My Top 5 Childhood Crushes

For your amusement and important information I have compiled a list of the top five loves of little Emma’s life (not including Monster Munch, Dr Pepper or mashed potatoes). This is a list of famous people. Don’t be silly I’m not ready to embarrass myself that much. Plus it just brings back memories of rejection.

1. Jim Carrey – 1994-1995
(9 to 10 years old)

ace ventura

A huge and very memorable childhood crush. And not one that carried through to adulthood. I think it must have been The Mask that started my ‘infatuation’ but it was a poster from film Ace Ventura that I had pinned inside my desk at school.

2. Liam Gallagher – 1995-2005
(true love…kind of)


This was a crush that verged on delusion and I can admit that (now). I was a huge Oasis fan and some part of me always knew thought we’d get married. I’ll always have a soft spot for Liam even though Oasis got kind of wanky. But when he was young he was just a beautiful, angelic, heavenly mirage of eyebrows and pouty lips. I loved him!

3. Danny Zuko – infinite
(the first time I ever saw Grease)

I always played this game with my friend Samara at infant school and it started with us putting on her mum’s shoes. With the power of the shoes we went to Rydell High School. My boyfriend was Danny and hers was Kenickie. I also sung all the Danny songs though….so it was kind of weird.

4. Michael Owen – 2000
15 years old


The most boring entry on here. Embarrassed.

5. Michael Burke – 1988-1990
obsessed toddler


I didn’t really fancy newsreader and 999 presenter Michael Burke but – according to my family – I was obsessed with him as a toddler. Whenever he came on I would run up to the TV – accordingto my family – and say “Michael Burke, Michael Burke!”. Creepy or cute? I don’t know. But I still get reminded all the bloody time.


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92 Responses to My Top 5 Childhood Crushes

  1. Aww! I love your list Dear Emma! That last one gave me the giggles! I have this picture of you in my head now as a toddler! I’m going to echo Laura in saying don’t ever, ever change!😘😘😘

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  2. I adore this list!! For some reason Ace Ventura is the most surprising and hilarious to me but then that movie was SO funny it does make sense. And Liam “This was a crush that verged on delusion” made me laugh out loud.
    My best friend & next-door-neighbor growing up loved Patrick Swayze, specifically in Dirty Dancing the most, and I have vivid memories of her talking about him and how “cute” he was but she completely denies it now and even gets angry so I never bring it up. C’mon, all in good fun.

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    • emmakwall says:

      Haha, thanks Susan!!!! ❤

      I think your friend's Patrick Swayze crush is okay! I mean, in Dirty Dancing days he did have a very nice back! Ha ha. Maybe she liked the song She's Like the Wind?!!!!!!

      Funny to wind her up now though!!!!!

      Yeah I really did like Jim Carrey!!!!! Obviously I don't now. Well I like him, I just don't WANT him. Ha ha ha ha!


      • Johnny Castle was one smooth character she should not be ashamed!
        Hmmm…I make her a birthday mix CD every year with surprise songs. I think I should sneak “She’s Like The Wind” on there. I just need to remember to do it next February. Thanks for the amazing idea.

        Ace Ventura will forever be hilarious. That was such a happy movie to me growing up for some reason<3


  3. Marta says:

    Interesting choices Emma 🙂

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  4. Laura says:

    Emma, you are hilarious and brilliant – don’t ever changed!

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  5. table9mutant says:

    Lol! Great list, Emma! The last one is hilarious. But…. Liam Gallagher?! Ew. 😉 Michael Owen is a cutie, though. 🙂

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  6. Jay says:

    You are too cute!!! And I would have taken Noel!

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  7. Ha Michael Owen! He’s still boring.

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  8. beetleypete says:

    I get most of them, though the news-man is a curve-ball. I always wonder why girls like surly, brooding gits with caterpillar eyebrows, like the guys who front Oasis. Must be the ‘Heathcliff’ effect, or it might be like they said of Lord Byron. ‘Mad, bad, and dangerous to know…’
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  9. theipc says:


    That last one is hilarious!

    Love Pen!!!!!!!


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  10. vinnieh says:

    These are some interesting crushes.

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