Why I dislike The Oscars


The 88th Academy Awards is taking place this weekend. And I thought it would be fun to tell you why I’m not into it. Though I must add – I genuinely enjoy all of your Academy Awards posts and Oscar love

1. They’re unnecessary and smug. Most of the people nominated are presumably on some level doing their ‘dream job’ and earning fantastic money and if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio – shagging A LOT of Victoria’s Secret models. So, without sounding bitter (I’m so fucking bitter!) – why do they deserve extra praise? Aren’t they ‘living the dream’ already?

No other normal industry does it. I certainly don’t remember the last time I was invited to the Annual Awards for Services to Auditing and Administration. Do you remember the last time you were praised in front of the nation for your services to the world? No, thought not.

But of course it’s so important these people are told again and again how wonderful they are. Of course it is. So important.


2. I’m not very interested in the films. Maybe it’s the inverted snob in me (I’m quite prepared to admit that) but I’m just not that bothered about watching the types of movies that are *drum roll please* Oscar Nominated. Coincidentally, you can read my most recent film review for Zoolander 2 here.

I’m a film fan and some of my favourites include From Dusk till Dawn, The Football Factory and The Guest (which remains the best film I’ve seen in recent years). I like crappy horrors and eighties soundtracks, I like to see Martin Short dancing around the living room and to watch 90s action classics (“they don’t  make them like that anymore”) . Not necessarily all this ‘critically acclaimed’ stuff (what does critically acclaimed mean again?).

Let’s be honest there is a huge degree of snobbery surrounding ‘The Academy’  and it is the same sorts of movies – and directors – and actors – that get nominated time after time after time.


3. The ‘swag’ bags. Meaning the party bags that are given to each guest. I can’t get an exact figure on what they’re worth but it’s A HELL OF A LOT. And that’s the ‘official’ bag only – many beauty retailers give unofficial bags also worth thousands of dollars.


I’m not naive. I know that some pigs are more equal than other pigs. But really? There’s actually millions of dollars being ploughed into FREEBIES for rich people and on the other side of the news we see families fleeing their homes with no money or possessions and homeless people begging just so they can eat?

Yeah I get it, it’s a glitzy and ridiculous over-the-top ceremony celebrating the rich, brilliant and beautiful Hollywood stars. All I’m saying is they could at least ditch the party bags.

4. The sheer duration.  The Oscars go on for an average three hours which is absolutely ridiculous. And it’s even longer if you take into account commercial breaks and red carpet interviews. I don’t even wanna watch films that go on for that long so why would I want to watch an awards ceremony that does?


5. It’s all a load of rubbish anyway. And everyone knows that really – otherwise why has Leo been ignored for so long? Because he doesn’t partake in back scratching and ad placing?

Academy voters are made up mainly of actors, directors and producers (with about 75% being white and male). Getting nominated in the first place is a serious business and to secure a win – even more dedication is required. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t just come down to talent.

Judi Dench, who won Best Supporting Actress in 1998 for Shakespeare in Love, was only on screen for an incredible eight minutes. Sorry, I meant to say Dame Judi Dench.

And there’s plenty of actors who I think are really, really terrific – like Toby Jones or Stephen Graham or Jason Watkins. But they may never get nominated for an Oscar because they’re not in the right kinds of films.

But anyway I did promise to tell you the one thing I do like about the awards and that thing is……(probably going to be a let down now)………..seeing what people are wearing.

I know, so fetch and girlie right? I do love looking at the dresses.


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171 Responses to Why I dislike The Oscars

  1. newguy87 says:

    Would you watch the awards if commercial films were considered?
    I only rally disliked one of the noms for best picture that being The Big Short too confusing and boring, while Carol is blah. Bridges of Spies was easily forgettable too.
    It is fair that the ‘best’ get rewarded otherwise people would think Adam Sandler is good and we don’t want that do we?
    The issue this year is that i think all the acting awards have been easy to predict and i fully agree Brie Larson gives the best and most realistic performance in 2015, but Leo is a how far will his go win, Winslett is a Name win and Rylance while great i personally don’t think is in the film enough.
    The next problem comes with the fact TV is giving performances that are Oscar worthy nowadays.
    When you look at the budgets of the films we get a couple of low well just over a million going up against a Mad MAx and Martian with mega budget.
    It all comes down to what people call the BEST FILM, what makes it the best?
    I feel like i should have been drunk writing this as it seems to have gone on aslong as most Oscar speeches

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    • emmakwall says:

      I thought it was a drunk comment! Haha 🙂 thanks Darren. Totally agree, just depends what your idea of the ‘best’ is. Certainly not Sandler that’s for sure 🙂

      I’m glad Leo got his Oscar and hope everyone had a good time! I’m not particularly interested but still, it’s all good fun.

