Favourite Film Friday – #14 Scum

Every Friday I choose one of my favourite movies for a brief overview.

#14 Scum

  • Genre: crime / drama
  • Director: Alan Clarke
  • Release: 1979
  • Starring: Ray Winstone, Mick Ford, Phil Daniels
  • Tagline: The film they tried to ban! A brutal story of today.
  • Instant favourite: Pretty much but probably appreciated it more as I got older.
  • Favourite character: CARLIN of course! Though Archer is fabulous.
  • What do I love most about it? It’s a very, very good movie. Shocking, unapologetic and highly intelligent. Also spawned some of Winstone’s most recognisable quotes – even to this day. Plus, because this is a British movie from the 70s SO many actors pop up that you recognise, when they were only 16 or 17 years old and at the time, unknown.
  • Top 10, 50 or 100? Top 10
  • Own? Yes, on DVD 
  • Poorest bit? It’s very upsetting in places. And I mean VERY upsetting.

“Sometimes, someday I somehow get the strangest notion they’re trying to break my spirit.” – Archer

IMDB page here


Scum was written as a true-to-life account of life in a boys Borstal. For those of you that don’t know, Borstal was a name given to youth detention centres in the UK (I believe ‘Reform School’ may be the US equivalent). They were abolished in the 1980s.

In this film Ray Winstone stars as 16 year old Carlin, a new inmate to Borstal.

The film was really made to highlight the cruelty, bullying, violence and racism that went on in Borstal – mainly by the prison guards. But the narrative also follows Carlin as he protects himself and rises up through the ranks.

This film is very hard to watch in places, but it is very intelligent and well written. Some of the conversations are so poignant and the script is excellent. (And it’s fun seeing Ray Winstone do what he does best).

Scum is such a shocking, hard hitting movie. But it’s also fucking brilliant. Everyone should watch it.

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  1. I love Scum, but the greenhouse scene is pretty unpleasant.

    Where’s ya tool?

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    • emmakwall says:

      What tool?

      This fucking tool…….


      To be honest I never watch the greenhouse scene anymore it is really is quite upsetting and once you’ve seen it once…..

      Such a great movie though!!! I truly love it. I could put it on any time and enjoy it.

      I love British films, do you sway towards a lot of English stuff too?

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      • Yeah, I’ve skipped that scene a couple of times myself, but the last time I saw it, it was on TV so…

        Well, you’re totally hardcore if you can watch this at anytime and enjoy it. I’d have to admit that it wouldn’t be the first thing I’d watch on a Sunday morning really.

        I may sway a little towards English stuff, yeah. I dunno though, I hate watching British films if they’re awful because It fills me with a sense of shame, like a lot of these cockney gangster films that I just can’t take seriously.

        I’m quite a big fan of Alan Clarke by the way, this, Made in Britain and Elephant are some of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen!

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        • emmakwall says:

          I just can’t watch it. Even his screams send a chill down my spine. Urgh 😦

          Yeah I could definitely watch Scum anytime, I guess I’ve seen it so many times now but it could be a film for many occasions! I know what you mean though, sad movies I don’t like watching too often, even if I love the film itself (like The Elephant Man!!)

          I’ve not seen either Elephant or Made in Britain, but I do love The Firm!

          It’s so weird (synchronisity!) you mentioned your sense of shame with cockney gangster films…I’m currently writing my Shitfest entry for The IPC’s Shitfest competition and I’ve chosen the most embarrassing, unrealistic British thug movie I’ve ever seen 🙂

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          • I’m kind of like that with Irreversible, every time I watch it I’m hoping she doesn’t go through the subway, but she always does and I get a sinking feeling.

            Ha, Scum: A film for any occassion! I dunno, I tend to keep my gritty violent viewing pleasures for the late evening. Yeah, The Elephant Man is pretty sad, poor John. I find Eden Lake sad to the point that I doubt I’ll ever watch it again.

            I’ve only seen The Firm once, I need to revisit that soon. I didn’t really like the Tom Cruise remake though. Haha… ha.

            Well I wonder what your choice will be, the only one I can remember somewhat enjoying was St. George’s Day, mainly because it was so shockingly terrible, that I laughed through most of it!

            Good luck by the way, I hope you win shitfest!

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            • emmakwall says:

              I know exactly what you mean!! With Irreversible. I know it’s kind of different but the 80s horror The Fly – I always wish Seth and Veronica had a happy ending. I really do!!

              Haha, Scum – a film for any occasion! A film for the family! ha ha 😀

              Oh yeah the Tom Cruise remake is great… (!) in actual fact Nick Love did make a remake but it wasn’t that great. Nothing as good as The Football Factory (which I do love!)

              OMG Eden Lake!! That is one of the most effecting, brutal horror moives I’ve ever seen. I stil remember the first time I watched it and I felt shell shocked at the end. I couldn’t’ believe it. It’s a BRILLIANT horror film but I quite agree, so sad and heart-breaking. Such a nice couple, such a horrible, unnecessary end to them.

              Ah cheers, that’s very sweet of you to say but just getting ONE vote would make my day! There’s so many good, funny writers involved I don’t think I’ll stand a chance but I’ve enjoyed writing up my post. I chose a British ‘thug’ type movie. Are you surprised?!

              Are you not entering? If not – why not?!!

              BTW your profile pic on here and twitter, it reminds me of Ben Wheatley films. I can’t explain what exactly, just his films! Kill List, Sightseers etc. Do you know who I mean?

