X-Men: First Class OST

“Let’s Just Say I’m Frankenstein’s Monster”

So on my last couple of soundtrack reviews, I read the same kind of comments from people – “I didn’t notice the music when I was watching this film”.

And that’s absolutely fine, I don’t always notice it either – consciously at least . I often end up buying soundtracks because they’re ‘cool’ or hard to get hold of or I just end up listening to them on YouTube and enjoy the music.

So today I really wanted to go with something of the complete opposite – that is to say, a soundtrack I ONLY bought because I noticed the music in the film.

And ‘X-Men: First Class’ is the perfect example because whilst I do really rate the movie, it’s certainly not a soundtrack I bought for the kudos. No, I bought it marginally for Magneto’s Theme.


Magneto’s Theme is best explained by likening it to Darth Vader’s Imperial March (hi to my soundtrack buddy Drew). It’s bad guy music and it follows Michael Fassender’s character Erik/Magneto throughout the movie, playing prominently and especially when he is angry or in a dramatic state.

The base version is this –

But there are variations played through-out, dependent on the scene, the same basic music is used but tweaked to fit with the atmosphere.

My favourite scene is undoubtedly when Magneto goes to the Argentinian bar looking for the Nazi war criminals. I’ve spoken about it before in other posts, most recently here (in fact a video of the whole scene is in this post if you want to watch the action as well as hearing the music).

It’s a very tense, very exciting scene, partly down to the story line and Fassbender himself, who is typically outstanding and bilingually-sexy. But it’s also down to the music – Magneto’s Theme with a twangy edge. It grows from something understated and subtle (though still kinda scary) to full blown Erik Lehnsherr terror.

It’s beautifully dramatic, bad arse and generally makes me feel like a legend. I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in loving this scene or the musical theme. Are there any other big fans out there reading this?

So the entire score was written by Henry Jackman, a British composer and musician who has worked on other comic book / action movies (he recently scored Kingsman and Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Unfortunately Jackman didn’t get to work on Days of Future Past (2014), because a director from the distant past (yes I meant to say that) was brought in, Bryan Singer – who has his own musical collaborator in the form of composer John Ottman. The two of them have a  Spielberg/Williams thing going on. It’s a shame that Magneto’s Theme never got brought into the sequel but who knows if it would have worked as well. There’s something very old fashioned about the First Class soundtrack and being set in the 1960s, I know it wasn’t unintentional.

Though ironically, Ottman’s score for Days of Future Past did feature a recurring X-Men theme, from X2 (2003) – which was part of the original X-Men movie franchise and nowhere near as moving, for me anyway.


I know I haven’t mentioned much about the other tracks on the soundtrack  but that’s not to say I don’t like them. I just really, really, really like Magneto’s Theme (if you couldn’t guess that).

I’d say the main theme simply called ‘First Class’ is the next best score on the album and I’ve actually heard it played over the top of TV shows since hearing it for the first time, but that often happens with strong scores from movies, you start hearing them all over the place – from Britain’s Got Talent to a documentary about Tourettes.

And can I just say that no matter how cool and talented and handsome Mr Michael Fassbender is, NO-ONE can make this pose look cool.

I always giggle at this scene, always. Corny as hell. HAHAHAHAHA.

Charles Xavier Magneto Xmen first class 2011 movie.png


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39 Responses to X-Men: First Class OST

  1. Chris Evans says:

    This is a great score from Henry Jackman…love the Winter Soldier’s soundtrack as well. Just a shame his work on Captain America: Civil War and Kong: Skull Island aren’t as memorable!

  2. Zoë says:

    Em, I really love these soundtrack posts of yours, I can’t even tell you how much 😀

    • emmakwall says:

      Awwww….Zoe!! That really made me smile!!! 😀 😀 😀 <——–that's me!

      So glad you said that, really does mean a lot. I'll be reviewing another one ASAP! 🙂 thank you.

  3. vinnieh says:

    Nice choice there Emma.

  4. alexraphael says:

    Nice choice. Drive is probably my favourite.

  5. Some good clips you posted there, I might have to seek this out and give it a listen.

  6. Soundtracks often get overlooked. HVe you heard of Two Steps From Hell?

  7. Victor De Leon says:

    This is the only X score I don’t have. Good review! I need to pick this one up asap! Thanks Emma!

  8. That Other Critic says:

    All other X-Men soundtracks pale in comparison to First Class’s. The main theme of the originals is the dullest superhero main theme, ever. It’s very generic, and not very memorable, which is why it baffles me that they still use it over the vastly superior animated series theme.

    • emmakwall says:

      I will have to watch that vid when I get home Mr Other Critic, but thank you! 🙂 you probably know a lot more about the films than me, but I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of the First Class soundtrack 🙂 the other X-Men themes are rather generic, you’re right.

      P.S I have got your email re our post! I’m not ignoring you, I love your ideas and will reply over the weekend.

      • That Other Critic says:

        Didn’t think you were ignoring, no hurry, reply on your time.
        The cartoon theme is basically just electric guitar shredding, but it’s awesome in its own “extreme 90’s” way.

        • emmakwall says:

          I think I know exactly what you mean by “extreme 90s” and the description, actually sounds awesome will go listen now 🙂

          P.S thanks! I will get there soon lol.

  9. beetleypete says:

    I haven’t seen the film, therefore haven’t heard the soundtrack.
    So why am I commenting? I’m just that sort of bloke. An occasional pointless commenter!
    As ever, Pete. xxx

    • emmakwall says:

      Oh Pete!! You’re not a pointless commenter and I know I have some comments still to catch up with you and some of your posts too!! I feel like a rubbish friend, sorry! I appreciate EVERY lovely comment you give me and the kisses too 🙂 it’s always super to hear from you.

      As ever back 🙂 xxx

  10. mikeladano says:

    No, that pose rules. rules. I make it every day before I leave the house.

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