Inbred (2011)


‘Inbred’ horror movie review

I was pretty excited to watch Inbred because it combines my favourite things – horror, comedy and British accents. Set in Yorkshire, England, the story centres around a group of young offenders who are on a team bonding weekend with their care workers. Of course, with a name like Inbred (and the subtle picture I’ve posted above) you can tell what kind of shit is going to go down. And it’s not good for the young offenders.

Now the good stuff first. It’s quite gross – and rated 18. I actually lent it to my mum and brother a little while ago (both apparently ‘love’ scary films) and then got an angry text from my mum basically telling me my brother was scarred for life. I’ve seen a lot of gross films and to be honest Inbred didn’t really strike me at the time as an awfully awful movie but I suppose in retrospect….. There is a scene – for example – where a guy is restrained and literally force-fed animal shit through a tube until his stomach explodes.

I did enjoy the black comedy in Inbred, it’s obviously been made as a mickey take of movies such as The Hills Have Eyes or Texas Chainsaw, but it’s certainly not a spoof – it is very gory and violent too – plus the violence is also executed in quite outlandish, creative ways – fun for us, though not for the victims. Mwahahaha.

The tribe of ‘inbreds’ who are after our group of young offenders are typically weird, sex starved and have all the usual cliché attributes such as strange dress sense, poor English and of course – many missing teeth. This is all done quite well, but what I will say (and this leads us to the poorer points about the movie) is that you almost feel more character development was made for the baddies, than the goodies!


The team of young offenders are the one thing that let this movie down and that’s not the fault of the actors or actresses who were in the film, it’s just that it was all a bit flat. And as other people will know, how can you give a shit about the characters unless there is some kind of development? And in a horror movie, with constant threat and peril…it’s kind of vital you care about the characters. In some horror movies this doesn’t matter as much, but in Inbred it does matter – it’s a film that you expect to have a little personality in and it starts off well, but you soon realise the characters will be less than memorable. They are pale imitations of more exciting personalities in other movies, that we’ve all seen before.

Look at the fantastic 2011 movie Attack the Block – it was the group of young friends in that film, their backgrounds, friendship and the dialogue they used that made that movie so damn outstanding. If the same effort and genius had gone into Inbred, it could have been a hell of a lot more memorable and not just the ‘bit of fun’ that it is.

Anyway, why dwell on such matters. The movie is still worth a watch. I enjoyed it a heck of a lot! I don’t think Inbred is quite as good as it looks from the promos and trailers but it’s still a lot fun with a lot of disgusting gore. And we hardly get any 18 rated horrors anymore. So enjoy the vast violence, crazy death scenes and Royston Vasey vibes.

Respect (said like a gangster) to anyone who got the Royston Vasey reference.


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17 Responses to Inbred (2011)

  1. I thought it looked like The League of Gentlemen a bit and then you dropped in Royston Vasey! Well played!

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  2. table9mutant says:

    “There is a scene – for example – where a guy is restrained and literally force-fed animal shit through a tube until his stomach explodes.” – hahaha! So, one for the whole family, then. 😉 My mom would disown me if I recommended this to her. Lol! Sounds… Interesting. Yeah – I saw Attack The Block several months ago & didn’t get around to reviewing it but was surprised at just how good it was. 🙂

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    • emmakwall says:

      I love Attack the Block 🙂 that was one of my favourite films from 2011.

      My family isn’t exactly normal I’m afraid!

      Yeah it’s a good horror! If you like a lot of gore 🙂


  3. Tom Schultz says:

    Inbred. Would that be the sequel to Deliverance? A little American hillbilly humor. 🙂

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  4. Laura says:

    This sounds bonkers!

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  5. Eww! My imagination just went on overdrive Emma 😦 I think I might give this one a pass.

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  6. guyportman says:

    I won’t forget that image in a hurry Emma. Rotten Tomatoes were not impressed by Inbred. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is by far the most terrifying film I’ve ever seen. Have a good weekend.

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  7. theipc says:

    This sounds good!

    Have you ever seen The Cottage? The English horror comedy?

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