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            • Yeah, I agree about The Fly, such a sad ending, but hey, I guess if he managed to find a cure and they lived happily ever after, it wouldn’t really be the classic that it is. Know what I mean?

              Well that’s news to me, I never even heard about a The Firm remake. I’m glad about that as a Nick Love remake would have made me feel angry, but now that I know it was pretty unsuccesful, I can live with it. Like, when I heard that The Wicker Man was being remade, it was one of the worst moments of my life, but when it turned out to be a farce, I learnt to live with it. I’ve never seen any of Nick Love’s films, I don’t think I ever will.

              Yeah, I agree, Eden Lake is an amazing film, but I just don’t think I could go through it again as it left me feeling sad and angry by the end. Martyrs is another film I quite liked, but just couldn’t sit through again. I knew you’d like Eden Lake because I noticed you had a bit of a Fassbender thing going on on your blog!!

              I’m not surprised that you’re choosing a British thug type film as you’ve already mentioned it. Ha! Well, if you train hard and give it your best, anything is possible. I believe in you Emma, I believe you can win shitfest!

              It looks unlikely that I’ll be entering as I don’t really know how to be honest.

              Yeah I know Ben Wheatley, I’d consider myself a fan, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of his films. Are you a fan of his work too?

              I hope you love how long these messages are becoming as much as I doooo!

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            • emmakwall says:

              I do love how long they’re becoming! No worries there, keep the long messages coming!!

              Yes I love Ben Wheatley films. Kill List is my favourite but I really loved Down Terrace and Sightseers as well. I STILL need to see A Field in England though. Have you seen it? I think Wheatley is really refreshing. He has a very unique outlook! I think his films are great, very original and beats most Hollywood blockbusters! something about your pic just reminded me of his movies 🙂

              Sorry Damian, I lose the plot sometimes. I realised after I’d written that comment and sent it that I’d already said about my British thug movie! ha ha. If you want to do Shitfest I’m sure Eric would love to have you on board, he said before if anyone wants to do it just tell them about it! All the details are on The IPC on WordPress.

              I’ve seen Martyrs, I found it gross and sad to watch but it still didn’t leave me as shocked as Eden Lake did. I think there’s such a brutality in that film, but it’s also really realistic. Plus Fassbender and his girlfriend are so nice and likable. Often couples can be annoying / smug / twee / whatever but they were just nice people. It was horrible.

              I used to quite like Nick Love, I still adore The Football Factory, that’s one of my favourite films in a weird way. And The Business is a decent flick for anyone to enjoy. But he’s made more naff stuff than good stuff. Recently – The Sweeney remake with Plan B and Ray Winstone….give me strength. It was like a parody and Ray W was embarrassing! And you know I like him usually.

              Anyway sorry I’m droning on!!!! I LOVE The Fly it’s my all time favourite horror movie. Seth and Veronica were such a nice coup;le, it always makes me feel a bit sad! But yes, understand your point entirely 🙂 with a happy ending – no film!!!!

              It’s such a gross, scary movie. But without a ‘bad guy’ which I always find really cool. I genuinely find it scary even to this day. Jeff Goldblum was such a hunk too!!!!! Before the transition of course.

              Haha The Wicker Man!! That pesky Nic Cage 🙂 what a joke, I don’t even think I’ve seen it. The original Wicker Man is brilliant. I love it!!!

              “you did it beautifully!” mad Christopher Lee!!!

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            • Long messages = good times!

              Well, Kill list is also my favourite Wheatley film, closely followed by Down Terrace and Sightseers. Spooky. I have seen A Field in England and as weird as it is, I did enjoy it, there’s a couple of amazing scenes and of course, the music is wonderful. There is one scene though towards the end that is basically unwatchable unless you like having a headache, or even a fit, but he did it on purpose. I totally agree that he’s one of the most original directors around, and Kill List is just so far above anything Hollywood has produced for many years.

              Yeah, it looks like I might be doing shitfest then, I’ll look into it. Don’t worry about telling me twice about your choice for it, it shows enthusiasm!

              Something I’ve noticed about Martyrs is that it seems ladies are far less affected by it than us blokes, maybe it’s because we’re a bit more fond of the protagonist for different reasons, I don’t know.

              That’s what I like about Eden Lake, the fact that the characters are so likeable and not all generic and twee, When I watched it I didn’t even know who Fassbender was, so I do kind of want to watch it again after his rise in fame, I bloody loved him in Frank!

              I remember seeing the trailer to The Sweeney and actually not being able to take it seriously and I honestly thought it must be a joke. Oh Carlin, what has become of you?

              I heard The Business was okay, but I can’t stomach Danny Dyer, if you’re into your gritty British thuggy type films, then I can’t recommend Made in Britain enough. Tim Roth’s performance in it is one of the best I’ve seen, ever, he looks so angry and passionate when he talks, it’s just unbelievable.

              Ha! Everyone seems to love The Fly now, I’m sure no one cared for it back in the day! I like it, but I couldn’t say it’s my favourite conventional horror film or anything, I prefer The Thing. Have you seen the original Fly with Vincent Price? Or what about the sequel with Eric Stoltz? I agree by the way, Goldblum is pure smoothness!

              I think The Wicker Man might be my favourite film of all time, it changes though between that, Mulholland Dr. and The Seventh Seal. I just found it shocking that the remake got made even though everyone involved in the original, especially Christopher Lee, was so against it. I also think Edward Woodward’s performance is one of the film’s many strengths, Lee has even said it’s the best he’s ever seen and I could listen to the soundtrack all day. Sorry, I drone on a lot more than you, but I could talk about this film forever!

