5 Greatest TV Theme Songs

Here are my five favourite TV theme songs.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – yeah, yeah, yeah it sounds a bit like The Offspring who cares. This theme IS my teenage years. And to be honest, my adult years. And this is an intro you never skip.

4. The Sweeney – a great man introduced me to this TV programme (long before out-of-breath Ray Winstone embarrassed himself) – my grandad. A police show concentrating on the tough-nut Flying Squad – it had a really fun intro.

3. Doctor Who – no explanation necessary. Though I will tell you this was my ringtone for quite a few years!

2. True Blood – the only thing sexier than Eric Northman is the show’s theme song Bad Things – sung by Jace Everett. I listen to this when I’m cleaning my bathroom (morale).

1. Fireball XL5 – this was a children’s science fiction series, made in the 1960s. And I just love its slushy, cute little theme song!

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116 Responses to 5 Greatest TV Theme Songs

  1. stephen1001 says:

    Neat idea for a Top 5 – I’m a sucker for the late 80s ones like Who’s The Boss!

  2. sportsattitudes says:

    So many great TV themes to choose from…and quite a few we would all surely rather forget…but I’m betting you really wanted to put “Buffy” #1 from your comments! My wife and I watched every episode from the time it first aired and admittedly have probably seen every episode at least two more times each. A wonderful series that did not get its due in the States during its original run and only “took off” once it went into syndication and found a wider audience. I find some folks admire short, get-to-the-point TV themes while others prefer a full-on 30-second intro. I would think the “catchy” ones and ones that would subsequently be on one’s faves list would run longer because they’re looked at as a separate part of the show and somewhat of a “work of art” all on their own. Interesting to read all the comments!

    • emmakwall says:

      Thank you for such a great comment!! Always happy to meet another Buffy fan 😀 it’s such a great show! Who was your favourite character/s?

      I guess when I’m watching box set DVDs I might fast forward long intros sometimes, in anticipation of the show (instead of watching it again and again!) but generally I like them and find them fun 🙂 it’s all part of the show!

      Don’t you find a lot of older TV shows had the long themes? And modern TV has the short get-to-the-point style themes?

      Which other themes do you like? 🙂

      • sportsattitudes says:

        Well…Buffy herself for starters. How could Sarah Michelle Gellar not be on top among one’s faves? I thought Giles was the perfect “check and balance” the whole gang needed when they strayed too far off the path emotionally and his character centered the show nicely around all the supernatural goings-on. Anthony Head is a wonderful actor. I thought Anya (Emma Caulfield) added a real bit of wonder, charm and unpredictability during her time on the show. But my absolute favorite character was Faith. When Eliza Dushku came to Sunnydale the show really took off for me. Oh…and “Bad Willow” was also a great deal of fun to watch. I am positive Alyson Hannigan enjoyed playing a “bad girl” for a change.

        • emmakwall says:

          Yes that’s true. Buffy was one of my favourite characters no doubt. But Giles and Spike were my VERY favourite!!! I loved Spike in the same way you loved Bad Willow and Faith I’d imagine lol.

          I LOVED Anya too, what a great character she was and Emma Caulfield played her so well. Faith was very popular but never one of my faves. I see the attraction completely of course. She just pissed me off! Lol. “Bad Willow” was incredible! But still doesn’t beat sweet Willow 🙂 but I did love a bit of bad girl Willow action!

          Never was that keen on Angel, considering he was Buffy’s stud. I actually quite liked Riley in a weird way, felt sorry for the guy! It was ALL about Spike though 🙂 and I liked Glorificus too!

  3. Matt Melo says:

    Good on you for including Buffy! But Charmed was greatly missed 😛

    • emmakwall says:

      Haha! I love that theme 🙂 I didn’t really watch Charmed but I wish I had! Vinnie’s reviews are awesome 🙂 Thanks!!

      • sportsattitudes says:

        I was actually going to “nominate” the Charmed theme as one to be considered. Perfect tone for that show. Indeed, most shows these days opt for just a quick shot of the graphic highlighting the name of the show with just a hint of music or sound in the background and off they go. The older shows acknowledged the stars and wanted shots of them in the opening…which made for the need to have some type of theme to accompany that desire.

  4. BUFFY! My life is Buffy. Best TV sound track ever! And also, you can’t forget the little zombie dude at the end of every episode “Eurghh Arghh!” hehehe! Great list Emma 🙂

    • emmakwall says:

      YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should have known you’d be a major Buffy player – you’re brilliant! ❤

      Haha, I can picture that zombie and hear that zombie!!!!! "eughhhh aghhhh" hahaha!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Once more with feeling!

      • Buffy is my bible! Basically styled myself on Buffy since the age of 8 haha. Leather trousers and tank tops! All the best people like Buffy ❤
        Best little ending ever! Oh my, i loveeee Once More With Feeling!!

        • emmakwall says:

          You are a FUCKING LEGEND!!!!! Awesome outfits!!!!!! Tell me your thoughts on Spike? 🙂

          All the very best people!!!!! ❤

          Buffy is so fantastic and timeless, I loooove the humour in it!!! Xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. alexraphael says:

    Great to see Buffy in there 🙂

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  7. I really loved the Angel opening song, too. And the Game of Thrones one is simply epic. Vikings is hauntingly beautiful. And while I hate the opening credits for Dexter, I absolutely love the closing credits. “Blood Theme”, I think it’s called. Was my ringtone for a long time.

    • emmakwall says:

      Thanks Mel!

      I am yet to watch Game of Thrones but promise I will do soon haha, I have no doubt the theme music is brilliant, so many people say it is!

      Angel is great too 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’ll have to look up Blood Theme – thank you! If it’s a phone ringtone you know it’s good! 😀

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  9. vinnieh says:

    This sounds like one sexy dream.

  10. Excellent list, I love the opening credits for True Blood, so beautifully done. I’ll add True Detective to this list! And Game of Thrones. And Ducktales – best theme song ever.

    • emmakwall says:

      DUCKTALES!!! I’ll be honest I dropped a major clanger there but not including that!!! I may have to do an honourable mention ha ha.

      I’ve not seen Game of Thrones yet (I know, I know but I only started watching Breaking Bad after a few seasons…give me time!) but I have heard it has a great theme.

      Thanks Anna – god I love that True Blood song!!! I love the opening credits too, the images are all great. I would have posted that but then it would have been the whole song. But I can picture certain bits so well, like the strawberry mouth and the bum in the knickers haha!

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