicken Royale with Cheese Meal. 


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28 Responses to Top 10 Eateries I Can’t wait To Visit After Lockdown

  1. Eric Binford says:

    I haven’t been to a restaurant in 13 months. Maybe next year. It is not worth it. I got COVID and nearly died.

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  2. dunelight says:

    May they all still be there when this gets better.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vinnieh says:

    I’m getting hungry looking at these pictures


  4. Urspo says:

    They all sound scrumptious; I too miss eating out.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can’t wait to get out and eat too. Been a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. These look DEE-LISH. I’m coming with you.

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  7. ManInBlack says:

    Is this a regional thing as Wetherspoons and Burger King are the only places I’ve heard of on this list…

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  8. beetleypete says:

    Our Prezzo in Dereham closed down first lockdown, with no sign of ever reopening.
    I never go to Wetherspoons, as the owner of the chain is an insufferable knob of the highest order, and I would not countenace earning him so much as a shilling..
    Plenty of country pubs with fireplaces around here, and there’s a Thai in Beetley.
    But a decent Tapas? Now you’re talking, Em. Not had one since moving from London.
    As ever, Pete XXX

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    • emmakwall says:

      Very sad! I hope some of them do re-open again. Yum to the country pubs and Thai! Really nothing beats the country pub meal does it. I know, you’d think there’d be people cashing in on the trendy tapas type restaurant but I can’t find one either!!! XXX

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  9. Blogferatu says:

    Full marks for the use of “whilst”

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  10. johnrieber says:

    My wife and I have been to 3 restaurants in the past year – ALL in a 3 day window when things were hopefully opening up again. We order from a few of our favorite places to have delivered in a “no contact” way…what a crazy year, and still more to go…nothing wrong with imagining the best places to go first – great list- thanks for sharing!

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    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks John! I know you and your wife enjoy lots of good food too. I do miss going out for dinner but it was fun making this list and reminiscing too! At least it’s given me a good excuse to cook more………and get more takeaways ha ha!

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