              I haven’t seen the remake either, I’m no masochist!

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            • emmakwall says:

              Yay! Long messages rule!!

              And I’ve seen your definitely entering Shitfest…..EXCITING!! I’m so glad 😀 I’d love to know what y our choice is but at the same time it’s nice having it as a surprise.

              That’s fine, please drone on all you like, honestly it’s lovely to have so much enthusiasm!! You’ve got me thinking about the Wicker Man soundtrack now, wowza that would be such a cool one to collect! I can’t believe they made a remake too, it doesn’t even make sense!!!! I’m pretty sure Christopher Lee wouldn’t even accept money for being in the original, because he thought it was such a great movie / role. That could be a myth though, something I’ve read somewhere.

              To be fair I was only a baby when The Fly came out, so I never had a chance to like it or not!! I think it’s an awesome movie though, I love David Cronenberg and my favourite films he’s made were all the 80s ones really. I’ve seen the Eric Stoltz sequel which is nothing special but at he same time, not the worst sequel (just a bit of sad storyline with a dog!!) but I’ve never seen The Vincent Price original. I WILL rectify this 🙂

              This is a true story – I looked up once how many times Jeff Goldblum had played a scientist or ‘someone to do with science’ and it’s something like twelve movies!! It was eleven or twelve (including lab assistants)

              Yeah I wish The Sweeney was a joke, it was awful!!! And Ray’s character was worse than Plan B’s 😦 obviously he was Reagan, but a really annoying Reagan.

              I actually love Danny Dyer haha but I won’t bore you with that one. I know loads of people hate him and that’s fine! Haha!!!

              Thanks so much for the Made in Britain recommendation, I’ll look that up! Yeah I do love British thug movies.

              I agree with you order of Wheatley films! Kill List is my favourite, then Down Terrace, then Sightseers (but still yet to see A Field in England….very curious about this scene that will give me a headache!!) though Sightseers did have one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in it ….”he’s not a person he’s a Daily Mail reader”

              Snap!! Fassbender was a relative unknown when he made that wasn’t he, well certainly not to the proportions of fame he is now. He was so brilliant and so was….Kelly Reilly I THINK her name is. Sad thing is you can see something like that happening, to nice, innocent people who don’t deserve it.

              I do remember feeling really sad when I watched Martyrs. The bit that really upset me was when she first rescued that woman wearing that horrible head contraption. And the kindness she showed her in the bath, a bit of tenderness I suppose? It must have ben the first human interaction that poor woman had had in ages that was actually kind. And that just upset me, the kindness and the pain at the same time. The littlest of things upset me sometimes!!!!

              Both leading ladies were very attractive so I totally get if men watch it and want to rescue them 🙂

              Some of the gore was just incredibly gross, but I still thought it stood out as an original movie.

              I must watch it again one day actually, you’ve got me thinking about it now!!

              I hope this was a suitable reply for our long answers 😀

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            • Yeah, I’m all set for shitfest, I did my review yesterday. I was never going to let you down was I? I’m not telling what it is, you’re going to have to wait! Ha! I will say though that it’s a film I really can’t stand, it actually offends me and it’s a pretty scathing review. I loved doing it!

              Yeah, the Wicker Man soundtrack is something else. It was done by Paul Giovanni I believe, I have faith in my memory so I’m not even looking that up. Anyway, it turns out it was actually the only thing he ever produced like, never released any albums and I think he died pretty young so I really think that’s a sad loss to music.

              I’d love to say that I think the reason they remade it was because they loved the original and just wanted to pay homage to it knowing they could never surpass it, but in all honesty, I think they thought the name sounded cool and people would recognise it and give them cash to watch a shoddy knocked up remake. CASH!

              Yeah, another of the reasons I love the film, apart from it just being all round fantastic, is all the myths and legends surrounding it. I did hear that about Lee, but not from the horses mouth. There’s all kinds of stories about the original cut being buried under a motorway and stuff, apparently that is true.

              Have you seen the recent sequel The Wicker Tree by the same director? To say it’s not as good would be an understatement. The protagonists are American and attractive!

              Yeah, I was very young when The Fly came out, but it was on TV a lot and I just remember it being laughed at mostly, but hey, none of the people I grew up with are nearly as passionate as me about films. Sometimes I wish I was a bit more nerdy, but I’ve never read a comic in my life.

              I digress, I agree that the sequel is okay and nothing special, I think it tried to appeal to a younger audience and stuff, I don’t know if it worked. The original is well camp!

              Wow, top Goldblum fact! Twelve? I’m trying to think about this, well there’s The Fly, The Jurassic Park films, um, Oh I’m rubbish!

              I heard some scathing reviews about The Sweeney, and then it just kind of dropped off the radar and into obscurity where it belongs. Plan B though??

              Oh Danny Dyer, well I didn’t mind Severance, but that’s about it. I think it’s more the hard man image he tries to portray in his series’ that really make me dislike him. That and films such as the critically destroyed Run for your Wife which I’ll never watch. I saw the trailer, here’s how original the comedy is, he stands on a rake and it hits him in the face.

              You’re welcome! I think Made in Britain is the daddy in the “British thuggy type film” gaff!

