10 Films I Have Never Seen

I got this (exact) idea from my fellow blogger Darren who today released a post of five classic movies he’s not yet watched (read his his post here). I thought it was such a cool idea I decided to list ten films and whilst you’re scrolling through likely feeling aghast, confused (and possibly appalled) I just want you to remember that I have seen every Human Centipede movie.

And the Hey Arnold movie.


10. Raging Bull


9. ANY James Bond film (the whole way through)


8. Interstellar

7. Back to the Future Part III


6. Frozen

5. The Dark Knight Rises 

4. Vertigo


3. Apocalypse Now

2. Suspiria

1. Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope)

Yes. Really.

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154 Responses to 10 Films I Have Never Seen

  1. beetleypete says:

    My views on Bond are well-known, so great work for not watching them. ‘Apocalypse Now’ is just marvellous, but maybe you have to be around that ‘Vietnam age’ (like me) to really get it. ‘Frozen’ is bloody awful. I have to sit through that when my grandson comes over, everyone singing along.”The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway.” Blah, blah, blah… You can keep any Batman films, the DC comics were better. I haven’t seen ‘Interstellar’, but have to speak up for ‘Raging Bull.’ Everyone’s at their best in that one, it’s legendary!
    Cheers, Em. xx

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    • emmakwall says:

      Cheers Pete! I hate Frozen and I’ve never seen it ha ha. But it’s sweet thinking of you and your family singing along with your grandson 🙂

      I’m sure I’d like Apocalypse Now, I love Platoon. Some films you just miss the boat on though don’t you!

      Never been a big fan of Chris Nolan, all that fuss over Inception! As if! Haha 🙂

      I will definitely watch Raging Bull one day. Thanks Pete! xx


  2. I haven’t seen Frozen or Suspiria either! But I have seen the others, so I think I just about get away with it. 😉 You’ve gotta watch Star Wars Emma, now is the prime time!

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    • emmakwall says:

      I really want to see Suspiria but Frozen can buzz off! 🙂

      I’ve just never been fussed about watching Star Wars really, not sure why! Sometimes when everyone loves something it puts me off even further, that sounds odd I know.

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      • I’m sort of like that with Breaking Bad. It can’t be that good, surely…! 😛

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        • emmakwall says:

          Ah. Okay. Now……

          I LOVE BREAKING BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          But I know how annoying it is when everyone says “watch it, watch it, watch it!” so I’ll just leave it at that haha.

          I’ve never seen Game of Thrones 🙂


          • What?! I LOVE Game of Thrones! This could go on for a while, haha. 🙂

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            • emmakwall says:

              Well that balances it out quite nicely! I’m the huge Breaking Bad fan, you’re the huge Game of Thrones fan! And neither of us have seen the other ha ha.

              How do you stand with…..The Walking Dead? 🙂


            • Indeed! I’m sure I’ll round to watching Breaking Bad some day. Love The Walking Dead, probably just edges out Game of Thrones as my favourite show. Are you a fan?

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            • emmakwall says:

              There’s too many TV shows (and films) and so little time!!! I really want to watch the rest of American Horror Story and it’s all on Netflix, completely at my finger tips, but I still can’t find the time!

              I used to love The Walking Dead but don’t watch it anymore. To be honest the only season I really loved was the first one! I felt each season went downhill after that but I really started to go off it around Season 4. It just got so schmaltzy and sentimental, as well as kind of ridiculous with the zombies. I didn’t like the direction it went in.

              Sorry that was an overly long explanation lol.

              I started watching Gotham recently and that’s pretty good, but nothing holds my attention like…..Breaking Bad 🙂


            • Haha, not at all. I guess I feel like I’ve invested too much time to the characters in The Walking Dead to bail now, but it can get a bit weird at times. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything dystopian-related! Me too regarding American Horror Story. I watched the first three seasons and then gave up during the fourth. Got a bunch of season five episodes recorded and ready to be watched, hoping it’s an improvement on season four! Gotham’s one I’m also hopefully going to pick up — think it might be on Netflix.

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            • emmakwall says:

              Gotham is certainty on UK Netflix, is that you? What’s your favourite AHS season? Not the fourth of course! 🙂

              Yeah that’s true I know what you mean. I just thought they all got a bit silly and I always missed Shane and Rick wearing his sheriff hat and bad boy Daryl! He’s such a ponce now haha.

              The first season was directed by Frank Darabont though, and I think you can tell the difference when you compare.


            • Yep, got Netflix UK. I’ll check it out. I think season two of AHS is probably my favourite, but I also really liked the first season. Asylum was totally brilliantly bonkers though!

              Haha, Daryl’s certainly lightened up a touch. That’s true, the first season does have a different feel to it in comparison to the others. Might’ve helped that it was only made up of a handful of episodes too, so events didn’t seem too dragged out.

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            • emmakwall says:

              That’s cool, I’ve heard some people say they didn’t like the first season that much but I watched that on Netflix (most of it anyway!) and I thought it was pretty cool and creepy.

              Yes I think that’s definitely true, first season was just six episodes wasn’t it? I MUST watch it again! It had a real dystopian feel, I just really loved it. I liked the second season too but it really started to grate at the NEVER ENDING prison. It got kind of depressing in a weird way, the Governor seemed like a bad panto villain.

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  3. The Vern says:

    Ones you should see are 10, 4,3,2,and 1 The rest are not all that important

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  4. Haylee says:

    I’m so glad you e not seen Frozen – I’ve managed to avoid it so far even with a class of thirty 8 year olds. I feel that’s quite an achievement!!

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  5. Carly says:

    Some movies I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen yet: Gladiator, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), any of the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.

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    • emmakwall says:

      You shouldn’t be ashamed, we should rejoice being film ignoramus’s! Not that you are anyway 🙂

      I LOVE the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s in my top 5 horrors of all time, would highly recommend. I’ve seen some but not all of all the old Eastwood films. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is one you should watch 🙂


  6. That’s quite a list! The only one I haven’t seen is Interstellar. Suspiria is especially fantastic.

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  7. stephen1001 says:

    Not to worry, I’ve missed a bunch of those too!
    Back to the Future III is time well spent 😀

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  8. vinnieh says:

    No Bond movies, you gotta rectify that Emma. Bond is a national treasure and the movies are the best. I could wax lyrical about the Bond movies, but in typical saucy fashion I’ll say that I’ve achieved orgasm watching many of them. Vertigo is a real gem from masterful Hitchcock also.

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  9. Richard says:

    There’s a couple on your list I haven’t seen, but Star Wars and James Bond?! Aaah!!!
    My turn to hang my head in shame, I’ve never seen a Rocky film and I haven’t seen parts 2 or 3 of The Godfather….I’ll let myself out!

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  10. mikeladano says:

    Just saw Interstellar but found it derivative. Ah well!

    I have not seen most of these either.

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