Dreamkillers (2016) – Short Film


The most dangerous person you’ll ever meet is not the one with the power to kill your body, but the one with the power to kill your dream. They know once that’s gone you’ll only be existing and not living anyway…

Dreamkillers is a short film written, directed by and starring Ms Erica Roselle (of Pink Eagles Storm).

It’s a film primarily about motivation and inspiration – specifically how important it is not to give up on your dreams despite the adversity and struggles you may encounter along the way.

Dreamkillers shows us – in quite a spectacular way – how we can be beaten if we let ourselves be beaten. How we can be reduced to ruins and forced to crumble – if we allow ourselves to be without a fight.

The film is very dramatic, which I generally always enjoy. I like things with passion, things that make me shout ‘hell yeah!’. The music and narration, plus the violent scenes – it all makes for a compelling short film. I loved the personal touch as well, I could really tell that the subject matter was important to Erica and pinnacle in her making this film.

And though I don’t know much about ‘technical talk’ I thought everything looked very swish (technical work), sleek and professional. Well done Erica! Thank you again for introducing yourself and best of luck with Dreamkillers.

Dreamkillers is currently available to watch here on YouTube.

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25 Responses to Dreamkillers (2016) – Short Film

  1. This sounds so different and incredible, will sure watch it soon x

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  2. Jordan Dodd says:

    I think I got an email about this movie but thought it was spam! I’ll have to check it out, I wanna be yelling hell yeah too 😀

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  3. vinnieh says:

    Oh this sounds quite inventive Emma, will be sure to watch it soon.

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  4. beetleypete says:

    Just watched it. Powerful stuff, and surprisingly good effects for an amateur film too.
    Good call, Em.
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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  5. Oohh! This looks quite different Ems. I’m definitely going toe checking it out.

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