              Ha! Sightseers is well funny. Have you seen Nuts in May which it’s supposedly based on? I adore that film too, but I’m not getting into my adoration for Mike Leigh as this reply is becoming something of a novel. Down Terrace is really funny too, I think there’s a fair few memorable quotes from his films like in Down Terrace where the guy calls Michael Smiley a spastic. A Field in England is pretty funny too, Kill List on the other hand…

              I kind of hated Prometheus, not because of the whole “Oh it ruined Alien” thing, but I just really disliked all the characters and thought they were stupid. All apart from Fassbender that is, which was basically the first time I noticed him and thought yeah, this guy can act. I’d have to go as far as to say this Kelly Reilly (I’m taking your word for it) was better in Eden Lake, of what I remember anyway, she stole the show. I’m sure if I saw it again though I’d get all fanboy-y and regard Fassbender’s performance as genius!

              Well, the thing about Martyrs is that the main girl had a chance to escape, like she was literally out of the door and on her way home, but she decides to go back and well, to see that guy punching her about is just sickening to me. It’s definately the last act of the film I find the most disturbing and the very end is just fucked up!

              Oh by the way, I added a link to your blog on mine because you’re quite fantastic. It’s on the right-hand side. If you want me to change the pic or anything I will.

              And yeah, I can’t wait to read your shitfest review. Do you know when it’ll be posted? I think mine will be in a couple of weeks or so. Have you ever done shitfest before? This is all rather exciting isn’t it?

              Of course your reply was suitable, a lot better than mine! This reply took about half an hour, and I’m not that slow a typer…

              Anyway, good times!


            • emmakwall says:

              I’m sorry I took so long to reply to this amazing comment. I am so touched you took half an hour just for me! 🙂 your replies are way better than mine. No arguments.

              Yes of course, I remember that in Martyrs and it’s really gutting and horrible when she goes back. A bit like Kelly Reilly in Eden Lake. You just think ‘noooooooooooooooo!’

              I actually looked it up the other day after our conversation. I might watch it again soon! It was very clever how they intertwined emotions into such a brutal movie. Just the concept and torture would have been enough to ‘carry it’ and make money but they really went above and beyond. Martyrs I mean.

              My Shitfest review will be posted on Monday 16th….finally a reason to be cheerful on Monday!!! When does yours get posted?? I can’t wait to read it!! I bet it will be the bestest of the best. In all seriousness if it’s anything like the reviews on your site, it will be incredible and a worthy, probable winner! I knew you wouldn’t let me down 🙂 it’s the first one I’ve entered too!

              Funnily enough I was all set to write my entry about The Sweeney but I changed my mind at the last minute. Yes unbelievable I know, a film exists even more shit than The Sweeney! I don’t think the ‘bash now ask questions later’ premise worked quite as well in 2013 where coppers are mainly hated by the public…!

              What the hell is this about the original Wicker Man being buried under a motorway?! How intriguing. Reminds me of the time they fixed potholes using Mills & Boon novels (true story – great government we have). I agree the mystery that surrounds the film as a whole is really exciting! Such a shame they had to spoile (because it DOES spoil it) the original with shoddy remakes (screw you Nic Cage!) and sequels. Attractive Americans in Summerilse? Excuse my language but fuck off…..!

              How sad for the composer too, what a shame for movie scores. I just looked him up on Wiki and looks like he was a very creative man (and your memory is great – you got his name in one!)

              I totally agree, Fassbender didn’t come across as anything amazingly special in Eden Lake but he is definitely one of the modern day great actors. I think it was Inglourious Basterds I really fell in love with him, I couldn’t believe the languages he spoke and his accent. I was blown away! I even loved him in X-Men, his performance as Magneto was outstanding!!!! (I don’t read comic books either by the way! Haha. I just have an affinity with the X-Men movies, not really into any other superhero films)

              Have you seen Hunger and/or Shame? I saw a lot of his penis in Shame.

              And I didn’t really like Prometheus either. But to be fair I’ve only ever seen it the once, I should really watch it again before making a fore gone conclusion. I like the Alien movies but I’m not an Alien fan girl. I actually really like Alien Resurrection which probably makes me a philistine in most Alien fans eyes!!! (who cares!)

              Damian I must see Made in Britain!!!! I’ve never seen it but it doesn’t appear to be an easy film to get hold of 😦 I’ve looked it up and it looks like ME ALL OVER! (metaphorically of course…I don’t look anything like a Nazi Tim Roth…………I hope.) Argh I need a copy of this!!

              I’m going to find it. My mission!

              I’m glad you mentioned Severance because Danny’s role in that film and his role in Mean Machine (one of my biggest guilty pleasures) are the two best performances I’ve seen from him! He actually comes across soft as shite doesn’t he, he’s no good at playing a hard man. He’s better off playing silly characters, with a hint of naivety even. I like Severance it’s pretty good. Did you watch Creep as well? Same director. That never got great reviews but I thought it was a pretty good little horror!

              I’ve NEVER heard of someone standing on a rake and hitting themselves in the face with it. HOW do they come up with these jokes?!! Someone should tell The Simpsons, I think they could make an overly long sketch out of it with Homer.

              Yes you’re right, Down Terrace does have some great lines in it. Michael Smiley!! When he’s telling the bloke with glasses what is okay and what isn’t okay with the little boy “you can hug him but not the blowing bubbles shit” or something like that, haha! And if Kill List had ANY humour it would have been from Michael Smiley. What about the Dear John letter stuck on his cock? Ha!