      What should I watch next then? Out of the nominations I mean. I’ve only see Fury Road. I’d like to see Room the most but tempted to read it as I don’t know the story. Bride of Spies looks like a good cure for insomnia!!!!!

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  2. jwforeva says:

    Haha I love watching ‘oscar’ nominated archetypes. So I guess that’s perfect then haha, we gain more from reading each other’s blog. But I do love indie films and independent/art-house types, there’s something unique about them. I havr to agree though, it sometimes feels quite pretentious. So I guess you’ll be tuning in for the red carpet but not the actual show? Ooh btw I responded to ur msg!

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  3. Jay says:

    I find it weird to give awards for art in general – how can we ever quantify that? Oh that’s right, we can’t, so instead it comes down to which studio paid the most in advertising. Kinda like the American election in a way.
    I will be watching though, and hosting a fabulous Oscar party to boot. It’s a tradition with my friends. We make our picks, informed or not, and then bet cash money. Anything is interesting once you’ve got a prize pot on the line!

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    • emmakwall says:

      That sounds super fun!!! I’m sure ANY party you organise is fabulous Jay 🙂

      Yeah it’s a load of nonsense really isn’t it! Generally just….bollocks! But it can be fun bollocks 🙂 bollocks….can be fun.

      Good luck with your bets! Have a lovely weekend Jay 🙂


  4. Carly says:

    The only reason I watch awards shows is so I can sarcastically live-tweet them. And you are DEAD ON about the snobbery thing. I do like to watch the Oscar nominated movies just to stay in the loop, but I have a huuuuuuge soft spot for genres that the Academy generally looks down on, like comedy and horror. Just because a movie isn’t about a gay savant dying of AIDS while teaching inner-city school kids to follow their dreams doesn’t mean it’s “low art.”

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    • emmakwall says:

      Haha, I love that!! If I’m not already following you I hope you don’t mind if I start, can’t wait to read some sarcastic tweets this weekend!! 🙂

      I will definitely watch some of the other nominated films, Room I really want to see! But I have a huge soft spot for those genres too, especially horror and I love British stuff as well, that isn’t always hugely recognised.

      And your last sentence had me laughing out loud – and nodding in agreement! So true!!!!!!!


  5. I agree totally, and it’s worse if you have an idiot hosting the show too (like that one year Seth MacFarlane hosted and totally ruined the night). I always dread the speeches myself, they can be so awkward!!

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    • emmakwall says:

      Seth MacFarlane was such an odd choice anyway! Someone else mentioned the speeches too, maybe I should have included them? To be honest I don’t watch them enough to know of any though I know some people have had their very cringey moments!! Like smug George Clooney!! Haha.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  6. vinnieh says:

    That photo of the bored cat was a great touch.

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  7. Me too. I hate awards shows. Who wants to hear the same speeches over and over and I really could care less about the goings on of celebrities. Have never watched them

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  8. sinnerz13 says:

    I enjoyed the guest too! It was very weird, quirky and very 80’s. The Big issue is, is the fact that every one likes different films and so how can you reduce the hundreds of films made this year into just 8. I wouldn’t have even nominated spotlight.

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    • emmakwall says:

      Hurrah for The Guest! 🙂 god I loved that movie, still get excited re-watching it now!

      That’s very true. You can’t please everyone. I guess everyone would have their opinion.


  9. beetleypete says:

    I agree. A waste of time. I never watch them.
    Mind you, we did have National Ambulance Awards…(I won one once) xx

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  10. vinnieh says:

    Haha, this post really made me laugh Emma. Leo shagging a lot of Victoria’s Secret Models, genius. I don’t mind the Oscars, but I can take or leave it.

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