My Top 5 Childhood Crushes

For your amusement and important information I have compiled a list of the top five loves of little Emma’s life (not including Monster Munch, Dr Pepper or mashed potatoes). This is a list of famous people. Don’t be silly I’m not ready to embarrass myself that much. Plus it just brings back memories of rejection.

1. Jim Carrey – 1994-1995
(9 to 10 years old)

ace ventura

A huge and very memorable childhood crush. And not one that carried through to adulthood. I think it must have been The Mask that started my ‘infatuation’ but it was a poster from film Ace Ventura that I had pinned inside my desk at school.

2. Liam Gallagher – 1995-2005
(true love…kind of)


This was a crush that verged on delusion and I can admit that (now). I was a huge Oasis fan and some part of me always knew thought we’d get married. I’ll always have a soft spot for Liam even though Oasis got kind of wanky. But when he was young he was just a beautiful, angelic, heavenly mirage of eyebrows and pouty lips. I loved him!

3. Danny Zuko – infinite
(the first time I ever saw Grease)

I always played this game with my friend Samara at infant school and it started with us putting on her mum’s shoes. With the power of the shoes we went to Rydell High School. My boyfriend was Danny and hers was Kenickie. I also sung all the Danny songs though….so it was kind of weird.

4. Michael Owen – 2000
15 years old


The most boring entry on here. Embarrassed.

5. Michael Burke – 1988-1990
obsessed toddler


I didn’t really fancy newsreader and 999 presenter Michael Burke but – according to my family – I was obsessed with him as a toddler. Whenever he came on I would run up to the TV – accordingto my family – and say “Michael Burke, Michael Burke!”. Creepy or cute? I don’t know. But I still get reminded all the bloody time.


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92 Responses to My Top 5 Childhood Crushes

  1. thesnarkyblonde says:

    oh how i loved John Travolta….back then.

  2. Love this! I had a big crush on Jim Carrey around that age range as well! Had a poster of him on my wall and everything. I think I had a crush on Hawkeye from MASH at the same time though, what a player.

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks Anna!!!!! 😀

      We are both clearly women of taste!!!! 🙂

      You are a massive player!! Jim Carrey AND Hawkeye!!!! (nice choice!!!)


  3. movierob says:

    very interesting crushes Em, gives us real insight into why you turned out the ay you did 🙂 It’s even better now that we all know how you sound 🙂

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  5. alexraphael says:

    Don’t change. It’s a wacky and wonderful list. I remember 999 and he was always shown whenever there was an analysis on Band Aid. I’m sure Jim carey was cool in The Mask but Cameron Diaz in that was just… Wow!

  6. deutschtrailer says:

    Could you in WordPress setting the likes show on the home site.
    Would be much better and faster to liken …. 🙂

    View buttons in the WordPress settings (sharing) and boxes in all 4 hook inserts …. 🙂

  7. That is absolutely hilarious! Wonderful post!

  8. vinnieh says:

    Michael Owen eh? That’s an interesting choice. What drew you to him?

  9. MIB says:

    Liam Gallagher and Michael Burke – both ends of the Evolutionary Spectrum there! 😛

  10. Tom says:

    Well this list is certainly insightful. To get even more personal, i think there should be a movie blogger crush. Like, which blogger we have a secret crush on.

    #toocreepy ? #ericwouldlikethat #hesonmylistforsure

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