Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Magic Mike XXL picks up three years after the original movie and Mike (Channing Tatum) is out of the stripping game and running a furniture business. But life doesn’t always go according to plan and after speaking to old stripping pal Tarzan (Kevin Nash) Mike is tempted out for one last shebang with the Kings of Tampa.


So this isn’t a movie to be taken too seriously. It’s about male strippers for fuck’s sake – a subject that even in real life is often met with laughter. If you spy a leather-clad crotch gyrating to 80s rock music you can consider it a success. And when else could you say that?! At a Bon Jovi concert maybe but that’s the limit.

The plot is pretty thin and the story basically revolves around the guys driving to a stripper convention to dance sexily. On the way they stop off at various places to drink booze and cheer up women. So it’s kind of a road trip movie.


The film doesn’t waste time on silly things like storyline or character development (maybe they just stuck with muscle development as the boys are looking huge) but to be honest it really doesn’t matter.

In the original Magic Mike the conscience behind the perils of stripping and doing drugs didn’t really mesh with the ‘let’s giggle at naked men’ ideal – so I was pleasantly surprised to find that XXL had dropped the moral compass in favour of more jokes and no consequences. It’s unashamedly racy and actually quite sexy at times.


I have read a few complaints that the dance moves were ‘too rude’ and yes they were rather explicit, but you know what? I loved it. It was fun! The film makes a big show of empowering women. Giving us ‘what we want’ so to speak. And watching attractive men with tree trunk arms – like Joe Manganiello or Channing Tatum – is undeniably quite nice.

And I think they hit the mark. As much as I might come across as a pervert, I’m not really and I never expected to find XXL erotic – in the slightest! But I kinda did a bit.

One of the things I really liked as well was the humour – I found it much funnier than the original movie and there were some genuinely comical scenes. If you hear anyone talking about the ‘Cheetos and water’ scene, well that was just great.

And Joe Manganiello is so impressive! I would literally pay real money for him to pick me up for a few minutes. That’s all I ask. Just pick me up Joe, please?

Magic Mike XXL is a chick flick at its core, something to watch with friends and have a giggle at. At 115 minutes I was surprised by how quickly the time went, I’m the worst person for sitting still in the cinema but it must be said – it was entertaining. The dancing is brilliant and impressive to watch – Tatum fans will be glad to hear there is a workshop scene involving bare arms, smooth moves and a welding mask. A welding mask! What a feeling.


To be honest for a sequel to a male stripper movie they did as good a job as possible. They ditched the pointless morality and just made the film a celebration of muscles, groins and very happy ladies. So I guess you just have to decide whether to let yourself go or not. I did and I must say I really enjoyed myself. High five!

 This post is dedicated to my friend Vinnie

Thongs & Dongs brother!

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  1. I saw the first one, I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch the second. Great job on the review Ems! Did you watch True Blood with Joe M. in it?

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    • emmakwall says:

      I do! And the funny thing is I never fancied him in True Blood (I suppose with Eric Northman around you don’t notice the other guys! Haha) or the first Magic Mike. It was like an epiphany moment in this film when I noticed how tall he was. Then I was in love! Haha!

      Watch it!!! It’s a bit of fun, wait for it on Netflix or whatever but still, it’s fun 🙂

      Thanks Geoff!!! 😀

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  2. vinnieh says:

    I am eternally grateful for providing a link to my blog, it has got me so many views. You’re one in a million Emma.

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  3. HAHA! I LOVE THIS REVIEW! You’re fabulous. All the haters out there, what did they expect?? It’s exactly what it claims to be. I don’t think I’ll rush out to watch this one but I’ll probably see it sooner or later.

    Keep being awesome 🙂

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  4. table9mutant says:

    Emma! You pervy pervy girl!!!! Lol. I had no idea… 😉 Can’t say I loved the first one (I trashed it on Eric’s blog) but this sounds better. Like, why pretend to have some kind of moral like in the first one?! We all know it’s just about seeing naked dudes. 🙂 I just don’t like any of the ones in it! :-/

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    • emmakwall says:

      Neither did I Miss Mutant, but there was this pinnacle scene where Joe Manganiello was chatting up Andie MacDowell (yes really) and I noticed how tall he was and how big his arms were. And I just kind of fell in love. I never even noticed him in the first film (or in True Blood!!!!!) but I really fancy him now. I feel like I’ve woken up from an epiphany! Ha ha ha.

      I wish I’d noticed him a few years ago, read yesterday that he’s engaged Sofia Vergara – sigh! If only he’d met me first! Ha ha.

      I feel like a pervert right now, I tell you!!! :p

      I never loved the first movie either, very forgettable. I honestly think this is better really! For a few laughs and giggles 🙂

      I will find where you trashed it on Eric’s blog lol

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  5. filmfunkel says:

    That was an absolutely delightful review. If only XXL had a proper counterpart as it’s certainly not Striptease or Showgirls.

    *stares out window as single giant teardrop forms*.

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  6. Brilliant Ems! I’ve been vacillating back and forth over whether or not I want to see this when it comes out on dvd and you just made up my mind for me! If only so I can drool over Joe and Matthew. I’ll just have to find a time when Tom’s out.😄

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  7. Oh holy mother of!!! This looks incredible. I’m not going to lie the sound of wielding masks and sweaty, chunky arms are kind of making me a little flushed. Wow. Fantastic review Emma, and I’m totally on this one with you! It’s nice to finally see men as sex objects for once 😛

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    • emmakwall says:

      Exactly!!! I love it!!! :p

      Thanks Zoe you lovely person! And I must say I’ve missed you loads recently!! Hope everything is cool!

      I’m not even the kind of person to really get hot under the collar over muscles and shit but there was something about the guys in this, they really made me go GRRRRRRR! I mean, how many of us girls would secretly love to be treated like a queen?! (a sex queen of course)

      ❤ x ❤ x ❤

      Hee hee! #chunkyarms

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      • I missed you loads too! Everything is good, but lost my job so have been busy looking for a new one & I have one now yay!
        I didn’t used to be, but spending more time in the gym has definitely made me aware haha. They’re like big bears right! I would love to be a sex queen, sat on a throne made of Tatum’s haha! Hope you’re well my sweet & glad you enjoyed the movie ❤ xxxxxxxxxxx #chunkyarms


  8. theipc says:


    Get your perv on!!!!





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  9. vinnieh says:

    I appreciate the shoutout. Thanks so much. This is one racy post indeed, I can see you felt quite hot and bothered watching it.

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  10. beetleypete says:

    I doubt I will ever watch it, but it’s a good review Em.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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