Blog Appreciation Post

I’ve missed a few awards posts recently and if you’re reading this thinking ‘yeah you bitch, you ignored mine!’ well I’m sorry and no malice was meant. Promise.

Anyway, thanks so much to my dear brother-from-another-mother VinnieH for the nomination to this festive and sweet award, I’m truly touched. And I’m glad you enjoyed my Magic Mike XXL post, wink wink nudge nudge. I enjoyed the film!

blog appreciation post

3 facts about myself that my fellow bloggers may not know:

  1. I used to wear glasses as a kid but now have 20/20 vision
  2. I can’t walk in high heels
  3. I love Ben Stiller comedy films

My First Ever Post:

Top 5 Scariest Sea Creatures (April 2014)

My Favourite 3 Blog Posts:

Top 5 Childhood Crushes (it was fun to do and got a good reaction)

Back to the Future plot hole (because it makes me giggle, still!)

Quentin Tarantino soundtracks ranked in order (very me)

And can I have this an honourable mention?

My 3 Favourite Posts from Other Bloggers:

I am going to have to get back to you on that. Honestly I read so many great posts every single day, how can I narrow them down?

Books and Films I’m Ashamed to Say I haven’t Read or Seen:

Funnily enough I just did a post on that recently, here.

And now for some Christmas Questions:

1. What film are you looking forward to watching over the Christmas period?

Home Alone and Love Actually are my favourite Christmas movies. But mainly it’s all about The Office Christmas Special, every year without fail.theoffice

2. What is top of your Christmas list?

Malcolm in the Middle DVD box set and a tartan armchair (it’s also my 30th birthday on the 21st – I’m not just being greedy)

3. Favourite Christmas Song?

Easy – Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens

4. Weirdest Christmas present you received from someone?

I don’t think I’ve ever received anything that weird. Leather trousers perhaps? My bottom half is not a leather trousers bottom half.

And now finally my 12 nominations for this award, though really I nominate everyone because you’re all bloody awesome:

  1. Darren
  2. Kim 
  3. Mel
  4. Zoe
  5. Geoff
  6. Pete
  7. Tim
  8. ThatOtherCritic
  9. Laura
  10. James
  11. Alex
  12. Table9Mutant


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52 Responses to Blog Appreciation Post

  1. Congrats! And thanks so much for the nomination! You’re the best! I love Christmas and your favourite song is awesome! So much happy in this post 🙂

  2. That Other Critic says:

    Gee, thanks a heap for the nomination! It might be a little bit before I can type something up, I just moved into a new house, and my cable package (aka Wi-Fi) isn’t set up yet. I’m typing this from a coffee shop. 😉

  3. Jordan Dodd says:

    Interesting post Emma. I just posted mine if you are interested 🙂 I stole one of your answers… well, sort of ;P

  4. It boggles me how anybody walks in high heels without breaking their ankles. Are you looking forward to Zoolander 2 then? Great post!

  5. Richard says:

    Yay my BAP is spreading! Love your answers Emma. 🙂
    Can’t beat a bit of Shakin’ Stevens!! It’s acceptable to start listening to Christmas songs now that it’s less than a month to Christmas right?
    Home Alone and Love Actually are my favourite films too!! 🙂

    • emmakwall says:

      Yay!!!! Thanks Richard, you’re awesome for starting this!!

      LOVE that you love Shaking Stevens, Home Alone and Love Actually too 🙂 aww I feel all festive now!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Love ‘Love Actually’! We watch it every year too.

    • emmakwall says:

      It’s such a great film! What’s your favourite mini story?

      • I like the one with Hugh Grant and then the way it ties up with the other ones at the school. But I also like the one with Keira Knightly as it’s kind of heartbreaking and balances out the comedy in the film. Really hard to choose because Colin Firth’s was really good too.

        • emmakwall says:

          It’s so hard to choose isn’t it. I’m a bit like you, I think ‘ooh that one… this one!’ haha 🙂 I must admit the Colin Firth one does always really get to me!!! It’s when he turns up at the restaurant, that’s when I lose it haha. (getting goosebumps now!). Even the one with the old band manager and Bill Nighy spending Christmas together, they’re all such nice stories.

          I can’t WAIT to watch it!!! It’s probably the best rom-com ever made.

  7. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for the much-appreciated inclusion, Em. I am more than flattered. (Despite your love for Stiller-AARGH!) I won’t nominate others, as I don’t really ‘do’ awards, but i will answer the questions, just to be polite…xx (Do I do this here? Never sure. OK, here goes.)

    3 facts about myself. (Anyone who has read ALL of my blog will know them though. I hold nothing back!)
    1) I have been married THREE times.
    2) I hate driving at night, as I get dazed by the headlights.
    3) I delivered 14 babies during my 22 years in the Ambulance Service.

    First ever blog post.
    Only four lines long, and I was amazed to get 3 comments, and 1 like!

    Three favourite posts on my own blog.

    Favourite 3 blog posts from other bloggers. (Hard…Because I’m a pretty serious bloke)
    1) This was on a blog that’s now closed, so no link possible.
    2) This is such a wonderful piece of writing.
    3) This powerful political piece from Frank.

    Books and films I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read or seen.
    None at all. If I haven’t read them or seen them, it was with good reason!

    Film I’m looking forward to seeing over the Christmas period.
    Anything from my collection of unopened, yet-to-be-watched DVD films on the shelf.

    Top of my Christmas list.
    I’m getting a new suit from Julie. (Lots of funerals to attend at my age!)

    Favourite Christmas song.
    ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’, because it’s sad. Current favourite version is by Sam Smith.

    Weirdest Christmas present.
    A casual friend gave us a framed photo of her own son. (Why?)

    As ever, Pete. xx

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks Pete! I wanted to share the love but there is never any obligation to do these, thanks however for answering the questions 🙂

      That is definitely a weird present, I laughed out loud reading that!! GREAT friend..!

      I’m going to listen to that Sam Smith version now btw. I know what you mean, I enjoy a few ‘sad’ Christmas songs too, I like the Elvis-esque one by Mud! I think with Christmas songs they should either be cheesy and fun or lonesome and sad.

      And I know what you mean about night-time driving. The worst is when it’s raining and you’re driving towards loads of traffic, all I can see is everyone’s lights dazzling in the droplets of the windscreen.

      Thanks again Pete and take care 🙂 xxx

  8. vinnieh says:

    And I’m sure you’d rock leather trousers,

  9. vinnieh says:

    Stellar awards post Emma, and thank you for the lovely and saucy shout out. You earned this award sister.

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