              Down Terrace was also pretty sad I thought. As the story unwrapped and you realised more and more what was going on. The parents were so cruel really. It was told in such an understated way though! The more I think about it, the more I love that film. It did enchant me more than Sightseers which I saw more as a straight forward black comedy.

              You’re going to hate me but I’ve never see any Mike Leigh films….I’m so sorry!! Can we still be power ranger twins?! I do have one on DVD which I’ll watch soon. Life is Sweet? I can add Nuts in May to my watch list too!

              Did you ever watch The League of Gentlemen? (the TV show not the bank heist movie…though that’s great too!) or Psychoville? Just thought it might be twisted enough for you!! I watched both 🙂

              I’m not a slow typer either – another thing we have in common!

              I actually took a touch typing course about ten years ago….very 1950s I know!!!

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            • I thought you’d forgotten all about this message, I’m so relived! Ha! That isn’t meant to be as sarcastic as it seemed when I just read it back, I truly am happy! Half an hour seems very quick now, I’ve just spent the best part of this evening replying to all these messages. Good times!

              Yeah, that’s what makes Martyrs so powerful. I’m not saying i loved the film or anything, I just think most people should see it once… most (if they can handle it). Irreversible is a much better film, I’d class that as a masterpiece!

              Oh great, this Monday!! I can’t wait. Mine will be posted on the 26th, I love how organised it is to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be so professional!! I don’t think I’ve got much chance to be honest, I’m not really in the whole clique. Of course, I’d obviously be winning otherwise!! (haha). I’m sure yours will be a real condender, do you think it’s wrong that I’m going to vote for you, even though I haven’t even read it yet?

              A shitter film than the Sweeney? Is the human brain even capable of accepting such a concept? It’s like the whole “is the universe infinite, and if not, what’s past it?” dilemma. My head hurts!

              They fixed potholes with Mills & Boon novels? Why? I need a co-codamol. Yeah, all remakes obviously ruin stuff, but I’ve never been a fan of sequels. Unless the original idea was to always make a sequel or trilogy (which seems to be the in thing now), then they just strike me as cash-ins. The Wicker Tree always struck me as a weird one though, it seemed to be a cash-in based on the remake that the original creators never wanted made. I hope this co-codamol kicks in soon.

              I love your soundtrack reviews as well, I’d love you to review The Wicker Man as it’s my all time favourite. Christopher Lee’s voice is amazing! Ha! Paul Giovanni is in The Wicker Man too when they show the musicians in the pub.

              I haven’t seen Hunger, Shame or the X-mens. Isn’t Shame the sex one with Carey Mulligan? Do we see her fun bags? Does his nob get chopped off?

              I do want to see Hunger, I can’t believe I haven’t already. I agree he’s one of the greatest actors of that age bracket around, I’d say him and Gosling because they’ve just got that extra bit of Presence that only special people have.

              Of course! Inglorious Basterds. What a performance. It is a remake though so unfortunately I’m programmed to hate it!!

              You know, I don’t think I’ve seen Alien Resurrection. I kind of gave up after David Fincher’s Alien 3. I have to always remind people that Fincher was responsible for that. Ha! I didn’t really care for Aliens either so I’m a lot worse than you, but I think they’re probably all better than Prometheus..

              Hey, I just found Made in Britain on Amazon for 3 quid, also there’s a triple bill of films with that, Prick up your ears and Meantime, a Mike Leigh film starring Tim Roth, Phil Daniels and Gary Oldman. I love how everything eventually ties in!!

              I can just about handle the Dyer one in Severance for the very fact he’s not acting all hard. I’ve seen some trailers of his more recent films and they just make me cringe. I haven’t seen Creep, but I have seen Doghouse which reminded me a bit of Severance, I don’t know if it was by the same director though. It had the Dyer one in it anyway. I’ll probably check out Creep, when I get the chance.

              I read reviews basically calling Run for your Wife the most unfunny British comedy of all time. I’m guessing that’s why the rake scene was in the trailer as it might have been the most funny and original thing in it.

              Oh yeah, that scene’s funny too! When he wont let him take the kid into the other room basically calling him a kiddy fiddler. Ha! I suppose he does add a bit of humour to Kill List too but the whole feeling of dread through out the film just kind of makes the humerous parts kind of creepy also. Well, for me anyway. Down Terrace mixed the humour and the sadness really well, it was certainly a lot more serious than Sightseers though.

              Oh you should definitely watch Life is Sweet, again it’s really funny and sad at the same time. A bit like Down Terrace but without the evil aspect. I’d also have to recommend Nuts in May, Meantime (obviously) and Naked. How are you getting on with that list of recommendations!?

              We’ll be power ranger twins forever and ever!

              I did watch The League of Gentlemen, I liked how it was inspired by old Hammer horrors especially The Wicker Man. I think Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith have a particular interest in the film. Just to bring it full circle even more (would that be like a spiral, I don’t know), Shearsmith is in A Field in England! I never got around to watching Psychoville, maybe one day.

              Oh right, so you’re ultra fast then, using all your fingers and stuff like an android. How many words can you write a minute?

              I tried to take a course on line, but halfway through I realised they were using an American keyboard so I had to give up. Oh life..

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            • emmakwall says:

              Not gonna lie, you did sound marginally sarcastic haha! But how can I argue when you’ve spent so long writing back to me? 🙂

              Thanks so much for the youtube vid and for finding Made in Britain online for me! I’ve actually ordered it as it was only cheap. I ordered “You Can’t Kill Stephen King” as well…looks amazing! I sent you a link on twitter! I ordered the single DVD of Made in Britain as I’m a bit of dweeb like that….I kind of like having the singular DVD of it.

