Love Your Bum

An awesome post about arses by my friend Vinnie. The gif of Matthew McConaughey is hilarious!


Another gif post has arrived and this one is about bodies. Or more precisely bums. I’ve always heard a lot of people say that they’re least favourite part of their body is their bum. So I thought, wait a minute, everyone should embrace their bum no matter what. Have confidence with your money maker. I hope this post gives people inspiration to love their behind.

And here are some sexy gifs for you people to shake your bums to.

For Eric, we have Melissa George’s pert rear and his man crush Matthew McConaughey with his ass on show.

Melissa George gif

Matthew McConaughey gif

For the wonderful blogging sister of mine Emma, here’s a bit of Michael Fassbender.

Michael Fassbender gif

For the exemplary Kim, we have her beloved and very peachy Matt Bomer.

Matt Bomer bum gif

And as it wouldn’t be a bum post without her, here’s Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez gif

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3 Responses to Love Your Bum

  1. vinnieh says:

    I’m shaking my bum in thanks for this Emma.

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