Opinion Battles Round 11Favourite Johnny Depp Roles

Forget the divorce, let’s talk about his films! Opinion Battles – Favourite Johnny Depp character.

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Opinion Battles Round 11Favourite Johnny Depp Roles

Johnny Depp has been working in Hollywood for over 3o years ever since we saw him get sucked into him bed in A Nightmare on Elm Street before starting off on a career of playing outside the box character with his relationship with director Tim Burton. Granted he has gone slightly off the rails recently but people still want to know what will out next from him.

If you want to take part in future rounds we will be looking at our Favourite Chris Evans roles. to take part in this round send your choices to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.ukby Sunday 12th June 2016.

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15 Responses to Opinion Battles Round 11Favourite Johnny Depp Roles

  1. Kevin says:

    This is a tough one but I’ll go with one completely out of left field: Glen from Nightmare on Elm Street. Why? First ever starting role and he’s cast completely off-type as a lanky quarterback, which is hilarious and he still plays it straight…until he gets sucked into his own bed and dies horribly.

    Of the ones listed, Ed Wood has a place in my heart but I’ll also have to go with Jack Sparrow on this. Perhaps not the most dramatic of roles but he certainly made it his own. And he is quite masterful at it, the character combining the traits and quirks of a number of people in his portrayal, starting with that living Goblin, Keith Richards.

    As for the 9th Gate comments, it’s a good film, a bit out there. The pacing is good, the plot is all over the place but he’s solid in it.

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  2. Jay says:

    I have not been much of a fan of his this whole century, so a winner had to come from his older roles, and of these, I’m going with scissorhands, though I”m also quite partial to what’s eating gilbert grape.

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  3. If you can you should definitely chevk out 9th Gate Ems. I think you’d really like it. For me I think I’d have to go with Jack Sparrow. I swear if anyone else had tackled the role it would have been an epic fail!

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  4. beetleypete says:

    9th Gate is very good, but Secret Window was an easy first choice from the selection available this time. I would also have gone for ‘Gilbert Grape’ but DiCaprio steals that film.
    But nobody mentioned my favourite role, or included it for voting. ‘DONNIE BRASCO’ of course! One of the best-ever gangster films, and a great performance in the title role. Forget ‘Pirates’ and Tim Burton films, this is Depp really ACTING.
    As ever, Pete. XXX

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    • emmakwall says:

      Yay! I’m so pleased Pete, not that you voted for my choice but more that you LIKED my rather ‘rookie’ choice!!!! 🙂

      I’ve not seen Gilbert Grape but I’ve heard it’s very good and both guys are amazing.

      Not seen Donnie Braso either!!!! 🙂

      Totally agree with forget Tim Burton films xxx


  5. drhumpp says:

    Ed Wood was amazing, but I feel like 9th Gate deserves at least a mention. There’s something to be said for making a completely amoral character so likable and identifiable.

    The role I’ve seen him the most in is A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s probably my favorite overall movie of his.

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    • emmakwall says:

      As cool and charismatic Depp is, I don’t really love any of his movies! It’s weird and it’s the same with Will Smith, both of them are so likable yet I struggle to name a favourite role / movie (apart from Fresh Prince OBVIOUSLY).

      I was tempted to go with Jack Sparrow strategically for points, but I genuinely love Mort so had to go with my heart 🙂 though the film isn’t the best, I loved Depp! I contemplated Nightmare on Elm Street too lol. I haven’t seen 9th Gate but I see where you’re coming from!

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      • drhumpp says:

        I liked The 9th Gate, but I know a lot of people were disappointed when it came out. I think people were expecting another Rosemary’s Baby. This one plays for some dark humor but isn’t real obvious about it. I got a kick out of it.

        I haven’t seen Ed Wood in about 20 years, but I do remember loving it at the time.

        The first Elm Street was such an important movie for me as a kid. I liked monsters, but Freddy legitimately terrified me.

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  6. mikeladano says:

    Edward D Wood Jr

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