              I’ve never been a huge fan of Irreversible but I know lots of people who really love it. It’s not my cup of tea as much as some movies but every film geek should watch it at least once. I think it’s more popular with men. NOT in a weird way, but in that ‘I want to protect you!’ way you mentioned with Martyrs. Sorry if you said something similar to that already…I think you may have done!!

              I used to love The League the Gentlemen but it is a bit dated now with the canned laughter etc. That’s why Psychoville was pretty cool, brought it up to date with modern comedy but still had that horror movie edge (you’d probably like it!!). I don’t like Reece Shearsmith at all. I love his work a lot but I think he’s a jumped up little prick as a person. Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton are far more likable. Gatiss does some really good shows on BBC4 about classic horror.

              Mind you there was a huge Wicker Man bit in League of Getnlomen wasn’t there! I the first ever episode if I remember rightly. The Scottish policeman ‘looking for a boy’. Tubbs and Edward “we didn’t burn him!” and Edward even said that great line that Christopher Lee said at the end of The Wicker Man “YOU DID IT BEAUTIFULLY!” You’re right…….he has a great, great voice!!! So distinctive as well.

              I will try to review The Wicker Man soundtrack for you, promise!!!

              You don’t need to hate Inglourious Basterds, it’s definitely not a remake! The story is completely different. I can’t imagine Tarantino ever using someone else’s idea really. When he was younger he used to work in a video shop and they had the ‘original’ Inglorious Bastards but it was unintentionally spelt wrong in their listings – Inglourious Basterds. That’s where Tarantino got the name from. And the only other thing the film has in common with the ‘original’ is that it’s set during WW2. But the stories, characters, everything entirely – is completely different, they’re both original movies. It’s actually my second favourite Tarantino movie, after Reservoir Dogs!

              You’re so right about the feeling of dread throughout Kill List! You can almost feel it physically, it’s so dark and weird. I was disappointed SLIGHTLY by the ambiguous ending the first time I watched it, but it makes more sense now. There was SO much to piece together! When that old guy cuts open Neil Maskell’s hand, and afterwards when he’s washing it in the sink…..that’s my version of the snot you hate so much! (though I hate snot too) I can watch any number of gory scenes, but that cut on his hand was so realistic, I could even see the blood moving the skin as it pumped out. It was crazy. Horrible!!

              I have the 26th written in my diary  can’t wait!! You get my vote already so NO I don’t think it’s bad!!! Power Rangers forever yippee! I know it will be brilliant. You’re really funny and that’s kind of the point of Shitfest as I can gather….to be funny!! You’ll win!!!! You’re right it is really organised. Eric does pretty well to keep on top of everything. He’s always so cheerful too!

              Mills and Boon, true story! – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/3330245.stm here’s a link but you may need another co-codamol.

              I’m pretty sure you see Carey Mulligan fully nude in Shame…..so maybe you should watch it!! There is definitely a shower scene and I think she runs out of it and starts shouting at someone whilst still naked. There is a weird underlining story between her and her brother (Fassbender) though. I’m not saying they DID do anything…but…..it’s a bit weird.

              No nobs get chopped off sadly but I’m surprised Fassbender didn’t rub it off with the amount he used it.

              I haven’t seen Hunger yet either. I actually have it on DVD but it’s one of those movies I’ve had to be in the mood for and I’ve not been in the mood for it in the last 5 years….. Funny how I made time for Shame though (coincidence?!)

              Yeah you should definitely watch Creep. It’s set on the London Underground. Someone gets locked in………I think it’s Charing Cross tube…………….by accident and then gets stalked by ‘Creep’ who looks disfigured and scary! It’s not funny I the slightest like Severance, it’s just a horror movie and quite violent. I really liked it! The German girl from Run Lola Run is in it.

              I haven’t seen Dog House but is that the one with Noel…..Noel……Noel……I can’t remember his surname but he’s a black dude. It might not be anyway.

              Haha, I’m an 1950s secretarial android!!! I can type about 65 words per minute HA! (nerd alert – nerd alert!)

              Alien Resurrection is probably the most outlandish of all the films I guess? That’s why I think hardcore fans don’t like it as much (not ‘serious’ enough!) but I really like it. HAHA! Love that!! Alien 3 is boring as fuck! “Genius” David Fincher!

              This comment is ridiculously long!!!!!!!!!!!

              Liked by 1 person

            • Ha! Yeah, I take time out for these responses so you don’t really have to argue with me, but (spoilers) I think there will be arguments a few paragraphs down..

              Ahh, I’m really happy I found it for you, Ha, when you said it was hard to find, I made it my mission to seek it out for you, but I found it in seconds! I also watched it again after about 5 years and it’s as good as I remembered if not better. There’s just no bullshit to it, there’s a wonderful scene, possibly the whole of the second act, that just takes place in one room. Roth’s acting might be the best I’ve ever seen. It blows me away every time.

              I totally understand the whole buying the single DVD. I’m the same kind of nerd! Please tell me about the Stephen King film when you watch it, it sounds like it could go either way that one!

              Ahh, Irreversible is an absolute masterpiece in my eyes. It’s the cinematography and everything. I’m a big fan of the director Gasper Noe though. Have you seen any of his other films? I’d totally recommend Enter the Void, but that “to watch” list must be getting out of hand!

