An Age Defining Moment

I was once again reminded of my age (31) whilst on holiday, celebrating my brother’s eighteenth birthday. His eighteenth birthday the little bastard.


Excuse the weird pic. I wanted to do an aged ‘comedy’ photo and this Einstein filter was the closest thing Snapchat had.

Now 31 might sound old to some of you or actually quite young to others – it depends what side of the hill you’re sitting on. But I’m quite a young 31 (and for young you should read immature). I’m not married and I don’t have children or a mortgage. My boyfriend of eight years only moved in last year and the idea of kids still seems faintly ridiculous though I do really like them (same wavelength).

I still call adults ‘adults’ even though, technically, I am one (I say it in the same way a teenager bunking off school might) and I frequently drive around with my friends listening to Limp Bizkit or Oxide and Neutrino. I innocently asked once whether this would be lame once we reached our 40s. I was bluntly told “it’s lame now”. Okay.

My point is in my head I still feel….maybe 24 or 25? Independent but not responsible. So anyway me (31), my boyfriend (29 – also a bastard), my sister and her boyfriend (both around the 23 mark) and my tiny, weeny little brother (18 of course ) went to Amsterdam for the weekend and because it’s a popular place for holidays and the whole coffee shop thing and people going away and causing trouble etc., tourists get ID’ed a lot. Except me apparently because every place we visited the conversation basically went like this –

(surly doorman) “ID please.”

all of us go to get our ID

(surly doorman to me) “Just them, not you.”

(me) *looks round at everyone laughing on the outside but crying on the inside*

And it reminded me of the first time I ever felt ‘old’ and like a boring old adult and an actual real age defining moment of my life. I was standing outside Nandos (cheeky) in Chelmsford (standard) waiting for some friends to have dinner with when a group of teens came up the high street on skateboards and bikes. I then heard –

“be careful there’s a lady standing there”

And I very quickly realised they meant me. No longer was I girl, nope – I was a lady.

Sounds ridiculous (I know I’m being ridiculous) but it felt like a pinnacle moment as it dawned me how the youngsters saw me now as an adult. Very polite lads though I must say – and am I showing my age by saying that?

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47 Responses to An Age Defining Moment

  1. movierob says:

    31???? ur sooo young!

    BTW, i dont mind getting older… it’s much better than the alternative 🙂

    great post as always Ems!

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  2. Love your post! My age doesn’t worry me but I always am taken back when the “youngsters” wrinkle their noses and say how actors/actresses I like/liked are “soooo old”….No they’re not! But yes, they’ve aged with me so I guess I don’t really notice. I don’t even know half of the up and coming young actors – the ones who are the current heartthrobs!
    Emma, as always, wonderful post!

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  3. Aww Ems! As long as you keep embracing your inner child, you’ll always be young!🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️

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  4. johnrieber says:

    You can’t stop the aging process, but you never have to grow old…great post!

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  5. Kevin says:

    I’m 33 and I don’t feel my age, nor do I ever think I’ll act as I’m supposed to. I’ll be my geeky self until the end of days. Besides, the 30s are cool, you look as well as you did in your 20s but you have a decade’s worth of wisdom to go with the looks!

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    • emmakwall says:

      Very true!! I love that mantra Kev 🙂 wise words.

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      • Kevin says:

        Also, while I’ve always been one to believe in marriage I’ve come to learn that people can live lives together and be completely happy without being married and no one should really be pressured into doing it. So follow your gut, your heart and if marriage just isn’t for you guys, then be happy without it hahaha

        I’ve banged my head against the walls too many times, especially in relationships, that I’ve had to pull SOME wisdom out of it hahaha

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        • emmakwall says:

          The wisdom shows! And I agree with your views on marriage. I mean, who really cares. I can call someone my husband if I want without a ring or a certificate! Having said that, of course it’s a nice thing to do. Mainly I’d hate being center of attention all day ha ha 🙂

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  6. Lloyd Marken says:

    It was a summer for me when I had just 19. They were asking for I.D. when I started clubbing and six months later they just stopped. I’d like to know what happened in my appearance. 🙂 Some guy asked me when I was 26 and I said God bless you son. Age is all relative I guess. I’ve been old since I was a kid but sadly not responsible. A couple of years ago I realised I was becoming more conservative because my culture was being usurped by the current one and I was being challenged by new ideas. Attitude I think is key and you seem still very much young to me.

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    • emmakwall says:

      I know what you mean about being asked your age, or even ID very, very occasionally. If they ask me for ID I feel like kissing them. Do I mind? I’m ECSTATIC!

      Definitely agree though, all relative 🙂

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  7. beetleypete says:

    I remember when a kid came and asked me the time once. He was about 13/14, and I was 21. He said, “Excuse me please, Mister. Have you got the time?” That made me feel old fro the first time ever.

    Two years ago, walking Ollie, I heard a couple talking about where to find the bridge to cross the river. The woman (about 40) said, “Go and ask that old chap with the dog.”

    Tomorrow us my birthday. I will be 65. Believe me when I say that 31 is not old, even if they don’t ask for I.D.anymore.

    As ever, Pete. XXX

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  8. alexraphael says:

    Bouncers can be pretty rude.

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  9. sinnerz13 says:

    You never need to grow up, but tge world expects it.

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  10. geelw says:

    Ha! You’re a kid, still. Wait ’til you get to around 50 or so when if you’re having a bad day, the cute cashier at the supermarket who always chats with you will be ringing you up for some stuff and without missing a beat, ask if you’d like your senior discount. Arrrrrrgh. Crap. That’s NOT supposed to happen until I’m 65, but that’s what happens when you fall out of bed an hour early, crawl to the kitchen for coffee, realize you’re out of milk and throw on a coat to stumble to the store with an unwashed face looking like you’re in need of that discount. Waaaah! True story, by the way. Of course, by the time you’re my age, it’ll be a robot cashier telling you that you look older, which is worse. 😀

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    • emmakwall says:

      Haha! Your comment really made me laugh 🙂 and why is it whenever you’re having a ‘fall out of bed an hour early day’ that you see someone you’ve not seen in years and then think ah shit, that’s how they think I look all the time! Ha ha 🙂 I’ll remember your story the first time I get offered senior discount lol 🙂 🙂


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