Question Of The Month: Who Is The Best Game Of Thrones Character?

Favourite Game of Thrones character? Right here man.

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If there is one thing Game of Thrones does better than any other show out there, is give us such a large cast, that we find you rarely have the same favourite character as the person next to you. With House, everyone’s favourite character is House. With Arrow, everyone’s favourite character is Arrow. However, with Game of Thrones, people cannot even decide who is the person in the right. Who should be the rightful heir to the throne? Is it the royal family, the Targaryens, kicked out of the throne, due to some nasty ancestors, but finally back on the straight and narrow, thanks to the awesome Daenarys? Should the Lannisters keep the throne, especially with the genuinely kind Tommen sitting on it? Or maybe the cruel, yet surprisingly honest Stannis, deserves to re-take the throne for his brother? Todya, let’s swipe the moral implications from the table and just…

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26 Responses to Question Of The Month: Who Is The Best Game Of Thrones Character?

  1. beetleypete says:

    I have actually never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Hard to believe, I know, but I don’t have Sky, or Netflix. Still, Peter Dinklage is in it, so I will say him, because he was very good in The Station Agent.
    I know, not really a proper vote…
    Regards, Pete.

  2. Lost was pretty good, Glee got really crappy after they went to New York and Breaking Bad was amazing. Walking Dead is quite excellent as well. So I personally think you are redeemed.

    • emmakwall says:

      Woo!! Thanks Geoff so much! 🙂

      I TOTALLY agree, I completely lost interest when Rachel went to New York. I know they tried really hard but I couldn’t get into the New York stories and likewise, I couldn’t get into the ‘new’ New Directions. I know people came and went before but it really felt different this time. Season 4 was the last one I watched. I did like Kate Hudson as the nasty dance teacher though!

      Breaking Bad – just, brilliant show! Captivating. Have you been watching Better Call Saul?

      I loved the first season of The Walking Dead, I feel the tone has changed completely now though and not necessary for the better. I am watching season 5 now (thank you new Spike channel!) and it’s entertaining but just seems so silly and inconsistent in places. I know I’m in a minority here as well but I don’t like the sentimental schmaltz. WTF is Rick’s beard about too?!!! The only bloke in the world that can’t pull off a beard. Not good!

      • I watched all of Glee and the final season was starting to redeem itself until it blew it in the last two episodes and really ruined it. I did not watch Better Call Saul, just didn’t intrigue me enough. Walking Dead I thought started off good, then got a little slow as it lost its footing, now I think it is right back on track and ‘sort of’ mirroring the comics again.

        • emmakwall says:

          When they were living at the prison (for about a zillion years) I really lost interest, The Walking Dead I mean. The Governor seemed like a pantomime villain in the end and he just needed to DIE so they could move on.

          I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by season 5. I missed the last couple of episodes from season 4 but started watching season 5 from the beginning and does seems a lot better.

          I really hate the long looks to each other when folk music is playing though. I wish Shane would come in sometimes and shake things up ha ha!

          Happily for me, Saul was always my favourite character in BB – I love him!!!!!!! So I was ecstatic to watch Better Call Saul.

          It’s got the same vibes as BB and other characters pop up too so worth a watch, but it’s not action packed like BB was. It has its moments but it’s mainly setting up the “Saul” character.

          What happened in the last two Glee episodes?!!!! Have you reviewed it?

          • Folk music. lol
            I did not review Glee, but essentially the second to last episode as a redo of the first one but from a different point of view – Rachel’s – and after you make your way through the season the last thing you want to do is see a rehash of something you have already saw. The last episode was them going to the championships for all of five minutes and after the buildup over the course of the whole season of how important it was and blah, blah, blah, you really felt cheated in the end. And even more so because of the rehash episode you just watched. It should have been a huge Pitch Perfect type of battle and instead they cheated the viewers.

            • emmakwall says:

              You know what I mean though!!! Haha.

              That season of Glee sounds really cheap and I’m surprised! I think it goes to prove that most things have their sell by date. Maybe when they graduated it should have just ended then. Maybe they could have gone back to it a few years later with a new cast etc. but I dunno, the magic was lost for me slightly anyway.

              I’m genuinely surprised at them cheating the viewers, I mean, the championship is what Glee is all about!!!!!!

            • Agreed. Ah well, it’s all done now. 🙂

  3. newguy87 says:

    I think yours answer will be Jamie Lannister he is the rebel without a cause in Game of Thrones

    • emmakwall says:

      Jamie Lannister! Sweet!!! Please tell me he doesn’t wear a poncho?

      • newguy87 says:

        I don’t think anyone in GOT has one, if you liked Lost he is like Sawyer. i only like about 4 characters in the whole show and now 2 are together i am happy, i can skip the boring scenes

        • emmakwall says:

          I never saw Lost either! Shall I just go and live on an island as I’m so embarrassing!!!! I didn’t realise GOT had boring scenes? Everyone says it’s like the best show ever man!

          I have watched all of Breaking Bad and Glee!!!!!! And MOST OF The Walking Dead! Does that redeem me? 🙂

          • newguy87 says:

            I never plan on watching BB or Glee lol. GOT is a show that has so much character development and talking that is gets boring but it also is worth it because of the building up to the fight scenes and sudden things that happen. you are in a good place because you can just marathon the whole thing now. it is also a show you can’t just pick up you have to see from the start. if you liked House you will love Tyrion

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