              I’ve totally added Psychoville to my watch list. Aww poor Reece. I dunno, I can kind of see where you’re coming from. I hate so many people on British TV these days, fucking James Corden being top of that list at the moment, but I kind of like all the League of Gentlemen guys. I did watch some of that Mark Gatiss documentary. It was the Giallo episode and I consider myself an expert on that subject and it all seemed so simple what he was saying. I sound so big headed!

              I do remember that episode. Was it the first one yeah? I think I saw an interview with Gatiss and Shearsmith before I’d even seen the show and they were talking about The Wicker Man, so obviously I had to watch their show straight away. I’d love you to review The Wicker Man Soudtrack, I’ll review any film you want me to!

              This is where I’m going to have to totally disagree with you. I don’t actually hate Inglorious Basterds, and I know it’s not a direct remake, but you can’t imagine Tarantino using anyone else’s idea? Really? The man’s made a career out of it. I have a total love/hate relationship with his films. Like you, I love Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction is probably in my top 20. I think the man is the best dialogue writer I’ve ever known. The diner scene in Pulp Fiction and the first 20 odd minutes in Inglorious Basterds are a prime example of this. But then he goes and makes Death Proof where all the main characters all just seem like female versions of him. It’s horrible. I’ve never understood how he could actually make such a terribly contrived dialogue driven film. I literally cringed through most of it.

              Sorry, that was me trying to be nice about him. I do love his first two films, but all his films copy from so many other sources. Have you seen City on Fire? If not, it’s a Chinese film starring Chow Yun Fat. Resevoir Dogs was so similar to it that when the director Ringo Lam saw it and realised he didn’t get any credit for being the original source, he tried to sue him. Also, Kill Bill is basically a best of compilation of so many 70’s genres it’s unreal. Lady Snowblood being the most copied, as the scene where Madsen and co are all standing over the bride and it pans up across their faces, that exact same shot is in Lady Snowblood. It’s uncanny.

              Sorry, I went into one. But I know he’s so talented that he doesn’t have to rely on all these “references”. Inglorious Basterds, why even use that name if it has nothing to do with the original? Django Unchained, why Django? Because it’s a reference to the 70’s spaghetti westerns of the same name. Whyyyy? I just want the man to do something totally original for once,, like totally and not going back to his video shop days for inspiration. Know what I mean?

              Anyway. Ha! Yeah, I think once that woman scrapes the cross thing in the mirror in Kill List, it’s just relentless dread from there on in. Have you seen A Serbian film? The ending to Kill List really reminded me of it, but without the bad sex theme. I loved the ending the first time I saw it, I understand the frustration, but some of my favourite films end ambiguously, I love having something to think about for days after.

              You really think I’ll win? I dunno. I’m not just saying this but I think you have the best chance. Here’s 3 reasons why.

              1. You know you’re funny as well, and I bet your review is going to be top notch. Your grammar is excellent and that always helps too.

              2. Your bloody lovely and everybody likes you. You’re possibly the most popular entrant.

              3. I’m definitely voting for you, that’s at least a head start isn’t it? (power rangers assemble!)

              If I told you how much I’m looking forward to Monday, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

              Ha! That article on Mills & Boon novels being used to fill pot holes was a better read than… well, a Mills & Boon novel.

              I think you can probably consider Shame watched by me at this point, that’s all I needed to hear!

              I know what you mean about Hunger, It’s on the back burner until I watch Shame! Ha!

              I did watch the start of Creep, but I had to go to sleep (I do sleep sometimes). It did actually seem comedic to me, the black guy at the start, is he from a Guy Ritchie film or two? Anyway, he made me laugh a bit, then the guy from that advert with the French girl going on about Jean-Paul Sartre and stuff and he just goes “Shhhhhhakespeare” turned up. That ad was so terrible.

              Do you like Run Lola Run? If so, I just won’t talk about it. Ha!

              Noel Clarke? I looked it up. I guess he is in it! I remember him, I just didn’t know his name. I’d say watch it if you liked Severance and don’t absolutely hate the Dyer one. You can’t go wrong!

              65 wpm is pretty good. I only use the main three fingers on each hand to type. I’m totally unorthadox.

              I really like Alien, I think the acting is so natural and, well, John Hurt! Aliens is nothing more than an action film and Alien 3 just offends me. Birdemic 2: The Resurrection was pretty fantastic so I guess Alien Resurrection will be toooooo!

              David Fincher is an overrated hack! That of course, is just my opinion.

              This comment is even longer!!!!!!!!!!


            • emmakwall says:

              I hadn’t forgot about this comment. Though I’m sure I must have missed some. Some of the longer ones (ooh matron!) I save for later so I can put more input into them but there’s always the risk I could forget! I put my email address into one of your comments so feel free to email me and we carry on talking films!

              Thanks for saying I’m funny, I like to think I am. I’m honestly not saying this to butter you up but sometimes your reviews (novels) remind me of my own writing style. I’m not saying we’re exactly the same but just the style of the writing. It just reminds me of my own 🙂 being slightly self-deprecating and of course, having a real sense of personality in the writing!

              “funny like a clown?!”

