Opinion Battles Year 2 Round One Favourite Quentin Tarantino Character

Opinion Battles 2016 – here we go again!

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Year 2 Round One – Favourite Quentin Tarantino Character

Quentin Tarantino is one of the biggest name in directing in the modern era of cinema and with his latest work The Hateful Eight coming to the cinemas it seems only fitting to look at some of our favourite characters he has bought to the screen, be it from his directing, writing or even his own acting. Having eight major releases not including Hateful Eight, five of these films have been voted into the top 250 on the IMDB with one making the top 10. Quentin has a reputation of being able to revive careers and his style of directing will always be one people can see from a single scene, the two Oscar wins for writing show he knows how to give us a film too. We ask did we pick your favourite Tarantino character?

If you would like to…

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22 Responses to Opinion Battles Year 2 Round One Favourite Quentin Tarantino Character

  1. I hope this won’t ruin our friendship Ems, but I have to admit I’ve only seen his Kill Bill trilogy. He’s on my list though, and I’m definitely seeing Hateful Eight when it comes out on DVD. 🙂

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  2. beetleypete says:

    I’m going with Max Cherry from ‘Jackie Brown’ as I don’t like to go for obvious choices. Mind you, Winston Wolfe took some beating, before Keitel started doing the Direct Line ads on TV!
    Cheers, Pete. x

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    • emmakwall says:

      I like Max Cherry too, you may well enjoy my next post Pete!! I was always so gutted he didn’t go after Jackie at the end.

      How comes you don’t do Opinion Battles? You should!

      Mr White is my favourite QT/Harvey Keitel character but I do love Winston Wolfe as well 🙂 do you know what makes me laugh on those Direct Line ads? The really low rent, and quite shit ‘Pulp Fiction’ style music, it’s so lame!!!! x


      • beetleypete says:

        I did vote in the battle, for Winston!
        I always like to think that Max knew Jackie wasn’t for him, deep down. x

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        • emmakwall says:

          Ha, I like that theory. I can picture his face when she walks out at the end and we’re all screaming GO AFTER HER!!!! Well maybe he was musing that “Max, she’s no good for you”. When he bought that Delfonics CD!!! Jackie Brown is far more romantic than people give it credit for 🙂

          No I meant why don’t you JOIN in with Opinion Battles? 🙂 it’s not very time consuming XXX


  3. movierob says:

    great choice ems!

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  4. vinnieh says:

    So many great characters, though I’d have to go with The Bride.

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