              I think we’ll have to agree to slightly disagree where Quentin is concerned! Don’t get me wrong (and I still want to be Power Ranger twins) I know what you mean about him nicking things from other movies but he is the first person to admit that, it’s not a secret. Many people won’t see these films anyway (I understand that’s the thing that probably annoys you the most!! Sorry!) and really, I see it as more of a homage to the original movies. He’s like a big kid Quentin Tarantino, he gets massively excited (ooh matron) over the things he loves and I think that comes through in his films. I’m not a Tarantino fan girl and I didn’t enjoy Death Proof either (Planet Terror was soooooo much better!!!!) but I do respect his film making. All of his films you can link to something or other. Kill Bill reminded me hugely of the Sergio Leone westerns yet it was a samurai movie!

              When all the Sony emails were leaked it proved to me how disillusioning the film industry was. I mean most of the emails that weren’t talking about Michael Fassbender’s cock were talking about David Fincher directing this or Danny Boyle directing that. They were all passing scripts around like no tomorrow. What I like about Quentin is he makes HIS movie not anyone else’s. That’s why I like people like Ben Wheatley, too!

              I’m not nearly as popular as I make out to be! In truth I only joined WordPress last year and it’s taken me pretty much a year to get to this position. 153 followers! WOW! (ha!) I’m not nearly as much in the clique as some people!!! I like to call them the “old school” (I don’t really)

              I have 5 minutes left at work so I won’t answer everything in your original novel / comment but YES that is Rory Breaker from Snatch! (the black bloke from Creep ha ha ha!)

              And yes I meant Noel Clarke.

              Though I better tackle the big issues before rudely running off!!!

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  2. Pingback: Scum (1979) |

  3. I’ve not watched this one, will add it to my movies-to-watch list 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this Emma!

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  4. Tom Schultz says:

    Sounds like a successor to “Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner,” a 1960s flick where Tom Courtenay winds up in a British reform school and has his own special way to tell The Man where to get off. Speaking of Tom, a blog follower from Vietnam replied to my comment by calling me “Mr. Tom.” (I believe in Vietnamese the family name comes first). Of course, I appreciated her response but had to correct her: the formal name is “Major Tom.” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmakwall says:

      But of course Major Tom! Is that said in a shaky David Bowie voice? 🙂

      Do you know, I have never heard of that Tom Courtenay movie but I’m doing an IMDB search now!!!! (thank you!!)

      Mr. Tom does have a sweet ring to it 🙂 reminds me of that doo wop song Mr Lee Mr Lee! Ohhhh Mr Lee Mr Lee! But of course, in your case, Lee would become Tom!

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  5. I haven’t heard of this one Ems. I think I’ll have to steel myself to watch this but It really does sound like everyone should watch it. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. theipc says:


    Never even heard of it – I guess I’ll have to make myself another note.


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  7. romeorites says:

    “Wheres your tool?” “What fucking tool?” “This fucking tool!” Great hard hitting drama full of unpleasant moments that highlight the inhumanity that went/goes on within centres such as this especially circa the Thatcher era. I believe Scum was a play before it was a film and if memory serves, it stays true to the explorations in the play. On a first watch I remember finding it unsettling, namely the greenhouse scene. But its still a very relevant yet overlooked film. Great choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmakwall says:

      Ahhh that made me smile so much. No-one has really watched it and then….you come along with the most iconic quote of the movie!!!!!

      It was a play first yes you’re right! On the BBC but banned I think….it also originally had a gay storyline involving Carlin but that was taken out of the movie (didn’t fit the character development?! Lol)

      Yes the greenhouse scene is absolutely awful. I must say I fast forward (or as it’s 2015…SKIP) that scene every time I watch it. I’ve only seen that actual scene once or twice and even Davis’ screams still haunt me. It’s so horrible. horrible, horrible, horrible! 😦

      I found something interesting whilst researching this for the post. A film called ‘Scrubbers’ was made a little while after, about female borstal and Kathy Burke starred!!! Mixed reviews really and very expensive DVD to buy. Think I’ll wait a while.

      Great comment and thanks so much for popping by!! You are a great support.


      • romeorites says:

        No problem. Yes it really is a horrible scene, so are the suicide scenes. I wouldnt mind seeing Scrubbers but yes it is expensive. Scum is one of those films that cant be watched too often, for sure. One aspect of the film that I found really horrible, is how the guards/staff treated the inmates without a shred of humanity and there was a interesting juxtaposition in which at times the adults would treat the inmates as adults but then revert back to treating them as kids. There is one scene where a screw actually starts making some sort of connection with Archer but it breaks really quickly. Also, best prison riot in a film ever.

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        • emmakwall says:

          Some of the reviews for Scrubbers were really good, others painted a dimmer view. I get the feeling some of the people who loved it, saw it the first time round.

          Yes it is the guards who are most shocking really. Even the greenhouse scene, one of them is standing outside isn’t he, actually SMILING over the barbaric cruelty going on inside. There is a word for it, but I can’t remember right now. But it’s a bit like stockholm syndrome, but basically where the guards get so desensitized to their jobs, because of years of working in these places, they become brutal themselves.

          But yes totally agree, the guards were more shocking in their behaviour than the inmates.

          Yes I know the scene you mean with Archer! I think that was actually cited as the one of the ‘milestone’ and important scenes of the movie.

          That’s what I wanted to get across in this post, yes it is brutal and yes it is hard hitting. But it’s still poignant and well written.


  8. Yeah, I haven’t heard of this film either, but sounds like one to check out. Cheers!

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  9. vinnieh says:

    Great review, still need to see this one. Thanks for the reminder.

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  10. movierob says:

    never heard of this. will add to my list.

    sounds interesting

    tnx for the recommendation Emma!

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